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Reviewer On November - 26 - 2010

My wife Mary and I had been married for over eight years and I thought our life was very
good. She was an attorney for an important law firm and rapidly rising towards a partnership.
She made a lot more money than I did in my job as a fast food worker. That didn’t bother me as
much as it might have many men. We had a nice house and lived well. Mary is 28, 5’6″, 120
pounds and had 38D breasts. She is a beautiful brunette with brown eyes. I am 5’8″, 140 pounds
and used to taking orders from the people I work for. As my wife gained more power in her
career, she began to demand that I do more of the household chores. I naturally took those
demands as a threat to my manhood. My mother had handled all of the housework and damn it if
that was good enough for her, it should be good enough for Mary! I told her so in no uncertain
terms too. She kept her resentment to herself, so I didn’t know that she begun planning to
change things in our household.

She started talking about having sex with another man, while we were making love. I still
didn’t realize that she was serious, since during sex I had told her of some of my fantasies too.
It seemed to add some spice to the experience. I thought I was a good lover as she always told
me our sex was good. I knew that I was not the best hung man around, having a 5″ cock, but had
no idea that she had never been satisfied by my three minute efforts.

One night she brought up the idea of having a threesome. ” Great”, I thought, ” That’s every
man’s fantasy, to have two women in bed with him.” I encouraged her saying, ” Sure thing
sweetie, do you want to select our new partner, or should I?” She replied, ” I’d better do it, I
know the kind of person I would be comfortable with. As you know, I am rather shy.” In my
naive mind, I was thinking of a small orgy with me as the star of the show. ” Go ahead dear, you
find the new partner and I will be happy with your choice.”

Mary had been working late for a few weeks on a major case, she said, and since her money
was the major part of our income I understood that it was necessary. Then it happened! She
came home about 11pm on a Friday night and brought someone with her. She introduced me to
him by saying, ” Carl this is my choice for a threesome partner. This is James.” James is a 6’3″
250 pound black man. All I could do is say, ” Welcome to our home James.” Mary smiled at my
obvious surprise and told me, ” Fetch James a Drink while I slip into something more
comfortable dear.” In my stunned state, I asked James what he preferred. He told me to make
him a gin and tonic. I told him that unfortunately we didn’t have any gin, nor tonic. He looked
menacingly at me and then told me, ” Next time I come here, you better have some! Get me a
beer for now.” For some reason I responded, ” Yes Sir, coming right up.” I hurried to get him a
cold beer from the refrigerator. He took a swig from it and looked me over closely. He seemed
to sense that I was afraid of him so he smiled and said, ” This should be a fun night boy.” I
resented his use of the word boy in reference to me, but held my tongue.
Mary came back to the living room wearing a short black, lacy nightie and nothing else. I
could see that she was already turned on as her erect nipples were clearly visible through the
sheer fabric of her garment. She looked at James with lust in her eyes, then said , ” Let’s get this
party started men.” She took him by the hand and led him to our bedroom, with me following
unsurely behind. This was not my idea of a threesome at all, but, I knew that I was powerless to
stop it from happening now and followed meekly behind them. Once in the bedroom Mary
kissed James deeply. He slipped her nightie over her head leaving her standing there completely
naked. He then stripped off his clothes revealing a very solid muscular body. His cock had to be
10″ long and quite thick even though not totally erect yet. Mary cooed her admiration of his
equipment. He turned to me and said, ” You wife told me that you wanted a threesome, this is it.
Get naked now boy.” After seeing him naked I felt like a boy. I took off my clothes and heard
him laugh at my naked body, which didn’t help my confidence any. He declared, ” You aren’t
much of a man are you Carl? I couldn’t meet look into his eyes, I just looked down at the floor
and answered, ” No Sir, I’m not.” He handed me Mary’s nightie and told me, ” Put this on Carla,
it suits your physique better.” I looked at him in shock. I couldn’t wear that! He advanced
menacingly towards me and said, ” Do it now Carla or I will spank your bare ass with my belt!” I
was really afraid of him now, so I slipped it over my head and stood there feeling very defeated.
” That’s a good girl Carla, just do as you’re told and we’ll get along fine. Now sit there in the
chair by the bed and watch a real man make love to a fine woman.” I meekly replied, ” Yes Sir.”
and sat down trying to cover my genitals with the nightie.

James laid her down on the bed, and began to make slow loving sex to her. He was a sex
machine, he made love to her in many positions for probably two hours, although sitting there
watching, it seemed much longer to me. She moaned and screamed with delight like I had never
heard coming from her before. By the time he finished up, her hair was soaking wet and she was
exhausted. James pulled out of her and looked at me for the first time in quite awhile. He
ordered me, ” Carla get over here and lick her pussy clean like a good girl.” I slowly shook my
head no and he got up, grabbed me by my hair and led me to the bed and shoved my face down
between her legs. ” Bitch, when I tell you to do something, you better do it and quickly.” He
slapped my bare ass hard and asked, ” Do you understand?” I was too humiliated to answer
immediately, so he slapped my other ass cheek I got the idea after that and answered, “Yes
James, I understand.” He hollered, ” Listen Carla, if you don’t want me to beat you senseless,
you will call me Master James, or just Master.” I meekly responded by saying, ” Yes Master.”
Mary said, ” Oh Jimmy, I love how masterful you are.” He was enjoying his power over me and
told me, ” Get to licking Carla, get it all clean.” I put my lips to her sweaty pussy and used my
tongue to lap up all of the mighty load he had deposited there. By the time I was finished my
face was covered with slime and my mouth tasted bad.

James smiled and said, ” Now lick me clean too Carla baby.” I looked at him, my eyes
pleading for mercy, but he was enjoying his power trip too much for that to affect him. ” Do it
bitch!”, he commanded. Having no choice, I licked the pussy juices off his cock, up and down
the length of it. I never imagined myself being even close to another man’s cock and here I was
licking away like a slut whore. Mary encouraged my efforts by saying, ” That’s a good girl
Carla, get that magnificent cock all clean.” That shook me up, it was bad enough that he had me
intimidated, but even my wife was calling me Carla. How had I got into this mess? When he
was finished, he said, ” Good job dearie, now fetch me a beer.” Mary added, ” Bring me a glass
of wine too Carla.” I went to the refrigerator and got both the beer and a glass of chilled white

When I handed them their drinks, they were talking about me. James was saying, ” I think
that Carla has real potential as a maid, she certainly isn’t much use as a man.” To my surprise,
Mary agreed, ” The paltry amount of money from his crummy job won’t be missed, and it would
be nice to have a maid to do the housework.” Master assured her, ” Oh don’t worry, I will make
sure that she learns to do a good job for you.” He looked at me and asked, ” You will do a good
job for her won’t you dear?” What could I say to that? I had been humiliated beyond belief
already and was really scared of him. I meekly said, ” Yes Master, if it pleases you.” Mary
clapped showing her joy and told me, ” Carla you make me so happy when you are sweet like
now.” I blushed, standing there in her nightie with my bare bottom handing out. ” Now dearie,
you go sleep in the guest room, we’ll call you if we need you again. What the hell was this? I
was sure that when he had satisfied himself with her, he’d just go home. Obviously that was not
his plan at all. Seeing no other option, I went into the guest bedroom and went to bed still
wearing the nightie.

I couldn’t sleep, thinking about the night’s events. Master James was turning me into a sissy
maid! How could this be happening to me? I tossed and turned until about 4am when I heard
them going at it again. Her moans were evidence of her enjoyment of sex with him. At around
sunup I heard Master call, ” Carla get your ass in here.” I got up and went to their room. Their
room, it used to be our room just a few hours ago! ” Yes Master James, how can I serve you?”
He told me, ” It’s time for your cleanup duties. Get to it.” My spirit had been broken and I just
went to Mary’s soggy pussy and sucked his second load from her. She stoked my hair lovingly
as I did so saying, ” That’s a good girl Carla, you feel so nice down there.” I was glad that she
was happy. When she was satisfied, Master motioned me down to his cock. ” This time take it
into your mouth and suck it clean.” I was beyond resistance by now and merely obeyed. Here I
was with his cock in my mouth and wearing a short nightie, being called Carla.

” Carla dear, you look so natural sucking on my cock, we’ll have to make this a part of your
duties.” James said. Now that he had exerted his power by having me sucking on his cock, he
decided that it was time for breakfast. ” Carla, that’s enough for now, go put on the coffee and
start breakfast, I’ll have three eggs over easy, toast and coffee. What will you have Mary dear?”
She thought for a second and then said,” The same for me, but only one egg.” I got up off my
knees and padded barefooted to the kitchen. James remarked to Mary as I left, ” Carla still walks
like a man, I think some high heels would change that nicely.” She chuckled at that idea and
praised him saying, ” Oh Jimmy you are so clever, what a great idea!” He smiled and told her, ”
I’m just getting started dear, I have many things already planned to make Carla more docile and
feminine. Your life is going to be much more pleasant from now on. Unfortunately I can’t say
the same for Carla’s future.”

As soon as breakfast was ready, I went to their room and announced, ” Breakfast is served
Master James.” He politely replied, ” Very good Carla.” They went into the dining room and sat
at the table. I served them their food and stood there waiting for more orders. James told me, ”
that will be all for now Carla, you may fix yourself something to eat now.” I could only reply, ”
Yes Master James.” I sat at the kitchen table and had a bowl of cold cereal, but could hear them
chatting away like lovers. I didn’t like being treated like a servant in my own home, but saw no
option but to go along with things for now. Just as I finished my meager meal, Master called for
more coffee. I hurried in there with the coffee pot and refilled their cups. James told me to set
the pot down and take off the nightie. I did that with relief, maybe this Carla thing was over. He
stared at my naked body, then said, ” That body hair has to go, that is for men. You can shave it
off while Mary and I take a nap. If it’s still there when we wake up, I will yank it out myself.” I
gasped at that threat and replied, ” Yes Master, I will do it myself.” ” Make sure you get it all
cleaned off Carla.” , he added. My wife was impressed with his control over me and just smiled
her approval when I looked to her for a reprieve.

They left the table holding hands and went off to the bedroom. I quickly cleared off the table,
and cleaned up the kitchen. I went to the basement shower with a pair of scissors, my razor and a
can of shaving cream. I had never done this before, but feared his wrath if I didn’t do a good job
the first time. I put some foam under my arm and shaved the area smooth, then repeated this
with the other armpit. I shaved my legs next. Taking the scissors I clipped my pubic hair very
short. Then I sprayed myself with the foam and shaved it smooth as well. Shaving my own balls
was difficult and I had to use a mirror to get rid of the hairs by my ass. When I was hairless from
the neck down, I took a nice warm shower. I had never been a hairy man, but even so, my body
looked strange to me with no hair at all.

After my shower I felt better about wearing the nightie, at least it covered up my boyish
looking body somewhat. I went back upstairs to be ready when they finished their nap. I had
dozed off for a bit when I heard James calling me. I got up and went into their room. He told me
to get naked for inspection. I took off the nightie and stood there naked before them. He ran his
hands over my legs, looked at my underarms, then had me turn around and spread my ass cheeks.
” You did a good job girl.” he praised me. My wife said, ” Carla I am so proud of you, the way
you follow orders shows how much you love me.” I blushed like a schoolgirl then said, ” Thanks
Mary.” Master grabbed my by my balls and shouted, ” Listen bitch, she is now Mistress Mary to
you. ” Got it?” He had lifted me to where I stood on tiptoes to enforce his words. ” Yes Master
James.”, was all I could say. My wife smiled at my quick submission to his will, then grabbed a
tube of red lipstick from her bedside table. She handed it to me and told me, ” Put this on dear, it
will make you look nicer for your Master and Mistress. I took the cap off, responded, ” Yes
Mistress Mary.” And then applied a heavy coat to both lips. James looked at me and said, ” That
is a big improvement, from now on whenever I am here, you will wear that shade of lipstick.”

He relaxed his grip on my balls so I was able to stand flat on the floor again. Mary reached
over, caressed my smooth skin and remarked, ” Hmmm, smooth as a baby’s butt.” Then she
handed me a bottle of red nail polish and told me to paint my fingernails and toenails with it. I
went to my room and applied a coat to each of my nails. They were serious about making me
more feminine, and there was nothing I could do to change that. When my nails were dry, I
returned to their room. James stood up and ordered, ” Kneel in front of me, it’s time you
pleasured me. I’m going to make you a cock sucking slut now.” I sank to my knees in front of
him, his cock scant inches from my face. His strong hands held my head in position as he
ordered, ” Come on be a good girl, kiss the head for me.” I knew I was unable to avoid it, so I
took his cock in my hands and kissed the head. I was stuck by the contrast between my white
hands with their red painted nails and his black cock ” Now take it in your mouth.”, he
commanded. I took it into my mouth immediately noticing the it’s soft texture. ” Look up in my
eyes while you suck me off.” , he now demanded. I tilted my head back so I was looking him in
the eyes. ” That’s right bitch, don’t look away, just keep sucking.”, he warned me. I slavishly
sucked away and felt him grow huge in my mouth. I choked and gagged as he began to thrust
himself deeper into my throat. Tears came into my eyes, but he held me firmly and continued his
thrusts. Mary was elated to see me being ravished orally and said, ” That’s the way Carla, take it
like you used to have me do to you. Take it all!” With my head tilted back, he was trying to fuck
my throat. I could barely breath and was sure I would die. Just when I was sure I would die I felt
him spasm and shoot his load at the back of my throat. He came a lot of semen and some of it
dribbled down my chin. Most of it was in my mouth however. ” Now swallow it you
cocksucker.”, he ordered. I did. ” Good girl,” he patted me on the head. Mary said, ” You were
wonderful Carla.” She handed me a tissue to wipe away my tears.

