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Reviewer On July - 20 - 2012

Greetings, friend! You are viewing one of the brochures for a product from the 912f Company. If you are one of our valued customers, welcome back. If you are new to the 912f line of products, we invite you to peruse the brochures for the 912f GrooveStrap, the 912f Electric Wire, and the 912f Punishment Combo, all of which should be readily available here at the ASSTR website. Although this brochure can be enjoyed on its own, a certain familiarity with the 912f line is assumed to be present already, so you may want to read the other brochures before continuing with this one.

Here at the 912f company we have received many comments concerning our products. Of greatest interest to us are those requesting that we pursue development of some particular item or other, as we are always on the lookout for product ideas. One request has been repeated more than any other: the Wooden Horse.

Who among us has not longed to add the Wooden Horse experience to the disciplinary repertoire to be applied to his preteen girl? But the objections have seemed insurmountable. No caring master of a preteen slave girl or ‘daughter’ would want to expose her to the experience of the typical wooden horse, designed for an adult woman: the too-rough wood, the acute angle of the beam – the possibility of pain too intense for a preteen, or actual tissue damage, has been so high as to preclude even considering it. Until now…

After much research and careful design, we at the 912f company are ready to announce our latest offering, the 912f Wooden Horse. Like all our products, the 912f Wooden Horse is designed to offer the utmost in the intimate disciplinary experience for the 9 to 12 year old girl (special application may be made for use on an 8 year old). Manufactured with the finest of natural and synthetic materials, the 912 F Wooden Horse is guaranteed to substantially enhance the punishment of your preteen girl.

The Wooden Horse comes in a standard and a deluxe custom model, with a variety of options. The standard model comes with wooden sides and beam which have been carefully chosen, milled, and finished to provide a surface that is not too rough, but not too smooth: just the right texture to discipline the inner thighs and intimate areas of a preteen girl without any chance of damage. The angle of the sides to the beam, and the width of the beam, are just wide enough to prevent too much pressure on her delicate tissues, but acute enough to allow her own weight to press her cleft, anus, and clitoris onto the beam in a disciplinary fashion. The standard model is offered in three sizes depending on the height, weight, and age of your preteen girl; consult the chart to select the proper size.

What wooden horse would be complete without leg weights? Naturally we provide them with the 912f Wooden Horse. But not just any leg weights will do. Standard leg weights might expose your precious preteen girl’s ankles and feet to damage or excess pain, which none of us would be willing to allow. 912f has developed special leg weights which attach by a padded harness that wraps around her legs from just above the knee to below the ankle, distributing the pressure from the weights such that there is no risk to her delicate joints.

Although the 912f Company is not primarily a preteen girl bondage supplier, bondage is a necessary part of the wooden horse experience, so as to prevent the subject from relieving pressure on her genitals and anus by using her hands. Therefore we have partnered with PT Bonds, the well-known supplier of bondage products for the preteen girl, to provide a set of their famous Wrist Cuffs, perfectly designed to gently but securely restrain a preteen girl’s wrists behind her back.

The 912f Wooden Horse is offered with multiple options to enhance your pleasure and her disciplinary experience. The Wooden Horse can be custom designed to perfectly match your preteen girl’s anatomy. Simply send us her age, height, weight, and inseam and we will build a model with exactly the right width of beam, and angle of beam to sides, that will provide the perfect balance between support and punishment.

We also offer some major enhancements to the Wooden Horse that will substantially augment her discipline and your enjoyment. The 912f WH can be fitted with a special electric strip down the beam, thus making intimate contact with the preteen girl’s anus, cleftlips, and clitoris. This is activated by the 912f Transformer, which many of our faithful customers already have, since it is supplied with our popular 912f Electric Wire; it is also available to be shipped with the 912f WH.. The intensity of the current can be regulated within a safe range to vary the disciplinary experience for your preteen girl. It is specially designed with a triple-safe mechanism to prevent accidental discharge of too-high a current. Any attempt to tamper with this mechanism will trigger the self-destruction of the unit.

The electric strip can be optionally equipped with stirrup triggers. Similar to the concept of the 912f Electric Wire, the stirrups function such that, if the preteen girl ‘stands up’ in them, thus reducing the disciplinary function of the pressure of the beam of the Wooden Horse against her intimate areas, it activates the electric strip. When she takes her weight off the stirrups, thus pressing her anus and genitals back on the beam, it deactivates the strip. In most cases this will result in the pleasant spectacle of a preteen girl bouncing up and down on the Wooden Horse in a most fetching manner as she attempts (vainly) to ameliorate her discipline.