James ordered, ” Fetch me a beer and a glass of wine for Mistress.” I had barely recovered,
but got up ad got them drinks. When I returned, James commented, ” You weren’t much good as
a man, but you do have definite possibilities as Carla.” Mary added her voice saying, ” James is
right, you were a failure as a man, but you will make an excellent submissive sissy.” Mary took
her hands and pinched my nipples. She turned me to face her a she sat on the bed. ” You know
that we are right, don’t you?” she asked. I stared at her in a surprised stupor. Suddenly I realized
that she had planned all this ahead of time. She had used James as a tool, but once she had sex
with him, he turned out to be just what she was looking for. He was big, muscular, well hung,
and knew how to drive her wild sexually. He was everything I was not. Stay here and be treated
like a maid or leave her and walk away were my only choices. Mary tugged on my nipples and
asked, ” Don’t you agree dear?” I nodded my head yes, knowing it was a surrender of my
manhood. ” Great,” she exclaimed, ” You’ll see, it won’t be so bad, you won’t have to go to that
lousy job anymore. Just learn to keep house and serve James and me and everything will run
smooth around here.” I answered, ” Yes Mistress Mary, I will try hard to make you happy.”
James patted me lightly on the fanny and said, ” That’s the spirit Carla.” I knew that I had just
left my old life behind and faced an uncertain future.

Mary told me, ” You play with your nipples dear, I’ll see that you have some fun too.” My hands
caressed my nipples and she began milking my ” clit”. After all the humiliation I had suffered
recently, the pleasure of her stroking was delicious and it wasn’t very long before I was ready to
spurt. ” Catch your cum in your left hand dear.” Mary commanded. Automatically my left hand
appeared under the head of my dick just in time to shoot my load into it. Mary asked, ” Does that
make you feel better Carla?” ” Yes Mistress, it sure does.” was my response. ” Good, now lick it
up and swallow it. It will mix with Jimmy’s to bring you closer to him.” James added, ” You might
as well get to like the taste as soon as you can.” I licked my hand and swallowed my own semen.
” That’s a good girl.”, James said. He reached into his wallet and handed me a twenty dollar bill
saying, ” Take a break from cooking tonight, as a reward I’ll let you order a pizza, make it with
everything on it. Get yourself a glass of wine while you wait for the delivery.” As I left the room,
Mary called out, ” Better put on one of my robes before you answer the door dearie.” She was right,
I had forgotten that I was naked. It wouldn’t do to have the delivery boy see my naked, hairless

Once I had called the pizza place, I poured me a glass of wine and took a big swig. It did help
to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth. I went and got a robe from the closet, trying to find the least
feminine one available. Then I looked down at my fingernails and remembered the red lipstick I was
wearing and decided what the hell. I chose a pink soft nightie with a furry white collar. If I was
forced to be Carla, then I might as well do it right. I also choose a pair of matching slippers and
slipped them on my feet. I sat in the living room sipping my wine until the doorbell rang, then
opened it and handed the boy the twenty saying keep the change. He looked at me strangely and
said, ” Thank you Madam.” I closed the door and took the pizza to the table. I went to the bedroom
where they were still talking with each other and announced, ” Supper is ready Master.” James
nodded and they followed me back to the dining room. I refilled Mary’s wine glass and brought
James another beer. He looked at me and said, ” Sit down Carla, you may eat with us tonight.” I
thanked him and sat down at the table. As we ate, they explained my new duties to me and assured
that they would buy me some other things to wear, pretty things. Mary especially was trying to
reassure that it would be pleasant for me to serve them. ” Just be sweet and cheerful as you do the
housework. After all when I had to do those same chores, that’s what you expected from me.” She
said, making it sound entirely reasonable. I had to admit that she was right about that, that was what
I expected from her. If those chores weren’t too demeaning for her, how could I say that they were
below me? By the time we finished eating, they had me convinced that being a maid was a step up
from my minimum wage job.

I cleared off the table while they chatted like the lovers they were. James took her by the hand
and told me, ” Come on Carla, I’m in the mood for a threesome.” I followed them down the hall to
the bedroom. Once there, Mary sat naked on the bed with her legs apart. James told me to lick her
pussy to get her ready for him. I knelt between her legs and started licking away. She lay back and
lifted her legs over my shoulders to give me better access. While I was licking her clit, James
reached over my back, grabbed my nipples and squeezed them. He encouraged my efforts saying,
” That’s the way girl, lick her to orgasm to get her warmed up for a man.” He tugged my nipples
to keep me working and I found my ‘ clitty’ getting hard. When Mary reached her orgasm, James
turned me around and ordered, ” Now suck me hard slut.” I looked up at him with pleading eyes,
but, he assured me, ” Don’t worry, I won’t come in your mouth this time.” I took his cock in my
mouth and sucked it until it was once again rock hard. The he pushed me aside and got onto the bed.
” Now take my cock and guide it into Mary’s pussy.” he commanded. I took that massive erect cock
and steered it into Mary’s waiting pussy. Mary took my other hand and held it tight as he rode her
to several orgasms. When he finally reached his own climax, he rolled off of her and told me, ” It’s
cleanup time Carla.” I knew what was expected of me and licked his semen from her sweaty pussy.
It reeked of sweat and his semen, but I dutifully licked and sucked it clean. James remarked, ” That
is my idea of a threesome.” He then added, ” Shut off the light and crawl into bed with us, this is
a special treat for you Carla.” I said, ” Thank you Master.” and turned off the light. Mary was on
her side of the bed, James was in the middle, so I crawled in on the other side.

They kissed and cuddled for a while and then Mary turned over and went to sleep. James then
ran his hands over my body. He whispered to me, ” You feel so smooth Carla, I will make you into
a good slut for my pleasure.” His hands found their way down to my shaved privates. He fondled
my balls and stoked me to an erection. Once he had me hard and anticipating an orgasm, he rolled
over and left me panting. Soon he was snoring away and I was left to wonder what I had gotten
myself into. It was quite awhile before my erection went down and I also went to sleep.

The next thing I knew it was light in the room and James was fondling my wife, who was
absolutely cooing with delight. I heard her say, ” Oh Jimmy, you sure know how to turn a lady on.”
I just laid there quietly listening as he brought her to orgasm with his hands. When he noticed that
I was awake, he directed me to get up and put on the coffee. ” Yes Master James.” was my reply.
I got out of bed, went to the kitchen naked, put on the coffee and delivered a glass of orange juice
to each of them. James reached over her and fondled my breast, paused a bit and then told Mary, ”
You know, maybe some breast implants would look good on Carla.” Mary replied, ” Maybe, but
let’s wait a bit on that to see if she’s worth the expenditure.” She then added,” I can get some
estrogen pills that will accomplish the same goal much cheaper.” James agreed that it was a wise
alternative. He then ordered me, ” Get us breakfast Carla, I’m in the mood for pancakes this
morning.” ” Yes Master James.”, was my response.

I went to the kitchen, got out a box of pancake mix, then following the directions mixed up a
batch of batter. While the griddle heated up, I decided that an apron would protect me from any
spatters and put on a lacy one. The coffee was done by then so I delivered each of them a steaming
cup of fresh brewed coffee. Mary said, ” Oh thank you Carla.” as she accepted the proffered cup.
I curtsied and went back to my cooking. When breakfast was ready and the table set, I summoned
them. They sat naked at the dinning room table, while I ate in the kitchen. I hadn’t been invited to
join them this morning. They ate and chatted, summoning me occasionally to refill their coffee,
while I sat pouting in the kitchen. When they finished their coffee and chat, they got up and went
back to the bedroom and I cleared off the table and cleaned up the kitchen. Just as I was finishing
up my cleanup tasks, Master James called out, ” Carla come in here.” I went to their bedroom
immediately. James was telling Mary, ” I had a great time this weekend darling, but I have to be in
Lincoln early in the morning.” He continued, ” I’d better get home and packed.” Mary told him she
didn’t want to see him go, but he reassured her saying, ” I’ll be back in two weeks dear, in the
meantime you can take Carla shopping for some new things to wear.” She nodded then kissed him.
He looked at me menacingly and asked, ” Carla you will obey your mistress like a good girl won’t
you?” His manner made it clear that there would be dire consequences if I didn’t, so I responded,
” Yes Master James.” My quick response gratified him enough to bring a smile to his face. He
quickly got dressed, gave Mary a hug, patted me on my bare ass and left the house.

As soon as he drove away, I asked my wife, ” Is this really what you want? Do you want me to
be your maid?” Mary was still beaming with the joy from her delightful weekend and nodded yes.
She told me, ” You were never much of a man anyway dear, and as Carla you will be of much more
value to me. You can quit that low-paying job and keep the house nice.” ” But dear,” I protested,
” Do I have to dress and act like a woman to do that?” She barked back at me, ” That’s Mistress to
you Carla. Is that small detail too much to ask you to do for me?” I cast my eyes down and said, ”
No mistress, that’s not too much to ask.” She patted me on the shoulder and said, ” That’s a good
girl.” She lifted up my apron, gazed at my genitals for a minute, then said,” I like your new look
dearie, men have body hair, but we girls stay clean shaven, Don’t we?” Although she had seen me
nude many times over the years, this time I really felt embarrassed having her examine me. I
managed to mumble, ” No Mistress, we don’t have body hair.” ” Be sure that you keep it that way
from now on Carla.” , she added. ” Yes Mistress.” was all I could say. She was delighted by my
acceptance of her power over me. She tried to assuage my hurt feelings by assuring me, ” It will be
fun having another lady in the house, you can still service me orally but my pussy is reserved for
Jimmy’s magnificent cock.” She looked at me lovingly and asked, ” You understand the reason for
that don’t you?” I nodded my head feeling shame that I wasn’t able to please her in bed like James

Mary told me, ” I’m going to take a shower now, you’d better start planning what you’re cooking
for supper. There are cookbooks on the shelf in the kitchen, start reading some of those to learn to
make more than simple dishes.” I responded, “Yes Mistress.” and turned to leave. She stopped me
saying, ” Don’t you think a nice curtsy would be a respectful gesture when leaving your Mistress?”
I was taken off guard by this question, and automatically responded, ” Yes Mistress.” She smiled
sweetly and ordered, ” Let’s see you do that now.” I gave my best imitation of a ladylike curtsy, but
holding the hem of my apron wasn’t the same as holding a skirt. “Very nice sissy, let’s make that
required from now on.”, she stated firmly. I repeated the curtsy and left to start learning how to

The rest of the day went by smoothly, she sat by the pool reading, while I read in the kitchen. I
fixed and served her a nice supper which she ate alone. After she finished eating, she went back to
her reading while I cleaned up. She watched a little television and then went to bed early. As she
left for her bedroom, she told me, ” You’d better set the alarm so you will have breakfast ready
before I leave for work.” I assured her that it would be ready and went to my room. I set the alarm
clock to go off earlier than usual, so I would have time to make myself presentable before she woke
up. Thinking over the things that had happened to me this weekend and wondering about my future
kept me awake for quite awhile before I drifted off to sleep.

The alarm clock buzzing aroused me from a fitful slumber. I jumped out of bed and went to the
basement shower. The shower refreshed me as I soaped up my hairless body and rinsed it off. I
checked my nails and decided that they were still painted nicely. I slipped into the nightie, reapplied
my lipstick and headed up to the kitchen. By the time that Mary came out of her room, the coffee
was ready along with a bowl of cereal and toast. ” Good morning Mistress.” I greeted her cheerfully.
” Good morning Carla.” She replied. She ate her breakfast in silence, then got dressed for work. As
she did her makeup, she told me, ” You’ll have to learn to do this for yourself too, we girls have to
look pretty. When I get home tonight, we can start your instruction.” I had decided to make the best
of my situation and replied, ” Yes Mistress, that will be nice of you.” She looked beautiful all
dressed to go to court today. I knew that I could never leave her, better to serve her as a maid than
to be without her. She told me, ” Today is laundry day, be sure you change the sheets on my bed
too.” I assured her that I would do a good job and that supper would be ready when she came home.
She patted me on the head saying, ” That’s a good girl, I know you will do your best for me.” She
grabbed her brief case and walked out the door. I poured myself a cup of coffee, then called my boss
and told him that I was quitting and wouldn’t be coming in again. He made threats that he would
make sure that I didn’t get another job in this city, but I just laughed and hung up. I already had
another job!

The day went by surprisingly fast. I changed the bed linen, did all the laundry and by the time
I had put all the clean clothes away, it was time to start supper. I brushed out my long hair and tried
to look my best for when Mary came home. She walked in looking tired and gladly took the glass
of white wine I handed her. ” Thanks Carla, I had a rough day.”, she said. She sipped her wine and
tried to unwind. When her glass was empty, she went to her room and got undressed and slipped into
her robe. She went to the dining room and sat down at the table where I had set a place for her. As
I served her food, she told me, ” Bring your food in here sissy, you may eat with me tonight.” ” Yes
Mistress, thank you.” was my immediate reply. She told me that the trial was going well, and that
it would probably be over in a few days. ” Then I can take some time off to get you something else
to wear.” She looked at me and said, ” You’re probably getting tired of that nightie by now.” I
looked down at the short pink garment and nodded. ” Just be a little patient for a few more days and
I’ll buy you some lovely things to wear.” she assured me. I knew that she would get me some other
things to wear, but still worried about dressing as a woman all the time. We finished our meal
making small talk, then I cleared off the table and cleaned up the kitchen and she handed me a pill
to take. ” Take your vitamin pill sissy, you must keep healthy.” she directed me. I suspected that it
was not a vitamin, but female hormone pill. Never the less, I swallowed it and washed it down with
a glass of water. She went of to her bedroom to get prepared for the next day in court.

Before she went to bed, she took me into the bathroom where she plucked my eyebrows into a
nice feminine arch and showed me how to use the eyebrow pencil to darken them. She also had me
apply mascara to my eyelashes. ” Do you see how this makes your eyes come alive?” she asked.
I responded, ” Oh yes Mistress, it sure does.” She ordered, ” Make this a part of your daily routine
dearie.” She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Her bedroom, it used to be our
bedroom. Taking off her robe, she pulled down the covers and sat on the edge of the bed with her
legs spread. ” Come here sissy, please your mistress.”, she commanded. I knelt in front of her and
kissed her pussy lips. She lifted her legs to rest them on my shoulders, then pulled my head to her
crotch. She had me lick her to several orgasms, before she let me quit. When I stood up, she lightly
fondled my balls saying, ” These are cute little things. Now I need to get some sleep, goodnight.”
” Goodnight Mistress, sleep well.” I replied and went to my room.

The rest of the week went on about the same, she would go to court, I would do the household
chores. The trial ended on Thursday afternoon, Mary had won her case. She came home elated. “I
won!”, she announced as she walked in the door. ” That’s wonderful Mistress.” I said. I was so
proud of her. She exclaimed joyfully, ” Tomorrow I have the day off, we can finally go shopping.”
As much as I was looking forward to having something to wear besides this same old nightie, I had
reservations about going shopping for women’s clothes. With my eye makeup, lipstick and painted
nails, I would look like a freak to everyone who saw me. It was bad enough in the safety of home,
but in public, it would be much worse.

Mary allowed me to join her in having a glass of wine. She chatted happily about how she had
won her case. She told me, ” You know with you taking care of things at home, I was free to
concentrate all my energies. You really helped me to be victorious.” I beamed with pride at her
praise. Maybe I was better at being a maid than I was as a man. After several glasses of wine, I
cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. Mary told me. ” Come here my sissy girl, I ‘m
in the mood to play tonight and James isn’t here.” I stood in front of her and she removed my
nightie, then began fondling my nipples. My little cock got hard as she sucked on each of my nipples
in turn. She took my cock in her hand and led me to her bedroom. She stripped off her clothes,
pulled me to her and kissed me hard. Her tongue invaded my mouth. She asked, ” Do you want to
fuck sissy?” I eagerly said, ” Oh yes Mistress, very much so.” She leered at me and said, ” Very
well, I’m going to show you how two girls can fuck.” She went to her closet and came back out
wearing a strap-on dildo. It was black and had to be 8″ long. ” Get down on all fours sissy, I’m
going to show you how it feels to get fucked.”, she ordered. I got down on all fours, she knelt behind
me and I felt her rubbing some kind of lubricant on my asshole and even shoving some inside me
with her finger. Then I felt the head of that cock shoving it’s way into me. ” Oooh, Mistress, it
hurts.” I protested. ” Nonsense, Carla, I am being gentle and you will get used to it soon.” she said
in a soothing voice. ” Remember, you used to request that I let you screw me in the ass, this will
show you why I always refused.”, she stated flatly. It was true, I had in the past asked her to let me
fuck her in the ass. She eased in slowly until it was in to the hilt. I moaned, but she ordered. ” Take
it all like a good bitch.” She began stroking it in and out and reached around to pinch my nipples.
Holding them firmly she pulled me back to meet her thrusts. ” Come on baby, wiggle that cute ass
for me.”, she demanded. She was riding me hard now, ramming that dildo deep on each thrust of
her hips. When I climaxed, spurting on the carpet she stopped her motion, slapped me on the ass and
pulled out. I was weak, exhausted and spent. She announced, ” Now you are a woman Carla.” She
pointed to the semen on the floor and ordered, ” Clean that up before it stains the carpet.” I got up
on wobbly knees and got a Kleenex from the night stand and wiped it up. Mary stood up, unstrapped
the dildo and got in bed. ” Goodnight sissy, see you in the morning.” she said, dismissing me. I
curtsied and left for my own room. My ass hurt, my nipples throbbed and I felt totally used. I cried
myself to sleep.

The next morning I was up, had showered, put on my eye makeup and lipstick and nightie before
Mary awoke. She walked into the kitchen wearing her robe and I poured her a cup of coffee. ” Good
morning Mistress.” I greeted her. She patted me on the ass and sat down at the kitchen table. She
smiled at me and said, ” I had fun last night sissy, the power of being the one doing the fucking is
quite stimulating.” I thought to myself, yes it sure was nice to be doing the fucking. She continued,
” I suppose I should ask if you enjoyed it, but then you never cared if I enjoyed the sex, so it doesn’t
matter if you did or not.” I merely blushed, realizing that she was right about that. I used to roll over
and go to sleep after my climax, not thinking that she hadn’t been satisfied. She ate her breakfast
alone, then went to shower and get dressed. She handed me a pair of her white shorts and a pink
blouse. ” You can wear these and a pair of sandals while we go shopping.”, she told me.

When she was ready to go she called to me, ” Come here sissy, let’s see how you look.” I
sheepishly went to her. She told me, ” Not too bad, but you still look more like a sissy than a
woman, but we’ll buy you some pretty things today.” She went into the garage with me following
behind. She got behind the driver’s seat and I sat on the passenger side. She drove us downtown
and parked in front of a store. She knew where she was heading all along. She led the way into what
turned out to be a store that catered to transsexuals and transvestites. The owner came up to her and
greeted her, ” Hello Mary, glad you came back to see us. Is this the new lady?” Mary answered him,
” Yes, this is Carla, see what you can do to make her more like a lady.” He looked at me and told
Mary, ” Certainly, that’s our specialty, follow me.” He led us to the clothes racks where they had
me try on many outfits. The first things were a couple of maid outfits, one with a short black skirt
and the other had a short red skirt. They both had white blouses, a lacy white apron and a little lacy
white hat. She also selected a black leather miniskirt and a see through blouse as another outfit. A
couple of short lacy nighties were also added to our pile. Next we went over to the lingerie section
where she selected a corset, several bra’s and some silicone breast forms to fill them out nicely.
Next I was led to the shoe section where I tried on different styles of high heeled shoes. Mary picked
out six pairs all with 4″ heels. A pair of wigs was the next purchase, one long blonde one and a short
brunette pixie cut. As we headed towards the check out counter, she spied a pair of pink slacks and
after checking the size, added them to our stack. Mary handed me one of the bra’s and told me to
take it to the changing room and put it on with the silicone forms inside. I went to the room and took
off my blouse, donned the bra, stuffed the forms inside and put the blouse back on. When I came
back to the counter, the owner whistled a wolf whistle at me. Mary smiled, and said,” Very sexy
Carla, take off those sandals and slip on your new heels. I did as she ordered and walked behind her
carrying our purchases to the car.

When we got home she had me carry my new clothes into the house and hang them in my closet.
She told me, ” Change into the red maid outfit with the matching heels and come back here.” I went
to my room, now known as the maid’s quarters to change. I left the stuffed bra on which filled out
the front of my blouse nicely. The short skirt barely covered my ass, and the red stockings slid easily
up my shaved legs. When I put the shoes on, I thought I looked good in the full length mirror. At
the last moment, I put on the long blonde wig and brushed it out. Putting on the little lacy hat
completed the outfit. I walked proudly out to show Mary how I looked. She said, ” Oh Carla, you
look darling.” I blushed and thanked her for her praise.

“Come on dearie, we have to pack up all your old male clothes since you won’t be needing them
anymore.” We spent the next hour putting all my socks, underwear, jeans, shirts and even my suit
into plastic garbage bags. All these bags we took to the car. Mary told me, ” You’d better start
supper, I’ll be back in a bit. I watched as she backed the car into the street and drove away with the
last traces of my manhood. There was no turning back now, even if I wanted to leave, the only
things I had to wear were slutty looking. Where would I go dressed like that? Resigned to my new
life, I started cooking supper.

Mary came back before the meal was ready and I served her a glass of wine. She told me. ” The
Goodwill store was happy to receive your generous donation.” I acknowledged her statement and
went back to stirring the hot dish I was making. After a few hours in heels, my feet were sore and
my calves ached. I had a new respect for what women endure to look sexy. Despite my discomfort
I set a place at the dining room table for her and served up her supper. She ate quietly reading the
paper. I ate alone in the kitchen and took my vitamin pill. She watched television for a couple of
hours and then went to bed alone. I went to my room and read one of my cookbooks before putting
on one of my new nighties and going to sleep.

Saturday morning I woke at my usual time, showered, painted my nails again, did my eyes and
shaved my body again. All of this preparation was quite a change for a guy who used to roll out of
bed, slip on jeans and a shirt, gulp a cup of coffee and head off to work. I made a pot of coffee and
sat at the kitchen table to wait for Mary to show up. She was sleeping late today, so I decided that
it would be best if I were dressed when she got up. I went to my room, put on the maid outfit with
the black skirt, stuffed bra, white blouse, starched apron, a pair of thigh high hose and black heels.
The brunette wig and lace hat completed the outfit. I went back to finish my coffee.

Mary walked into the kitchen about 10AM. I poured her a cup of coffee and asked, ” Did you
sleep well Mistress?” She nodded, then said,” Yes thank you, I sure needed the rest.” ” I’ll just have
a glass of orange juice and a piece of toast this morning Carla,” se told me, then added, ” You look
very nice this morning dear.” I thanked her, gave a polite curtsy and left to get her breakfast. When
I brought her meal, I also delivered the morning paper. She ate her small meal while she read the
paper. As I refilled her coffee cup, she slipped her hand under my skirt and fondled my buns. I used
to do that to her, now she was treating me as a sexual object. I just smiled sweetly and stood there
until she removed her hand. She finished reading the paper, Then stood up and shed her robe. Her
nude body was gorgeous, even more so now that it was unavailable to me. She announced, ” I’m
going for a swim, bring me out a towel.” She walked out to the pool and slipped into the water. I
brought a towel out to pool side and stood there watching her nude body move through the clear
water. She was teasing me, and it was driving me wild inside. She swam for twenty minutes or so
and then climbed out of the pool. I hurried over to hand her the towel, but she said, ” You may dry
me sissy.” I wiped her body dry with the towel, enjoying the feel of her body even through the terry
cloth material. ” Thanks Dear”, she casually commented as she walked back into the house. I
followed along behind her.

Mary walked into her bedroom and summoned me. When I entered the room she was sitting
naked on the bed with her legs spread. Smiling, she pointed at her crotch. I knelt in front of her and
she pulled my face to her pussy. She kept me licking until she had 3 orgasms before she pushed me
away. ” Carla that was fantastic.”, she said praising my efforts. ” You are much better as my sissy
than you ever were as a husband.” She continued. She was probably right, I had never made her
come like that as Carl. ” Go get me a glass of wine dear, I’m in the mood to party now.”, she
ordered. ” Yes Mistress.”, I replied, stood up, gave a polite curtsy and went to get the drink. She
took the glass and sipped on it, then asked, ” Would you like to have an orgasm too?” I quickly
answered, ” Oh Yes please Mistress.” She quickly drained her glass, walked into her closet and
emerged wearing her strap-on dildo. Noticing my surprise, she said, ” Now sissy, you know how
I can make you come, just like the last time you had an orgasm. You climax being fucked like the
slut you are.” I blushed and agreed that was true. ” Lift your skirt and lean over the bed.” I did what
she told me and she handed me her wine glass. ” Hold this under your clitty, we don’t want you
making a mess again.”, she demanded. I obeyed her. She lubed up both my ass and the dildo, then
slowly shoved her way into me. She fucked me hard and fast, Holding my hips and ramming deep
with each thrust. She enjoyed her power trip, but I must have enjoyed my submissive role too, as
I quickly came shooting my puny load into the wine glass. She pulled out and had me stand upright.
” See, do I know how to make my sissy come?”, she asked. Blushing at the title of sissy and the
knowledge that indeed she did, I responded, ” Yes Mistress, you certainly do.” She smile smugly
and told me, ” It’s time to start supper, after you wash your ‘pussy’ and hands too. But first drink
your semen from that glass, the sooner you get to like the taste, the better it will be for you.”, she
added as an afterthought. I emptied the contents of the glass into my mouth and licked the inside of
the glass until it was clean. Then I hurried to the bathroom to wash myself and also to brush my
teeth to rid myself of the aftertaste.

Twenty minutes later, as I was stirring the stew, Mary walked out wearing only her robe and
strap-on. She walked up behind me and told me, ” Lean over the counter sissy, time for more fun.”
She unceremoniously shoved the prelubed dildo up my ass and once more fucked me to an orgasm.
This time I shot only a little bit of semen on the floor. She pulled out and told me, ” Lick it up sissy,
we must keep a clean kitchen.” Despite being weak from the assault, I knelt down and complied
with her order. She closed her robe and went to the dining room and sat at the table to await her
meal. As I served her supper, she commented, ” No wonder men like to screw so much, it’s a real
power trip.” I curtsied and went to eat in the kitchen. I thought back over the many times I had taken
her without any foreplay or advanced notice, especially when we were first married. Those had been
my power trip then, now was payback time. In spite of the feeling of being used, I had to admit, I’d
come twice in a short time, something I hadn’t done in years. Perhaps I was meant to be the one
penetrated after all. After she finished her meal, Mary went to her room to read and then to sleep.
The kitchen was cleaned up, the dishwasher loaded and then I stripped off my clothes and took a
shower. Even after my shower, I still felt dirty. I put on my nightie and crawled into bed with mixed

Sunday was a peaceful day, I merely served as her maid, with no sexual duties required. On
Monday Mary went back to work and I did the laundry, taking care to starch and iron my blouses and
aprons. I hand washed my bra’s due to their lacy trim. Tuesday and Wednesday I vacuumed the
house and dusted. I found that along with cooking the meals, these duties filled my days. Each night
after supper, I took my ‘ vitamin’ pill. How Mary had done all this stuff and worked too was beyond
me. I understood why she jumped at James’s idea of turning me into a maid. Friday morning Mary
was very cheerful, her Jimmy would be here tonight! I was wearing my black skirt, mesh hose,
starched blouse and apron along with the blonde wig. Mary complimented me on my appearance
before leaving for work. I played a bit on my computer, knowing that I was ready for Master to show