This Wooden Horse really rocks, if you’ll pardon the pun. Indeed, the 912f Wooden Horse can be equipped with optional motion attachments, which will produce a back-and-forth and side-to-side motion to enhance your preteen girl’s disciplinary experience. The degree and speed of the motion is carefully limited to prevent any chance of a fall.

Finally we present the piece de resistance, the ultimate option for the 912f Wooden Horse: the Anal Penetrator. Finely crafted from wood of the perfect balance of roughness and smoothness, at a size designed to simulate the phallus of an average 12-year-old boy, it attaches to the beam of the Wooden Horse at the perfect angle to violate the tender anus of a preteen girl while she rides. The Penetrator can be equipped with a connection to the electric strip running down the beam, so that the electrical aspect of the discipline of your preteen girl can be extended well into her anus and rectum.

As if that weren’t enough, the Penetrator can also be modified to provide the crowning achievement in anal electrical stimulation. Instead of a standard disciplinary current, a specially modified charge can be induced, designed to trigger a series of involuntary contractions of the pelvic musculature, which, in most preteen girls, will reduce the time-to-orgasm by more than 70%.

By way of testimonial, Mr ***** ********* of ******, *******-ia, has graciously allowed us to reprint a letter we received from him concerning his experience with the 912f Wooden Horse.

“Dear 912f Company:

I already have the 912f GrooveStrap and Electric Wire, so I am familiar with the 912f products, and have been anticipating using the 912f Wooden Horse to discipline my preteen girl. She is a sweet little thing of about 10 years old. I found her abandoned on the streets of ****** when she was just a toddler. I managed to arrange to legally adopt her, and then married her 3 years ago. She is loving and sweet and rarely gives me any trouble. Still, I discipline her regularly with a variety of spankings and whippings. Of course none are severe or leave any marks more noticeable than a faint redness that fades slowly, and all are designed to stimulate as well as discipline. Indeed she is very responsive, and during her discipline I often succeed in giving her a ‘punishment-’gasm’, as she has so charmingly called them since she was 7. I took her anal virginity about 2 years ago, and regularly rape her bottom-flower as part of her discipline. I plan to punishment-rape her of her maidenhead in the near future, an event she appears to look forward to with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

I unpacked and set up the 912f Wooden Horse and brought my girl into the room. Her eyes widened as she saw what awaited her. I ordered her to strip, giving her a quick whipping across her bare thighs with the 912f GrooveStrap, which I always carry on my belt for convenience, to move her along. She yelped and jumped and hurried to comply. Soon she stood there shivering, a naked preteen girl in front of a full-grown man. She really is stunning. Long, silky brown hair, cute pixie face. Her breasts are only buds, nipples barely breaking the plane of her chest. Her puffy cleftlips and prominent clitoris are framed by her slender thighs. I swung the GrooveStrap across her breastbuds and nipples as she whined and cried out. I swung it across her bottom a few times, then up between her legs to discipline her fully upon her unfledged preteen girlhood as she moaned. As pleasant a pastime as this was, however, I didn’t spend long at it; I was too eager to use the Wooden Horse! I bought the Deluxe model, with all available attachments. I cuffed her wrists behind her back with the PT Bonds Wrist Cuffs, then swung her up and on to the Wooden Horse, making sure that the Anal Penetrator (well-lubricated, of course) violated her bottom-flower as I did so. Her eyes widened and she yipped a bit as I settled her onto the beam, her feet in the stirrups. Of course she pushed up on them to relieve the pressure, only to find that this triggered the electrical current through the strip, disciplining her on her cleftlips and clitoris, while the Penetrator began stimulating her anus and rectum. I set the Horse to gently rock back and forth. It was very pleasing to watch the Penetrator slide in and out of her tender, delicate anus as she keened and writhed, crying out from the alternating pressure on her genitals and anus, and the electricity that disciplined her so sternly. All the while her pelvic muscles were contracting; when she raised up in the stirrups I could even see her little anus clenching spasmodically around the Penetrator as it stimulated her. Inside of 5 minutes she was climaxing, nearly screaming as she came and came. I undid the wrist bonds, whisked her off the Horse, and held her in a long, sweet hug, her tears staining my shirt, as she shuddered out the last of her precious preteen orgasm.

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