About noon, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Master with an overnight bag.
” Good day Master James,”, I greeted him with a polite curtsy. ” Hello Carla, I see that you are
properly dressed.”, he said and walked into the house. He handed me his bag and told me to take
it into his room. His room? Knowing what he wanted I delivered it to the master bedroom, then
returned to see him lounging in the family room. ” Fetch me a cold beer sissy.”, he ordered when
I returned. I walked to the refrigerator and got him a can of beer. When I handed it to him, he
reached under my skirt and fondled my balls. ” Lift up your skirt Carla, I want to inspect my bitch.”
Holding my skirt in each hand, I raised it to my waist. He gazed at my genitals for a minute or so,
then remarked, ” Very nice, I see that you have kept it shaved like I told you to.” ” Yes Master, I
have obeyed you.” was my weak reply. He stood up and ordered, ” Undress your Master.” Fearful
as I was about his intentions, defying him would be futile. I let my skirt fall back into place and
unbuttoned his shirt. Next I knelt to untie his work boots and remove them as well as his socks. I
started to rise, but he forcefully commanded, ” Stay down there and continue.” From my position
on my knees, I undid his belt and unzipped his pants. With shaky hands, I slid his them down to find
he wore no underwear. I was facing his mighty cock mere inches from my face. He stepped out of
the pants and stood naked displaying his manly body to me. ” Take off your apron and blouse
Carla.”, he ordered. I obeyed quickly sensing that he would tolerate no stalling on my part. ”
Remove the bra too.” was his follow up command. I reached back and unhooked my bra and
removed it with the falsies still in the cups and laid it aside. ” Very good, I am horny and think a
blow job from my sissy slut is in order.”, he remarked casually. He looked down at me with scorn
and asked, ” What’s the matter sissy? You haven’t forgotten what to do so soon have you?” No I
certainly hadn’t forgotten. I took his big black cock in my hands and kissed the head of it. Then I
licked along the sides before taking it into my mouth. My red lipstick left traces on him, but he
seemed to just get more turned on by that. He reached down, grabbed my nipples in his fingers and
pinched them hard as he thrust himself deep into my throat. I choked and gagged, but kept sucking.
” Don’t worry babe, before I am through with you, you’ll be taking my 10″ with no trouble at all.
You just need lots of practice.” He laughed at his own sadistic humor. He was tugging on my
nipples to forcing me forward to meet his thrusts. He kept me sucking as he fucked my mouth until
he shot a massive load in my mouth. ” Swallow it you sissy slut.”, he ordered. Of course, I obeyed
this order. He took a swig from his beer and told me, ” Not bad for a new cocksucker. You learn
quick and that makes your Master happy.” Still kneeling there with tears streaming down my cheeks
and my hands holding my sore nipples, I managed to mumble, ” Thank you Master.” He looked at
me without pity and commanded, ” Crawl around behind me and lick my ass to thank me for my
trouble.” I was stunned by this demand and begged him, ” Please Master , please don’t make me do
that.” He reached down, removed his belt from his pants and with a menacing glare told me, ” My
orders are not negotiable. I give the orders, you merely have to obey them.”

James grabbed my by my neck and lifted me to my feet. Sitting down on the couch, he pulled me
across his lap. He was so strong my struggles were futile. He said, ” If you were a man I would have
hit you with my fists, but since you are a sissy cocksucker, I’ll spank you like a naughty child.” His
belt struck me so hard across my right ass cheek that I yelped with pain. He then stuck the left cheek
a similar blow that made me beg for mercy. ” Please Master, no more, I will do whatever you tell
me to.” He tossed me to the floor saying, ” Very well, but remember that this was just a taste of what
I will do if you don’t obey.” Although I couldn’t see them, I knew he had left two welts on my poor
bottom. He stood up, turned around and commanded, ” Ok, now lick my ass.” My tongue
tentatively licked his ass cheek. ” Not like that, use your hands to spread those cheeks and lick
between them.”, he demanded. My spirit was completely broken by now, so I spread his cheeks and
licked and kissed his asshole. He was still sweaty from the drive to get here and it was grossly
degrading, but he still held the belt in his hand. He laughed at me as I slavishly licked his asshole.
Finally satisfied that he had demeaned me enough, he let me stop. ” No need to put that uniform
back on Carla, just put on a nightie and relax a bit. Keep the heels on though, they make your legs
look nice.” Meekly I replied, ” Yes Master, thank you sir.” Walking away remembering to put a
wiggle in my ass, I went to the bathroom, washed my face and reapplied lipstick. I took off my skirt
and hung up my blouse. I wondered about the bra, but decided that if he didn’t like it, I would go
without. After regaining a small amount of composure, I went back out wearing only my black
nightie and high heels and no wig.

James was still sitting naked on the couch finishing his beer. He loved to flaunt his manly body
to keep me aware of my own puny one. He got up, walked out to the pool and dove in. He swam
a dozen laps of the pool and then relaxed in the floating lawn chair for an hour or so. When he was
ready, he walked back into the house grabbing the towel I was holding for him. ” I’m going for a
shower now.”, he announced. When he finished his shower and dressed, he came back to the family
room. He was wearing a tight pair of slacks and a white T-shirt that showed of his muscles. I could
see why Mary was attracted to him. He sat and watched ESPN on the television to pass the time
waiting for Mary to get home. I busied myself in the kitchen, getting their meal prepared. Mary had
requested that I prepare a fondu supper for them tonight. Cutting the steaks into cubes, preparing
the salad and making the dips filled up my time waiting for her to come home from work.

Mary walked in from the garage and greeted James with a big kiss. ” Oh Jimmy,” she exclaimed,
” I have been looking forward to this weekend ever since you left.” He hugged her close and
replied,” Likewise my dear, I have missed you so much.” He kissed her again, then added,” But, a
few more weeks and that job will be done and I won’t have to leave town.” She hugged him
expressing her glee with his announcement. She noticed me standing there holding a glass of wine
for each of them and remarked, ” Carla that is very thoughtful of you, but what happened to your
maid outfit?” I just blushed and handed them their wine. James said, ” Carla kept me entertained
while I was waiting. I got here a bit early.” Feeling grateful that he didn’t go into detail about how
I had done that, I merely said, ” Supper will be served in fifteen minutes or so Mistress.” They sat
on the couch and chatted about their time apart, while I heated the oil and lit the candles on their

The fondu meal had always been one of our favorites for special occasions, and now she was
sharing one with him and I was waiting in the kitchen. They cooked cubes of meat, sipped wine and
talked for over an hour before they were finished. They were clearly enjoying each other’s company
and would soon be enjoying each other’s bodies. The prolonged meal was part of the foreplay.
When they left for the bedroom, I cleared off the table and cleaned up the kitchen feeling very left
out. When James called out,” Carla, get your sissy ass in here.”, it came almost as a relief. I hurried
to their bedroom as fast as those high heels would carry me. They were both naked when I entered
, and James merely pointed at his cock. His meaning was clear, so I knelt in front of him and began
sucking his cock. He quickly became rock hard and pushed me aside to mount Mary. This was to
be our routine, I had deduced. I would suck him hard, and lick them clean afterwards. Mary grabbed
my left nipple and pulled me to kneel beside the bed while they had sex. The motions of their
coupling were transmitted through my nipple, in effect, we were having a threesome. They finally
finished their lovemaking, I licked their genitals clean and they dismissed me.

The next morning, I woke up hearing Mary swearing like a sailor. ” Damn it! I’ve looked forward
to this for two weeks and now I get my period!” James reassured her, ” Don’t worry baby, sure it’s
a disappointment, but we will have many more times for sex.” She replied, ” But, I wanted this
weekend to be so perfect for you.” She saw me looking in the door, smiled and said, ” I know, you
can use Carla this weekend. You made her dress like a woman, now you can use her for your
pleasure.” James looked at me standing there in a short black nightie and high heels and said, ”
Carla is a virgin in her ‘ pussy’ isn’t she?” Mary giggled and replied, ” Not quite.” James asked,
” Not quite, what do you mean by that?” She told him, ” A girl has to have some fun while you’re
away. I used my dildo on the sissy.” James roared with laughter at hearing her confession. When
he stopped laughing, he remarked, ” That would be something worth seeing, you screwing Carla.”
Mary told him, ” I’d be happy to demonstrate, but I think you’d get more satisfied if you screwed
her.” He looked at me standing there smiled and said,” Well this is an emergency of sorts and the
old saying is ‘ Any port in a storm.’ .” He beckoned me to come to him and pointed to his cock. I
knew what that meant and knelt before him and took his cock into my mouth. ” Hmmm nice,” he
praised me, then ordered, ” Get it nice and hard Carla so I can fuck you.” The thought of his mighty
cock invading my ass was repulsive to me, but I didn’t dare stop sucking. As soon as he was very
hard, he pushed me back, moved behind me and ordered, ” Stand up, spread your legs and put your
elbows on the bed.” When I obeyed, Mary moved behind me and put some lube in and around my
asshole. She advised me,” Just relax dearie, this is what you always wanted me to do for you, now
you can do it for me.” She was correct in that statement, I had often requested anal sex from her, but
she always refused. James didn’t wait to see what I wanted, he started shoving himself into my ass.
It hurt at first, but he took his time so I could adapt to the invasion. When he was completely in me
he withdrew part way and quickly shoved it home again. He was soon fucking me with vigor and
holding my nipples to guide my movements. I was rocked back and forth helplessly until he finally
reached his climax and shot his load deep inside me. ” Bravo Carla.” Mary cheered my submission.
He pulled out of me, leaving me exhausted. Mary noticed that I had come while being screwed and
she exclaimed, ” I see our sissy likes getting fucked by Jimmy too, she had an orgasm.” I blushed
with shame for having been used like a slut and still showing evidence of being turned on.

James told me, ” Back on your knees slut, it’s time to lick me clean.” Weary though I was, and
with his semen leaking from my ass, I knelt in front of him. What I saw was a slimy black cock with
small bits of my fecal matter on it. ” Lick it clean bitch.” he demanded. Despite my revulsion, I
obeyed him and licked it clean. He told me,” Good girl, but at least for the rest of this weekend I
suggest that you give yourself an enema and keep your ‘ pussy’ greased up.” I merely replied, ” Yes
Master.” Mary helped me to my feet saying, ” You did well girl, now go get cleaned up and I will
make the coffee this morning.” I gave a polite curtsy, then left to clean my inside as well as the
outside of my body. Once in the basement bathroom, I filled the enema bag with warm soapy water,
hung it from the shower curtain rod, inserted the nozzle in my slimy asshole and released the clip.
Kneeling on the floor with the liquid flooding my insides was gross, but, I realized that it would
clean me out and make licking him clean after the next rape much easier. When I could no longer
hold the liquid inside of me, I sat on the toilet and expelled it. A nice warm shower helped me to
feel clean again. I dried myself, put on a clean nightie, freshened my lipstick and stepped into my
heels. I was ready to rejoin them.

James heard the click of my heels as I entered the kitchen and called out, ” Get yourself a cup of
coffee and join us Carla.” I poured myself a cup of coffee and then went to sit at the dining room
table with them. James told me, ” Relax sissy, now you are my bitch, and I treat my bitches well.”
I noticeably relaxed, so he said, ” As long as you serve me cheerfully and quickly, there will be no
need for me to inflict pain on you.” Mary added, ” Jimmie can be so sweet if you keep him
satisfied.” Sitting there feeling very used, I never the less nodded and smiled cheerfully. I had
already decided that degradation was better than pain. Mary continued, ” You may be feeling like
you have been mistreated, but your orgasm gave your true feelings away. You enjoyed being
Jimmie’s sex toy. You were meant to be a sissy slut dearie.” I timidly replied, ” Yes Mistress, but
I used to be a man.” She laughed and told me, ” Yes, but you weren’t much good as a man. You
didn’t make much money, you couldn’t satisfy your wife sexually, and didn’t even have a manly
body.” I knew now that she was right, although before James showed up I never realized my
shortcomings. ” Now look at you dear, you keep the house nice, cook pretty well, and satisfy us
sexually as a woman. Wouldn’t you rather be a successful woman than a failure as a man?” I
nodded my head, conceding to the logic of her argument. James chipped in, ” That’s a good girl,
accept your lot in life and you will be much happier.” ” Yes Master James.” was my response. Then
he told me, ” Master James is so formal, you may call me sir now that we’re lovers.” I said, ” Yes
sir, thank you sir.”

They sat and talked with each other while I fixed a nice brunch for us. We ate together and then
Mary got up and handed me a grocery list. ” Go to the store and pick up the items on this list Carla.
You can wear your new pink slacks and blouse. Better wear the padded bra and a wig too. You do
want to look nice when you go out in public dearie.” It was bad enough to dress like a girl at home,
but out in public alone would be much worse. I went to my room and dressed as she suggested, took
my purse with the cash she handed me and drove myself to the market. Since I had never been there
before, it took me some time to find everything. I felt very out of place and ill at ease dressed as I
was. I paid for the groceries, loaded them in the car and drove home feeling much relieved. James
helped me carry the bags into the house like a gentleman, but it was up to me to empty them and put
the stuff away. Mary was pleased with my performance, but told me, ” Now dearie, be sure that you
keep a list of things you need for next time you go shopping.” I merely answered, ” Yes Mistress.”
By the time the groceries were all put away, it was time to start supper, so I changed back into my
nightie and put on an apron. They watched a movie from our DVD collection until supper was
ready. When I told them that supper was served, they once again allowed me to eat with them. We
had a pleasant meal with nice friendly conversation. Once it was finished, I cleared off the table and
cleaned up the kitchen. They watched another movie, so I went to their room and lubricated my ass,
just in case James was horny again. I served them a couple of rounds of drinks during the movie
as they were cuddling together.

They watched the nightly news and Saturday Night Live, before heading off to bed. I was sitting
in my room reading when they summoned me. James Called out, ” Carla baby, come in here.”
When I walked into their bedroom, they were laying naked on the sheets. ” Take off your nightie
and heels and lay here beside me sissy.” ” Yes sir.”, was the only response open to me. I slipped
the nightie over my head, dropped it on the floor and stepped out of my heels. Crawling on the bed
beside him, I knew what he wanted me for. He quickly pulled my head down to his cock saying, ”
Suck it bitch, get me good and hard.” I was getting good at this by now, and quickly sucked him
hard. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back to lay flat on my back. He got to his knees, lifted my
legs over his shoulders and forced his way inside me. ” Smile bitch, and keep looking into my
eyes.”, he ordered. He was quickly fucking me hard and fast. Mary held my hand and urged me to
enjoy myself. James told me, ” Move your ass bitch, I’m doing all the work here and moan like you
love it.” I began thrusting up against his thrusts and moaning like a slut to please him. His sneer
soon turned into a smile when he shot his load deep inside me. Once more, I had an orgasm while
being fucked like a girl and shot my load onto my stomach. Mary scooped up my semen, put it in
my mouth and made me lick her hand clean. James withdrew his softening cock from me and put
it to my mouth ordering, ” Lick it clean sissy.” I was now very glad that I’d given myself that enema,
as there was no particles of shit on his cock this time. When He was satisfied, He turned off the light
and rolled over to go to sleep. I lay there for a long time thinking. It had been years since I had come
twice in the same day as a man, but today I had done that while in the female role. Perhaps being
their maid and sex toy was what I was designed for.

The next morning I was awakened with James shoving his cock into my exposed ass. He humped
me for quite a while before he again brought us to simultaneous orgasms. He kissed me on the neck,
patted my ass and went to the bathroom. Mary told me, ” Time to fix breakfast dearie, I think bacon
and eggs this morning.” Despite feeling very well used, I got out of bed, donned my nightie, slipped
into my heels and went to the kitchen. I put on the coffee, then went to the bathroom to wipe away
the goo leaking from my ass. I freshened my lipstick before returning to cook. Three fried eggs over
easy for James and one for Mary along with orange juice, toast and jelly made up their breakfast.
As soon as the coffee was done, I delivered a cup to each of them. Mary thanked me, James just
nodded his head. I told them that breakfast was ready, so they took their cups to the dining room.
After I had served them their meal, James pointed towards the kitchen, so I went in there to eat alone.
I refilled their coffee a couple of times and cleared off the table.

They walked naked out to the pool to go for a swim, I hurried out with towels for them. They
sent me back to bring them cocktails. Clearly they considered me back in my maid role now. Only
a couple of hours ago he had screwed me, and now he only had eyes for Mary. They enjoyed
themselves swimming and sitting by the pool most of the afternoon. I gave myself an enema,
showered, lubricated my ass and touched up my nail polish before starting supper. They walked in
wrapped in their towels and holding hands. When they sat at the dining room table, I served their
supper. Since they made no offer to join them, I ate in the kitchen. Once they’d finished eating,
James decided that he’d better get going. ” Carla, come in here.”, James ordered. I went to the
dining room and saw him stand up, drop his towel, and point to his cock. He smiled and said, ” Just
a quickie this time my sissy bitch.” I knelt before him and sucked his cock until he shot his load into
my mouth. He patted me on the cheek and said,” Good job girl, you learn fast.” He got dressed,
picked up his bag, kissed Mary goodbye and left. As soon as he drove away, Mary gave me a big
hug and told me how proud she was of me for pleasing her Jimmie this weekend. ” It was so nice
of you to take my place, but you will only have to do that during my periods.”, she told me. ” But
Mistress,” , I pleaded, ” Couldn’t he have had anal sex with you, instead of using me?” She looked
at me sternly and replied, ” Don’t be silly dearie, you know I don’t do anal sex.” She walked off to
her room, leaving me standing there dumbfounded.

Our life continued in this pattern for two more months, Mary went to work and I kept the house.
My hair had grown longer by now and Mary had styled it into nice feminine pixie cut. My breasts
had grown noticeably and I now would fill a B cup bra. James would spend every other weekend
with us, making love to my wife and dominating me. The weekend his out of town job was finished,
he moved in with us and became truly the man of the house. Weekdays they both left for work
leaving me to tend to the household chores. Cleaning the house and doing the laundry was routine
for me by now, but the grocery shopping still made me feel very uncomfortable. Going out in public
dressed as a female was far more difficult than wearing such things at home. They usually came
home around 6:oo pm, and I planned supper accordingly. Each night they still had sex, with me
sucking James hard before and licking them both clean afterwards. I was used to this routine by now
and no longer felt degraded by providing this service. At least I was being included in their sex play.
The weekends were filled with more emphasis on sexual activity and often involved me giving
James a blow job on demand. He never seemed to run out of sexual energy. Mary smiled and
laughed a lot these days making it clear that he satisfied her needs much better than I ever had. Since
I loved her so much, I was delighted to see her happy, and had come to realize that being a maid was
easier than working at that fast food joint. James still intimidated me, but as long as I was cheerfully
obedient, he treated me decent.

A couple of weeks after James moved in he told me one Sunday morning that he had some of his
friends coming over to watch football and that I should prepare some munchies for them. He warned
me, ” Don’t you embarrass me in front of my friends Carla.” I assured him, ” No Sir, I will be very
obedient and serve your friends with a smile.” Wearing my black skirt maid outfit, I answered the
door and escorted each of the arriving guests into the home theater room. There were two couples
and five single guys that showed up. The white wife of one guy and the black wife of another went
to sit and talk with Mary, the men congregated in front of the big screen television. I served them
each a beer, and then passed around a tray with finger food. It was very humiliating to serve these
men wearing a maid outfit. One of them fondled my ass as I walked by him and told James, ” Nice
maid you have Jimmy.” I blushed when Jimmy replied, ” Yes and she’s very obedient too.” To
emphasize his statement he ordered, ” Lift your skirt Carla and show my friends how you keep
yourself for me.” Turning crimson, but afraid of incurring his wrath, I lifted my skirt to expose my
shaved genitals. ” Damn Jimmy one of them said, you sure know how to train a husband.” Another
guy asked, ” Does she service your friends too?” James Laughed and told him, ” Not yet, but if I
decide to allow it, I’m sure she will.” He looked at me and asked,” Isn’t that right sissy?” All I
could do is meekly answer, ” Yes Master James.” They all had a good laugh at my expense. My
humiliation was complete. Standing there in high heels, holding my skirt up and exposing my small
equipment in front of these men made me realize how far I had sunk. The rest of the afternoon I
alternated between serving the three ladies and the six men. Even Mary had me expose myself to
the other two ladies. The black lady felt my genitals and remarked, ” Cute, tiny, but cute.” If such
a thing had happened to me before James arrived, I would have been embarrassed. Somehow that
didn’t bother me as much as doing that in front of the men. I suppose I knew that the women had
no desire to use me, whereas a couple of the men would have if James had given his approval. Men
can be such animals.

The afternoon seemed to last forever before the games were over and they all sat down to eat the
meal I had prepared. Laughter and happy chatter seemed to be the dominant theme as they ate. As
I served each course, a couple of the single males felt me up. I merely smiled sweetly and moved
on, being very glad that James hadn’t given them permission to use me. Even though he had
changed my life completely, he was my protector. After they finished their meal, they started leaving
and I helped those who had worn jackets put them on. I noticed James in private conversation with
the two single guys who had molested me. Even though they occasionally pointed at me, I ignored
them. When they had all left, I cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. James summoned me
to their bedroom to perform my nightly sexual duties, which were by now, as regular a part of my
life as nightly prayers for many people.

There came a time close to my wife’s Birthday when James wanted to take her to Las Vegas for
a long weekend. I was left at home alone, feeling neglected. Just as they were leaving, he told me,
” Stay dressed sweet Carla, a couple of my friends may be coming by to keep you company. They
were very taken with you on the football weekend.” ” Yes Sir.”, I replied. The entire time they
were gone, I was in fear of the doorbell ringing. His friends would be using me as their gay whore.
Serving James as his bitch was more than I wanted, let alone being used by virtual strangers.
Saturday night about 11:00 pm, they showed up. Both of them had been drinking, probably to get
their courage up to use me as their woman. I had showered, shaved, given myself an enema, and
lubricated my ass with KY jelly, just in case. Nevertheless when the doorbell rang, I opened it with
much trepidation. They never even introduced themselves, just shoved me inside and took control.
Against two big black men I knew I was powerless and decided to please them and have them leave
quickly. It turned out to be an ordeal from hell for me.

The first thing they had me do is to get them a drink. They whistled at my wiggle as I walked
away. They sipped their drinks and one of them told me, ” Take off your clothes sissy, I want to see
your naked body, leave the shoes on.” I shuddered, but stripped of all my clothes except for my
heels. The second man asked me, ” Do you like cookies girl?” It was the first friendly thing either
of them had said to me, so I smiled and said, ” Yes Sir, I do.” He laughed loudly and told me, ”
That’s good because we are going to make an oreo of you.” My puzzlement must have showed,
because he quickly added, ” Black at both ends and white in the middle.” Inwardly I was shocked,
but I managed to smile weekly. ” Since you’re naked, it’s only right that we should be naked too.”
the first one said. They both stood up and took off their clothes. They both had muscular bodies and
were well hung too. The first one pointed at his cock and I went over and took it in my mouth. He
chuckled and said, ” Jimmy was right, this bitch is well trained.” As soon as he was hard, he
ordered, ” Turn around and grab your ankles sissy, it’s time to get a dose of this black snake.” I bent
over and grasped my ankles. As soon as I was in the position, the other man moved in front of me
and shoved his cock into my mouth. At almost the same instant, the first man shoved his erect cock
up my ass. There I was naked, holding my ankles with a big black cock in either end. The thrusts
of the man behind me shoved the cock in my mouth deeper, and the thrusts from the man in front
shoved me back onto the cock in my rear. They kept me rocking helplessly back and forth between
them until they both came, shooting their semen into my mouth and ass. ” What a sissy bitch you
are Carla.”, the man at my rear said. The front guy told me, ” Get us another drink honey.” When
I stood up to get their drinks, he noticed tears running down my cheeks and said, ” Don’t cry slut,
we’ll play some more in a bit.” Feeling weak and very used, I hobbled to the bar to make them each
another drink with their laughter ringing in my ears.

The two men sat drinking and had me alternate between them licking and sucking their cocks
while they talked about me as if I weren’t there. After they’d drained their glasses, one of them
ordered, ” Assume the same position as before bitch.” I obediently grabbed my ankles as they stood
up. Saying, ” It’s time for a change.”, the guy who had used my ass stood in front of me. The man
who had fucked my mouth stood behind me. ” Hell, this bitch is still leaking your come.”, he told
his friend. Once more they subjected me to that involuntary ride, being pushed forward and back
by their thrusts. This time it lasted longer before they again shot their seed into me from both ends.
Despite the humiliation of being used as their whore, I also had an orgasm during this dual rape.
They noticed this and commented about how I must have loved it too. ” Jimmy wasn’t kidding, this
bitch likes getting fucked.”, one of them said. The other man agreed with him. They made me get
down and lick up the spots of my semen from the carpet. ” Cleanliness is next to godliness.”, one
of them said and they both laughed at his wit. When I got back up, he grabbed me by my nipples and
said,” You have small titties sissy, maybe I should stretch them for you.” Even though it hurt to have
him pulling on them, I replied,” Yes sir, thank you sir.” The other man noticed my erection and said,
” Look, she likes that.” I was lifted to my tiptoes by my nipples and ordered, ” Play with your clit
sissy, we want to see you spurt for us.” To end the pain, I began stroking myself furiously. ‘ Come
Carla, Come.”, they chanted as I pumped my small cock. When the second man shoved his finger
up my ass, I came, shooting my load on the floor. He released my nipples and I fell to the floor
exhausted, holding my hands to my tortured titties. ” Lick up those few drops you managed to spurt
slut.”, one of them ordered. I obeyed.

” Lead us to your bed Carla,”. One of them demanded. I walked to my room with them following
me. One of them said, ” Shit, look at those pink curtains, this bitch is really into this sissy stuff.”
They had me lie between them in what was a crowded double bed. During the night, they fondled
me and slept. I was too afraid to sleep much, but finally dozed off. I was awakened in the morning
being pulled to a sitting position by my nipples. ” Good morning honey.”, they greeted me. One of
them ordered, ” Go take a shower, douche and fix your hair. You look a mess.” I Stepped into my
heels and went to take a shower. After the cleansing enema, the hot steamy water felt good. I
lubricated my ass in case they were horny this morning, brushed my long hair and applied a fresh
coat of lipstick. While I was putting the red lipstick on, one of the men came into the bathroom and
said, ” Very nice, but something is missing.” He spun me around and took the tube of lipstick from
my hand. He painted each of my nipples bright red and stepped back to admire his work. ” That’s
much better, now fix us some breakfast.” I went to fix them a meal of bacon, scrambled eggs , toast
and coffee, while they showered.

They both came to the table naked, which I thought was a bad sign. I served them their food and
they began eating. The guy who had painted my nipples told me, ” Come here oreo and jack me off
into your mouth while I eat.” I got under the table and started stroking his cock with the head
pointed into my open mouth. He quickly got hard and I stroked harder and faster wanting to get this
over with as quickly as possible. It didn’t take long before he spurted his seed into my mouth. I
swallowed his semen and started to get out from under the table. The other man said, ” My turn
sissy, I’ll have the same thing as my buddy.” I merely turned around and took his cock in my hand
to repeat the disgusting chore for him. As degrading as it was to be milking their cocks into my
mouth, it was still preferable to playing ‘oreo’ with them. They finished their breakfast and let me
out from under the table to clean up. One of them said, ” Well it’s been fun, but I’d better get
going.” Since they had both come in the same car, the other man agreed and they went to get
dressed. By the time the kitchen was clean they were ready to leave. They thanked me for the great
time they’d had and then one of them said, ” I’ll have to ask Jimmy if he’d lend you to us again.”
The other man added, ” We could have a few other men over and you could serve us all.” My heart
sank at the thought of being the center of a gang bang. They noticed my discomfort and laughed at
me. They each grabbed one of my breasts and fondled my ass with the other hands. ” Don’t fret
Carla, the way you come while being screwed, you’d be coming dry shots in the first hour.”, one
said. They were still laughing as they walked out the door. I sat on the floor and cried from the
mixture of shame and fear I was experiencing. As I cried, I cupped my breasts in my hands to
comfort myself. I thought it felt good to have breasts and to be desirable, but hated the exploitation
that accompanied them. Men didn’t care a bit about my feelings, just their own satisfaction. I
stroked my small cock for a few minutes, but then realized that it didn’t get hard anymore. This
realization made me start crying all over again. Even if I did leave her, where would I go? Surely
no woman would want me and men would just use me. With no money, only female clothes to wear,
and looking like a freak, they knew it was safe to leave me alone. Where would I go?

Monday and Tuesday mornings I slept in late, did some housework and wasted time playing on
my computer. Tuesday evening James and Mary walked into the house laughing, a display of the
great time they’d had. Upon sighting me wearing my red skirt, white blouse, red heels with a
starched white apron, James asked, ” Did you miss us Carla?” I replied, ” Yes sir, it was lonely
without you two here.” He frowned and asked me, ” Didn’t my friends show up.” I replied, ” Yes
Sir they did.” He asked, ” Did they use you for sex?” My pent up emotions came bursting out and
I started crying as I answered, ” Yes Master, they made me an oreo, black at both ends and white in
the middle.” James roared with laughter upon hearing this, but Mary took me in her arms to comfort
me. She hugged me close to her and consoled me saying, ” My poor sissy, don’t cry. We’re home
and you’re safe now.” She hugged me and talked soothingly to me until I stopped sobbing. Her
actions made me realize that she still loved me, although not as before James came into our lives.
James told me, ” I’m pleased that you entertained my friends Carla, and to show my gratitude you
may service me now.” I gladly said, ” Thank you Master.”, and knelt in front of him, I unzipped his
pants, pulled out his lovely cock and took it into my mouth. It felt comfortable and familiar to be
sucking him rather than strangers. He fondled my breasts as I worshiped his cock. It felt good to be
serving such a man, even as his sissy slave. He soon shot his semen deep into my throat and I
swallowed every drop. James being satisfied, he said, ” Good job girl, you may now jack off for us.
You deserve a climax too.” I fondled my small cock for a few minutes, but it wouldn’t get hard.
Mary noticed my frustration and decided to help me to get things going. She sucked on my left
breast and shoved one finger up my ass. James joined in by sucking on the other boob. With this
stimulation I got enough of an erection to manage to spurt a few drops of come. They both
applauded as I licked my come from my left hand. James commented, ” It seems the only way Carla
can come now is by getting fucked, it’s kinda sad.” Mary agreed saying,” Yes it is, but now she can
experience sex as a woman, getting satisfaction by pleasing her man.” A tear ran down my cheek
as I realized they were right. I no longer functioned as a man in any way. Carl was gone and I was
now really Carla.

They directed me to make some popcorn and serve it to them as they watched television before
going to bed. When I delivered the popcorn, I also brought Mary a glass of wine and James a gin
and tonic. They thanked me and told me that I could turn in for the night. When I undressed, I
noticed a bit of 5o’clock shadow in my pubic region and knew it was time to shave again. That could
wait until morning I decided and put on my nightie before climbing into bed. The knowledge that
I functioned best as a woman removed most of the humiliation from what I did in serving them. I
slept like a baby that night.

Wednesday morning was a routine weekday. I got up and fixed their breakfast and stood by until
they left for work. Then I took a shower, shaved my body, put on my makeup, fixed my hair and put
the laundry in the washer. I cleaned up the kitchen and vacuumed a couple of rooms, then relaxed
a bit by playing on my computer. I switched loads and loaded the dryer before lunch. Changing the
bed linens took awhile, but had to be done. I puttered around the house for the rest of the day,
putting away the laundry and doing some dusting before starting to prepare supper. I was a contented
housewife doing her duties with a smile. My life had been changed forever, but I was content.
On a Saturday morning as I was serving Mary an James their breakfast, James told me, ”
Don’t bother planning anything for supper Carla, I’m taking Mary out for dinner and dancing
tonight. We’ll be home late.” I hated to hear that I was going to be left alone tonight and shed a
tear at hearing this. James noticed and told me, ” Don’t cry dearie, I’ll think of something for
you to do while we’re gone.” He patted me on my bare fanny and I went into the kitchen to eat
my breakfast alone. The rest of the day he and Mary relaxed and watched tv while I puttered
around the house doing routine chores. After eating a light snack for my own supper, I went to
my room while they got ready to go out. Shortly before they left, James called me to the family
room. When I got there, he had me kneel before the short side of the coffee table. When I did, he
told me, ” Lay on the table Carla.” As soon as I had obeyed him, he handcuffed my hands to the
legs of the table using two pair of handcuffs. I looked up pitifully at him, my sad eyes asking
why and he said. ” This is for your own good Carla, you were questioning my decision this
morning, and you know I can’t tolerate that.” I responded, “Yes Sir, but I get so lonely when
you’re both gone.” He laughed and said, ” You may have company tonight dearie.” Then he put
a hood on my head and tied it securely making it so I couldn’t see. He patted my fanny and said,
” We’ll be back later, have fun.”, and left me there with my titties pressing against the table.

The first hour seemed to drag by, and I got nervous at every sound I heard. The time passed
slowly, as I waited for the unknown which may or may not occur. Some time later, I heard the
front door close. I became instantly alert as I heard someone walking into the room. I asked, ” Is
that you Sir?”, but got no answer. I felt hands rubbing my bare ass and they sent shivers up my
spine. I moved my head around to try and get a sense of what was happening, but of course, I
couldn’t see anything with that hood on. The next thing I knew there was a cock at my lips.
After all the times I had sucked James, I knew what to do and took it into my mouth. Somehow
it seemed familiar, but I just sucked and slurped away until it was rock hard. Just as I was
expecting a load of semen to shoot into my mouth, it was withdrawn. The man walked behind
me and rubbed my asshole with lubricant. I pleaded, ” Please Sir, don’t fuck me.”, but got no
reply. He shoved himself inside of me and began riding me. Trapped as I was, all I could do is
take it until he was finished. Once he had shot deep inside of me, he kissed the back of my neck
and left me there. I felt horribly used, cheap and helpless. Sometime later I fell asleep and slept
until James and Mary came home. I awakened when James released my hands. After an entire
evening on my knees and being raped, I could hardly stand. James helped me to my feet and
removed the hood. I blinked at even the dim light in the room, since I had been blind for some
hours now. James asked me, ” Did you have a good time sissy?” I burst into tears and hugged
him. I told him, ” Sir it was horrible, someone came in here and raped me and didn’t say a word.
I feel so used.” He told me, ” Remember this night whenever you start to question my decisions.
Next time there will be several of them to amuse you.” Even though I knew he had set this all
up, hearing him admit it made me furious, so I ran to my room and cried my eyes out. I
wondered how he could do that to me after all I had done to please him. I cried myself to sleep
that night.

Early Sunday morning I got up and put the coffee on, and sat reading the morning paper until
they came into the kitchen. James noticed my depressed state and told me, ” Come here Carla
and suck my cock, that should cheer you up.” I knelt between his knees and took his cock into
my mouth. While I sucked his cock to an erection, he talked to me, ” I know how lonely you get
being left at home dearie, maybe I should find you a boyfriend.” Mary quickly told him, ”
Ooooh, that would be so cool, we could go on double dates.” I was choking and gagging on his
erection and couldn’t give my dissenting opinion. By the time he shot his load deep in my throat,
they had decided that I needed a boyfriend. Given my status as a submissive cocksucker, I had
no say in the matter. Even though I was now more girl than man, I didn’t want to be a gay slut
for some stranger. Keeping house and serving James and Mary was something I had become
accustomed to, but going on dates with a boyfriend wasn’t something I had ever thought of.

Sunday evening Mary got her period, and so I knew that James would be using me for his
sexual pleasure this week. I didn’t mind being his bitch, since I would sleep in the same bed with
them. It made me feel needed and wanted more than I did as their maid. The daily enemas I had
to give myself were more than compensated for by the attention he showed me in bed. Each
night James slept in the middle of the king sized bed with Mary on one side and I on the other. I
would suck him hard, then he would screw me from behind while holding my breasts in his
hands. I felt so loved when that happened, even though after his orgasm, he would turn over and
cuddle with Mary.

Each morning during the week, they would shower and get dressed for work while I fixed
their breakfast. As soon as they left, I would shower and get dressed for the day in my maid
outfit. The housework was down to a routine by now and I accomplished it without undue effort.
Each evening I had the supper nearly ready when they came home and I often joined them for a
glass of wine to relax before supper. Once I had accepted the idea that I was now no longer a
man, but a servant in my own home, life had gone smoothly. My life was complete without a
boyfriend and I hoped they would forget that idea.

Any hopes I had they would forget the boyfriend thing were dashed on Saturday morning.
Mary told me, ” Don’t plan anything for supper tonight Carla, Jimmy has a friend coming over
and the four of us are going out to dinner and dancing tonight.” I smiled a faint smile and
answered, ” Yes Mistress, I understand.” Inwardly I was crushed, but I sure didn’t want to spend
another night handcuffed to the coffee table, and put on a cheerful face. The rest of the day
passed normally, until around 3;00PM when Mary took me aside and told me to get showered
and cleaned up. I went down to the basement bathroom and gave myself an enema to clean my
insides out and then hopped into the shower and shaved my body very closely. When I was
finished with my cleanup, I walked back upstairs naked. Mary saw me as she finished her
shower and led me into the main bathroom. She told me, ” We girls must look nice for our men
tonight dearie.” I merely nodded and stood patiently as she applied makeup to me and attached
the false eyelashes. When she was satisfied, she remarked, ” You look stunning dear, now go get
dressed. I laid a new outfit for you to wear tonight on your bed.” I went to my room and looked
at my new outfit. It consisted of a pink bra, white blouse, pink mini-skirt, pink mesh hose and
matching heels. There were also two starched crinolines to wear under the skirt. I knew I would
look like a tart in that outfit, but put it on anyway. When I was dressed, I went into the other
bathroom and used the curling iron on my hair before brushing it into a sexy page boy style.

When I looked ready, I went out to the family room where James whistled a wolf whistle at
me. I blushed and batted my big eyelashes at him. When I tried to sit down, I realized that I had
to lift the crinolines out of the way and sit my bare bottom on the chair. I wished they would let
me wear some nice panties instead of making me walk around bare under my skirt. About that
time the doorbell rang. James told me, ” That will be your date for the evening Carla, go let him
in.” I would have rather been anywhere else rather than answer that door, but I went like a good
girl and opened it. Immediately I recognized the man standing there, he was one of the two men
who had used me when James took Mary to Vegas. He was the bigger of the two and the one
who had suggested making me an oreo. I blushed when I realized that he had already used me
for his pleasure. Saying, ” Welcome Sir.”, I let him enter and showed him to where James
waited. He told me, ” You look very nice tonight Carla.” I politely thanked him.

James shook hands with our guest and asked me, ” You remember Tyrone don’t you Carla?”
I replied, ” Yes sir, I sure do. Nice to see you again Tyrone.” Tyrone smiled at me and said, ” I
have that effect on my lovers dear.” So his name was Tyrone, I never heard his name when he
was using my body. I brought Tyrone and James each a glass of wine to sip on while we waited
for Mary to finish getting ready. We made small talk with Tyrone treating me like I was already
his girlfriend. When Mary came out and announced that she was ready to go, I started to go to
our garage. James told me, ” No Carla you are riding with Tyrone tonight, we’ll meet you at the
restaurant.” I was disappointed and half afraid to go without James’s protection, but didn’t dare
show my feelings. Tyrone took my arm and led me out to his car, a big black Cadillac sedan. He
opened the passenger door for me and I slid into the seat lifting my petticoats as I sat on the
leather seat. We drove to the restaurant and parked in the parking lot. Tyrone reached over, put
his hand on my knee and said,” Listen Carla, the last time we met I was just using James’s slut,
but I want to start over and will treat you like a lady.” I squirmed on the seat and responded
saying, ” Yes Sir, that would be nice.” Tyrone then took my head in his hands and kissed me
lovingly. He told me, ” I had a white sissy boy as my wife when I was in prison, and do know
how to treat a lady.” I smiled faintly at him and said, ” That’s very nice Sir.” He then went
around and opened my car door and escorted me into the building. I felt like a lady walking in
arm in arm with him. We were escorted to the table where James and Mary awaited us. Mary
smiled at me and told me, ” You two make such a cute couple.” As I set my bare fanny on the
velvet covered chair, I smiled and said, ” Thank you dear.”

James and Tyrone ordered for Mary and I. We chatted during the wait for the food and during
the meal as well. To any onlookers, we were two interracial couples enjoying a meal in a fine
establishment. James and Tyrone were two handsome black men and Mary and I appeared to be
their women. Despite my discomfort in being out in public dressed as a slut, I had to admit it
was a nice evening so far. Certainly much better than being handcuffed to the coffee table
wearing a hood. After we finished our meals, Tyrone paid the bill and we left to go dancing.

Tyrone drove he and I to a nightclub in a part of the city I had never seen before. James and
Mary followed in their car. As we walked into the club the doormen knew James and Mary and
waved them in. He did the same for Tyrone and I. We went to a booth reserved for us next to the
dance floor. The band was blaring out music I’d never heard before, but it did have a good beat.
We barely got seated and ordered drinks before Tyrone took me out to dance to a slow song. I
told him that I had never danced without leading before but, he told me, ” Just relax and follow
me dear.” So I did just that, held closely in his strong arms, I let him lead me around the floor.
His graceful movements seemed strange considering his size. His hand worked it’s way under
my skirt and he fondled my bare ass as we danced. I blushed with embarrassment, knowing that
anyone watching us could see what he was doing, and probably part of my ass as well. At the
end of the song, he twirled me around making my petticoats flare out. As we walked back to our
table several men gave me a sexy wink. Most of the people in the place were black and I was
glad that Tyrone was with me and able to protect me. James and Mary got up to dance to the
next song leaving us alone. Tyrone leaned over and kissed me while he slid his hand under my
skirt to fondle my dick. He whispered, ” You feel so nice and smooth baby, I want you to come
for me.” I protested, ” Please Sir, not here, everyone will see.” He reassured me, ” Nobody will
see anything, you just enjoy while I milk you.” I tried very hard to look cool and composed
above the table, but I was getting very turned on below it. He stroked me faster and faster until I
spurted on the floor. He kissed me deeply and grabbed his drink. I whispered, ” Thank you Sir,
that was very nice of you.” He smiled and said, ” I told you I know how to treat a lady.” I
smiled back at him and coyly said, ” Yes Sir, you did and you sure do.”

After a couple of drinks and several dances I felt the need to visit the rest room. Mary noticed
my discomfort and said, ” Come with me Carla, it’s time to powder our noses.” I gladly joined
her and we walked to the rest room. I was concerned over which rest room to use, but quickly
ruled out the men’s room due to the way I was dressed, and followed my wife into the lady’s
room. There were a couple of other ladies at the mirrors as Mary and I went into adjoining stalls.
It felt wonderful to empty my bladder and I carefully wiped off the head of my now shrunken
dick before leaving the stall. Mary and I stood at the mirror fixing our hair and refreshing our
lipstick when a big black woman came up and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and
she asked me, ” You the white bitch with Tyrone tonight?” I answered sweetly, ” Why yes I am
dear. My name is Carla, who are you?” She shoved me on the chest and told me, ” I’m Lisa, and
I’ve dated Tyrone. I can’t imagine what he sees in a small chested girl like you when he could
have these.” She hoisted her big breasts with both hands, then reached over and squeezed one of
my B cup tits. I was afraid of this big woman and wanted to get out of there. Mary stepped in
and told her, ” Dear, you know Tyrone is bisexual, Carla is a sissy bitch and not a real woman.”
She lifted my skirt exposing my shriveled privates and said, ” See Lisa, surely this is no threat to
you.” Lisa laughed and told me, ” I ought to strip you naked and leave you in here to amuse the
girls that come in here.” Mary again reasoned with her, ” I know that would be fun, but I don’t
think you want to piss off Tyrone and James, do you?” Lisa suddenly realized that she was
messing with James’s property and backed off. She told me, ” If you didn’t belong to James, I
would fuck you up good fagot.” She spun around and left the room. A few minutes later Mary
and I walked past the table where Lisa sat with several of her girl friends. By the way they
giggled and pointed at us I knew she had exposed my secret to her girlfriends.

We got back to our booth and Tyrone sensed something was wrong and asked, ” What’s the
matter girls?” Mary told him, ” Oh, just a small problem in the ladies room with a friend of
yours.” He asked ” Who is that?” Mary told him, ” Some big black gal named Lisa was giving
Carla a hard time, but I talked her out of it.” Tyrone glared over at Lisa’s table and snarled, ”
That bitch, I’ll beat the shit out of her for that.” Mary placed her hand on his and soothingly said,
” No need for that dear friend, she backed right off when I told her that Carla was with you and
belonged to James.” He seemed relieved that his reputation was secure and calmed down. James
then said, ” It’s getting late, why don’t we just leave this joint.” We all agreed that it was time to
leave and got up to go. Tyrone asked James, ” Is it all right if I take Carla home with me
tonight?” James thought a minute or so and I saw Mary whisper something in his ear before he
answered, ” No, since this is really your first date, I think you should bring her home tonight.”
He saw the disappointment on Tyrone’s face then added, ” You can spend the night there if you

We followed James and Mary home and parked in front of the house. Tyrone again opened
my door for me and helped me out of the car. He was being a perfect gentleman. I reached into
my purse, got out my house key and opened the front door. James made a drink for he and one
for Tyrone and Mary told me, ” Come on dearie, let’s slip into something more comfortable.”
We went to our bedrooms and changed into our nighties. The four of us discussed the fun
evening we’d had for a while before James took Mary off to bed leaving Tyrone and I sitting on
the couch. He kissed me shoving his tongue into my mouth. I felt strange about this invasion of
my mouth although his cock had already been in there. He asked me, ” Do you want me to spend
the night with you Carla honey? If you say no, I will understand and go home.” This was the
first time I had been given a choice in a sexual matter in a year, and I was flattered by his gesture.
I fluttered my eyelashes at him and told him, ” Yes Sir, I want you to stay with me.” He took me
by the hand and led me to my bedroom. I quickly hopped into bed and watched as he undressed.
His muscular body was a beautiful sight.

Tyrone crawled into bed beside me and kissed me while his hands went under my nightie and
caressed my breasts. I was very turned on by his foreplay and as soon as he ended the kiss, I
moved down to kiss his cock. He told me, ” I’m sorry I was so mean to you when I was hear
with my friend. We were just guys acting like animals. I took his cock into my mouth and
started sucking to show that I wasn’t holding a grudge over that weekend. He then admitted, ” I
was also the guy who used you last weekend and I want to apologize for that as well.” He
continued, ” I was just going to tease you a bit, but you looked so temptingly helpless that I
decided to use you again.” I took his cock out of my mouth and told him,” I thought it might be
you Sir. I’m glad you told me that and I forgive you.” The rape had been traumatic at the time,
but after all the times I had been used by James, one more made little difference. Tonight was
different, the sex was my choice and I was enjoying it. I was his girl and was turning him on.

Quickly I resume my sucking and soon that big black cock was rock hard My hand was
stroking his shaft while I was sucking on the end when he stiffened up and shot his load into my
mouth. Instead of swallowing it, I crawled up his body and kissed him transferring some of his
semen into his mouth. He didn’t resent my forwardness, but we held our kiss for some time
before breaking it off. He chuckled and told me, ” Wow babe, that was a first! I guess you took
me by surprise, but it was very sexy.” We cuddled and fondled each other and then drifted off to
sleep in each other’s arms.

The sun was streaming through the window when I awoke to feel Tyrone caressing my
breasts. He whispered, ” Good morning Carla, are you up for a little loving this morning?” I
kissed him and replied, ” Yes Sir, that would be nice.” He grabbed the tube of KY jelly from the
night stand and greased up my asshole before shoving his erect cock up inside of me. I let out a
moan of pleasure and he started thrusting in and out gently. His hands held my tits as he took me
from behind. I moved my ass in time with his thrusts and as he increased his tempo, I spurted my
puny load onto the sheets. He continued his thrusting until he shot his load inside of me, then
kissed the nape of my neck and withdrew. He handed me a Kleenex from the bedside table
which I placed between my ass cheeks to stop any leakage. He got out of bed and headed for the
bathroom, so I got up, slipped on my heels and went to the kitchen to start the coffee. Tyrone
soon joined me as I was starting to prepare breakfast, followed shortly thereafter by James and
Mary. Mary was still in her nightie too and she said cheerfully, ” Good morning kids.” She
looked at me and said, ” I see you had a good time last night Carla.” I wondered if it showed in
my face that much when she reached down and plucked the Kleenex from between my ass
cheeks. I blushed bright red and admitted, ” Yes Mistress, I had a good time.” James laughed
and announced, ” See how wise I am, I knew that Carla need a boyfriend to cheer her up.” Mary
kissed him and told him, ” Yes darling, you are so wise.”

The three of them sat drinking coffee while I finished cooking breakfast. When I had served
them, I sat right down at the table and ate with them. After breakfast, Tyrone went to take a
shower and get dressed. When he announced that he had to get going, I felt disappointed, but
went to give him a kiss goodbye. He turned around, thanked James and Mary for their hospitality
and left. As I walked him to the door, he told me, ” I had a wonderful time Carla, we’ll have to
do this again soon.” I hugged him pressing my breasts against his manly chest and told him, ”
Yes Sir, thank you very much.” As he walked to his car, I thought about the wonderful time I’d
had with him. I really was a gay slut, but in my increasingly feminine state of mind, I was his
girlfriend and lover.

When I walked back to the table, my spirits were high and it showed. James noticed how
elated I was and decided to reassert his dominance over me. He stood up and asked me, ” Who is
your Master Carla?” I told him, ” You are Sir.” He then asked, ” Who do you obey without
question?” I didn’t like the tone of his voice, but quickly replied, ” You Sir and my Mistress.”
He said, ” That’s right and don’t you forget it. Just to remind you who rules this house, I want
you to come here and lick my ass to show your submission.” Damn it, he hadn’t made me do
that since before he moved in here. I’d hoped that he’d forgotten that humiliating task, but
meekly said, ” Yes Sir.”, and walked over behind him. I knelt down spread his cheeks and licked
his hairy hole until he told me, ” Good girl, that’s enough, you can clean up the kitchen now.” I
thanked him and went to do my chores.

Mary came into the kitchen as I was loading the dishwasher. She put her arm around me and
said, ” You know he had to establish his control of you don’t you dear?” I had tears in my eyes
as I replied, ” Yes Mistress, I understand that, but it’s so humiliating when he makes me do that.”
She consoled me by saying, ” Yes dear, I know, but if you hadn’t obeyed him, he would have
spanked you until you couldn’t sit for a week.” She kissed my cheek and told me, ” I missed you
licking me clean last night my dear sissy.” That she had missed my efforts made me feel better
and I smiled and told her, ” Sorry Mistress, but I was pretty busy myself and you didn’t call for
me.” She looked lovingly at me and told me, ” I know, James wanted to call you, but I
convinced him to let you two lovebirds alone.” I thanked her for her kindness and she led me
into her bedroom to fill her in on all the details of my night with my new boyfriend. We chatted
in her room like girlfriends and it felt so natural to me. She seemed especially interested when I
was telling her how sweet he was to me. She kissed me on the lips for the first time in months.

Mary fondled my titties and told me, ” You look so nice with boobies dear and they feel so
nice.” I modestly said, ” Thank you Mistress, yours are very nice and I miss holding them.” She
informed me, ” That’s sweet of you to say so, but you know they are reserved for my Jimmy.”
She got up and found her strap-on dildo and put it on as she said, ” It’s been a long time since we
had sex, and I want to use you now.” I agreed with her saying, ” Yes Mistress, that would be
nice.” Just as I was getting in position for her to screw me, James walked into the bedroom. He
asked, ” Going to have sex without me?” Mary responded by saying, ” You can watch darling.
Carla and I need to be together.” He laughed and said, ” Ok, I like watching two women make
love, most men do.”

Mary smeared my hole with KY jelly and shoved her dildo inside of me. After all the times I
had been used back there, it no longer hurt to be penetrated. I was a well broken in slut by now.
James told Mary, ” Go ahead, fuck that sissy ass dear.” Mary soon was ramming that dildo in
and out of me furiously and I was humping my ass in time with her. It didn’t take much of this
before I came and spurted my semen. As before that didn’t even slow her down. She ravished
me until she reached her orgasm before she pulled out of me. James had watched the show with
amusement, but now remarked, ” I’m the only one who hasn’t come yet. Carla get over here and
suck me off.” I was weak and wanted to cuddle with my wife, but I sank to my knees and sucked
his cock until he came in my mouth. I swallowed all but a few drops which had dribbled onto
my chin. Those I wiped off with my hand and licked them off too. ” Nice work you sissy
cocksucker.”, he told me. He felt confident that his control over me was firmly in place and went
out to watch football games. Mary patted me on the head and told e, ” That was fun dear. We
need to do that more often.” I smiled at her and replied, ” Yes Mistress, that was fun.” She went
out to join James and I went to my room.

That evening, things were back to normal around here. After supper, they watched tv until
after the evening news and then went to bed. Shortly after that, James called me into their room
for the usual threesome. I sucked him hard, stood by while they had sex and licked them both
clean afterward. Once my cleanup chores were completed they sent me off to my room. I lay in
my bed with many thought whirling about in my mind. I had a boyfriend, but was still a slave for
James and Mary. Tyrone had treated me lovingly and tenderly, but James had degraded me to
show his control of me. Mary and I had a girlish chat and she had made love to me and then
James had made me suck him off to ruin that sweet experience too. He wasn’t satisfied turning
me into his sissy maid. He wanted to control my soul too. He had totally changed my life, from a
happily married man to a submissive gay slut and that wasn’t enough for him. I hated him for
what he had done to me, and how he had captured Mary’s heart. But, on the other hand, I feared
him and admired his power. I knew I couldn’t leave with no clothes or money, but hated the idea
of staying here under his control. What was I to do?

Monday afternoon James came home much earlier than usual. I was dressed in one of my
maid outfits and had just finished the laundry. I gave him a respectful curtsy and told him, ” It’s
nice to see you home Sir.” He asked me, ” Do you like being a girl for me Carla?” ” Yes Sir.”,
was my polite reply. He looked into my eyes and asked, ” You will do anything to please me,
won’t you?” The sound of his voice made uneasy, but I again replied, ” Yes Sir.” After all the
things I had done for him, I wondered why he doubted my submission to him. He said, ” Good
girl, get in the car. We are going for a ride.” I went to the garage and got into the passenger seat,
while he got behind the wheel. We drove across town to a clinic and he led me inside. He told
me, ” It’s time you got a checkup. This doctor is a friend of mine and will be discrete. You be a
good girl and do what he tells you to do.” I wondered why a checkup was needed, but merely
said, ” Yes Sir, I will.”

We walked up to the receptionist and James told her Doctor Jackson is expecting us. She
recognized James and Said, ” Yes he is, follow me please.” She led us to a room at th end of the
hall and had me sit on the examination table. She told me, ” Go ahead and get undressed dear, the
doctor will be with you shortly.” James sat in the chair and told me, ” Go ahead Carla, it’s ok, I’ll
be right here.” I took off my skirt, blouse, bra, hose and heels and sat nervous about my
nakedness waiting for the doctor. He walked into the room a few minutes later, listened to my
chest, took my blood pressure and then had me lay down on the table. He raised up the stirrups
and strapped my legs in them. I felt incredibly vulnerable laying there with my legs spread. He
handed me a clipboard with a form to sign. I started to read it and James said, ” Just sign it, we
haven’t got all day.” I signed the form on the dotted line and handed it back to the doctor. The
Doctor put on a rubber glove and poked around inside my asshole for a few minutes. When I
squirmed at this invasion of my body, he said, ” You seem so nervous, I’m going to give you
something to relax you.” He took a hypodermic needle and gave me a shot in the arm. I was soon
sound asleep.

When I woke up, my arms were stretched out to the sides on boards of some kind and strapped
in place. There was a blue cloth shield which went from my neck to over my head. I was groggy
and wondered what happened. My chest felt strange, but I couldn’t see anything. There was a
nurse standing there reading some sort of monitoring device. She announced, ” Your patient is
awake now doctor.” Doctor Jackson said, ” Very good, you can remove the screen now.” She
lifted the screen and I blinked under the bright lights. The doctor told me the operation went well
and you should recover soon. I’ve given James the instructions of how to care for you. You can
go home in a few hours and I’ll see you in a week for a follow up check. Just rest a bit here and
recover.” My voice croaked as I asked, ” Operation, what operation?” James spoke up and said, ”
You now have those implants you wanted. You will have a stunning figure now Carla.”

My Chest was covered in bandages, but the bulges were unmistakably large. I gasped at the
sight and said, ” The implants I wanted? I didn’t want implants!” Doctor Jackson smiled and
said, ” Of course you did. You signed the release and consent form.” I was weak and tied down,
unable to move, but I sobbed openly. James took a tissue and wiped away my tears saying,”
Don’t cry Carla, you’ll come to love your new tits.” He turned to the doctor and told him, ” It
must be the anesthetic, the sissy told me she wanted them.” The doctor replied, ” Yes I know.” In
a couple of hours we can let her up and you can take her home.” I knew that after this there was
no way I could ever hope to be a man again. James had taken me too far down the road to
womanhood to ever return to my former life. I dozed off again.

It was now a month since my surgery and my small scars had healed. My new breasts now
filled a 38DD bra and I was definitely top heavy for my size. Those big tits must have weighed
six pounds apiece. The bra’s I now wore were five hook monsters not the dainty things I used to
wear. Mary had been upset with James for doing this to me without consulting her, but soon got
used to seeing me with huge tits. She loved the way they jiggled around when she or James
screwed me. Getting used to the weight of these things took quite a while and I now had grooves
on my shoulders from the bra straps. The new blouses they had bought me to accommodate my
new dimensions all had scoop necklines to show off my enhanced cleavage. For some unknown
reason my nipples now stayed erect and showed clearly as bumps in my blouse. James was proud
of the changes he had made in me. I looked every bit like a woman when dressed and like a freak
when naked. My big breasts, shaved body and small penis made an incongruous sight and as a
result I became very modest, preferring to cover my body with even the scantiest of clothing.

Friday evening after nearly five weeks without a word from him, Tyrone came to our house for
a visit. He was shocked at my new look, but also pleasantly surprised. I blushed as he praised me
saying, ” Oh Baby, you look wonderful.” James told me, ” Make Tyrone a drink Carla, don’t
forget your manners.” I said,” Yes Sir.”, and hurried to make him a Jack Daniels and water. I
handed Tyrone his drink and sat by him on the couch. James said , ” Tyrone it’s been quite a
while since we’ve seen you. You’ve been ignoring your new girlfriend.” Tyrone replied, ” Yes,
I’ve been busy. Business you know. I’ve been traveling a lot lately.” The four of us talked for an
hour or so, before James suggested we go to the hot tub. He told me to get four towels and stood
up to undress. I went to get the towels and returned in time to see the three of them standing there
naked. I handed Mary a towel which she wrapped around her and headed out the door. James
threw his towel over his shoulder and followed Mary. Tyrone took his towel and asked, ” May I
undress you Carla?” I coyly replied, ” Yes Sir, that would be nice.” He was being such a
gentleman that I couldn’t resist his request. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse and dropped it on
the couch. He reached behind me and unhooked my bra and dropped it onto the blouse. He
fondled my breasts and kissed each nipple. Oh Sir, that feels so good.”, I told him in a sexy
whisper. He unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor leaving me naked except for my hose
and heels. He told me, ” I thought you were pretty before, but now you are beautiful my dear.”
He sure knew how to woo a lady. I was ready to take him to bed right now, but he said, ” Let’s go
join the others.” I said, ” Yes Sir.”, and took off my shoes and hose. I threw my towel over my
shoulder and we went to the hot tub.

Being early December, the air outside was cold, so I ran to get across the patio and into the hot
water. My boobs jiggled and my dick flopped around as I ran which brought a laugh from James.
He seemed to revel in the ludicrous creature he had turned me into, which added to my
humiliation. I sank down into the warm water as much to hide my shame as to get into the
warmth. Tyrone followed right behind me and sat beside me in the tub. He caressed my boobs,
still amazed by their new size which caused Mary to say, ” Look at the lovers, isn’t that sweet the
way he can’t keep his hands off of her.” James added his comment, ” I knew that a boyfriend was
what she needed.”

We sat in the warm water conversing like two couples, but under the water Tyrone was playing
with my dick. He was so sweet, trying to milk me, but the many months of female hormones had
made me unable to get hard anymore. I kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, ” Take
me to bed dear, I want you so bad I can’t wait any longer.” Tyrone gave me a big grin and said, ”
Please excuse us folks.” He took me by the hand and helped me out of the tub and into the house.
Once in the house, he dried my body with his towel and I reciprocated with mine. He took me to
my room and lay me on the bed after pulling down the covers. I was so horny for him but just laid
there like a virgin on her wedding night.

Tyrone lay beside me on the bed and gently rolled me onto my side. He lubricated my ass and
gently slid his erection into me. It felt wonderful! His hands held my tits as he gently moved in
and out making love to me. This was heaven for me, so unlike being raped by James. I was
having sex to please my boyfriend and not being used. The romance of the situation combined
with the physical stimulation quickly brought me to an orgasm. As he continued pumping in and
out of me, I knew I would be sleeping in the wet spot again tonight. When he reached his orgasm
and shot inside of me, he kissed me on the neck and soon was asleep still imbedded in me. His
strong arms around me made it impossible for me to move and I eventually drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was awakened by Tyrone thrusting inside of me again. He was insatiable.
He brought me to orgasm and even as I shuddered with delight, began thrusting harder and faster
until he reached his own climax. He then rolled me over and kissed me. He was so wonderful to
me. He led me to the bathroom and we took a shower together, with him washing me and me
washing him. Then we dried each other and we went back to get dressed. He dressed fully and I
just slipped into my nightie and heels. We went out to the kitchen where I put on the coffee and
started breakfast while he got the morning paper and sat down to read it.

James and Mary came into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Mary winked at me, patted me
on the bottom and asked. ” Did you have a good time last night dear?” I grinned and said, ” Yes
Mistress, it was delightful.” She told me, ” You’re such a tramp Carla.”, and went to sit with
James in the dining room. I set the table and served up their breakfast, then joined them at the
table. During the meal Tyrone told James, ” I’m going on a business trip to Miami for a week or
so,” He then asked, ” Would it be alright with you if I took Carla with me?” James told him, ”
No, she has duties here, besides I don’t want her to get involved with your business.” My hopes
had soared with Tyrone’s question and were suddenly dashed by James’s answer. It would have
been so nice to be with him for a week in a strange city. Tyrone asked James, ” Any chance you’ll
change your mind?” James emphatically stated, ” Not a chance, my decision is final.” When
James made up his mind, I knew it useless trying to change it.

When everyone was finished eating, I got up and cleared off the table while they finished their
coffee. I heard Tyrone ask James if we could all go to the club again tonight. James told him, ”
No, we were planing on a quiet night at home. Mary has a big trial to get ready for staring on
Monday.” Tyrone then asked, ” Would you mind if I took Carla out for some dancing and a few
drinks?” James looked at him like a concerned father of a teenager and asked, ” will you have her
home by 2 O’clock?” Tyrone answered< ” Yes, if that is your wish, I will.” Mary had noted my
reaction when James had turned down the trip idea and she interceded on my behalf by saying, ”
Oh James let her go out. She needs some fun in her life too.” James agreed saying, ” OK, but you
have her home by 2.” Tyrone pledged that he would and then told me, ” Wear something nice
dear, I have some business to tend to, but I’ll pick you up at 8:00 this evening.” I was beaming as
I responded, ” Yes Sir, I will look pretty for you.” He kissed me and left the house. I ran to the
window and watched him drive off. This would be my first real date without James and Mary
along. I was so excited I thought I would burst.

The rest of the day passed slowly, as I cleaned up the kitchen, did a few household chores and
prepared supper. After we finished eating supper, I cleaned up the kitchen and hurried to prepare
myself. I gave myself two enemas to make sure I was fresh for my boyfriend, took another
shower, shaved my body very closely, applied my makeup and fixed my hair. Mary came in and
handed me a new outfit to wear. She said, ” I was saving this for a special occasion, and I guess
this qualifies.” I thanked her profusely and then told her, ” That was so nice of you Mistress, I
know you still love me.” She smiled at me and said, ” Of course I do dear, but just not as a stud.”
I understood what she meant, I was now her girlfriend and James was her lover. She helped me
get dressed and even let me use some of her perfume. She gave me her approval by saying, ” You
look beautiful my dear sissy.” She kissed me lightly on the cheek. I was happy, but still had
thirty minutes before my boyfriend showed up. I sat primly in the living room to wait for him to

The doorbell rang promptly at 8PM and I went to answer the door. Tyrone had changed into a
black suit, white shirt and tie. He looked elegant! I grabbed my purse and my coat and kissed
him. He asked, ” Ready to go babe?” I replied, ” Yes Sir.” He said goodbye to James and Mary,
then led me to his car. While he drove us to the club, he was telling me how lovely I looked
tonight, how happy I made him and other things to turn a girl’s head. Had he parked the car then,
I would have gladly given myself to him in any way he desired. We arrived at the club and He
escorted me inside. Once again the doorman waved us inside and we sat in our reserved booth
next to the dance floor. For the next two hours, we danced, had drinks and chatted like the lovers
we were.

Then, to interrupt our fun Tyrone’s beeper went off. He looked at the number and called it on
his cell phone. He talked very guardedly for a minute or so and told me, ” I have to go outside for
a few minutes, I’ll be right back. Why don’t you go powder your nose while I’m gone.” He got
up and walked out the door. I went to the lady’s room, glad for the chance to relieve myself.
After sitting in a stall to empty my bladder, I went to the mirror to freshen up my makeup. Just as
I was finishing that task, Lisa walked into the room with three of her lady friends. She walked
right up to me, reached under my skirt and grabbed me by my balls. ” Hello you sissy bitch, nice
to see you again.”, she snarled. I was trapped and shocked, I had no idea that ladies were so mean.
I remembered how Mary had reasoned with her the last time and weakly told Lisa, ” Tyrone is my
date tonight and he won’t like you being mean to me.” She just laughed at me. This amazed me,
the last time the mention of Tyrone’s name had worked wonders on her. She used her grip on my
balls to pull me down to my knees on the cold tile floor. She informed me, ” Tyrone is busy, on
our way into the club, I saw the cops handcuffing him. He’s probably on his way to jail by now.”
I couldn’t believe it, he always seemed so cool and composed. He couldn’t be a criminal.

Two of her friends grabbed my arms to hold me in place. Lisa tore open my blouse exposing y
new cleavage. She said, “I see you had a boob job to try to compete with my tits. You still don’t
have a pussy though.” Lisa took her knife and cut my bra in several places and removed it. She
put her knife to the base of my penis and threatened, ” I ought to cut this pitiful thing off, you’re
not a man anyway.” I was so scared that I was crying and begging for mercy. Lisa told her
friends , ” Stand the sissy bitch up and strip those clothes off.” The two gals holding my arms
pulled me to my feet. They removed my blouse, skirt and petticoats and threw them into a corner
of the room. I was left naked in the ladies room and fearing for my life. These four big black
women clearly hated me and I didn’t know any of them. Lisa took her knife and cut one of my
petticoats into strips of lace. She handed the strips to her friends and told them, ” Tie the sissy up,
both hands and feet.” The two gals tied my hands behind my back, tied my ankles together and
then tied a strip as a blindfold around my eyes.

Lisa told them, lay the freak on the floor. They did. I was laying naked and helpless on the
cold tile floor. I felt someone writing on my chest with something soft. Lisa squatted on my face,
pulled me to her crotch and told me, ” Don’t spill a drop of my nectar, or I’ll cut your balls off.”
She ordered me, ” Open your mouth bitch.” Being helpless to resist, I obeyed her. Her warm piss
flooded my mouth! I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from drowning, thinking I would surely
die from this. I counted three other ladies who emptied their bladders on me and I was covered in
piss from my hair to my legs. I recognized Lisa’s voice when she said, ‘ We ought to dump this
freak in the men’s room and let those big bucks fuck it to death.” Then she told one of her
friends, ” Go to Tyrone’s booth and get her coat, we’ll take this thing home.” A few minutes
later, they stood me up wrapped my coat around my naked, stinking body, removed my blindfold
and hustled me out the back door of the club. They laid me in the back of their van and drove me
off towards the address they’s found in my purse. They were laughing and making fun of me
while we rode towards my house.

It must have been around midnight when the coasted to a stop in front of my house. They
carried me to the front porch, removed my coat and rang the doorbell. They quickly hurried back
to their van and drove off when the porch light came on. James came to the door and saw me
laying there, naked and bound hand and foot. He picked me up, carried me inside and stood me
up. He said, ” What happened to you? You smell like a shit house rat and look like hell.” I was
sobbing and couldn’t answer him. Mary came into the hall and asked, ” What the hell did you get
yourself into you slut? What happened to your clothes?” I tried to answer her, but was crying so
hard from the humiliation of the horrible ordeal I had been through that I couldn’t reply. James
read the writing on my chest, then said, ” If you can drink their piss, you can drink mine you
tramp.” He forced me to my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. Mary pleaded with him,
” Please honey, I think Carla has been through enough for one night.” James snapped back, ”
bullshit, after all the trouble I went through to make her worth fucking, she goes off and winds up
like a well used whore.” His pungent urine filled my mouth and again I was forced to swallow a
load of piss. Mary came to my rescue. She and untied my hands and legs. She hustled me into the
bathroom, where I read backwards in the mirror, ” Piss drinking slut.” she put me in the shower
and turned it on full blast. I had to scrub like mad to get the lipstick writing of my chest. When I
was cleaned off, she dried my hair and asked me to tell her what happened to me. I told her I
couldn’t talk about it, but she pulled my head to her breasts and said, ” Go ahead dear, it will help
you to tell me. She held me tightly as I told her everything that I had been through since leaving
the house. She helped me into a clean nightie, took me to my room and tucked me into bed. I
heard her talking softly to James as I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I felt much better. I got up, fixed my makeup, brushed my hair and went to
start the coffee. When James came to get his coffee, he told me,” It’s partly my fault Carla, I
shouldn’t have let you go out without me being there. You are my property and I should have
taken better care of you.” While he and Mary ate their breakfast, he told her, ” I know Carla needs
to be with men besides me, but from now on they can come here and use her.” He laughed and
added, ” Who knows I might even be able to make a few bucks from her slutty ass.” I sat alone in
the kitchen listening and knew that I was doomed to be a gay whore for whoever he brought
home. My boyfriend and lover was going to prison for many years and I was trapped here.

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