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Reviewer On May - 6 - 2013


The drive took over an hour. I didn’t mind tho. I kept thinking
about what I had in the trunk and what I was going to do to her.
She was 12 years old, blonde and with a firm, trim body.

The snatch had been easy, I had been out of town on a business
trip when I stopped at the local mall. It was about 7 O’clock in the
evening. While I was passing the jewelry counter of one of the
department stores I saw her.

She was in the cosmetics department and she looked guilty, like
she was up to something. After awhile I saw what it was. She
slipped what looked like a lipstick into the front of her jeans. As
she started to walk away, I looked to see if store security was
shadowing her. – no one in sight. I followed her as she left the

What an opportunity! The only problem was that this girl was
only about 11 or 12 years old. I used to read stories about pedo
fucks on the internet and it used to enrage me, I mean the
thought of capturing a child and torturing them to death was
something so far out there that anyone even thinking such things
should be shot. Much better to capture and torture to death an
adult college student or two…

Or was it? A College student might be married and would leave
behind a husband and maybe kids. It would be unfair to them to
kill their mother/wife. But, a child would also be lighter and easier
to control. What about safe sex? A child would most likely be free
of the deadly AIDS virus.. But a child can’t please a man the way
a woman could. they just don’t have the experience nor the fully
developed bodies…
I had to make a decision, grab this girl if a could or wait for
another time when I might find an 18 year old out of gas on the
freeway…. What’s the difference I finally decided, They will both
scream. They will both thrash around in agony as the pain
consumes them. If I was caught by the police I would be out of
jail in 2 or 3 years in any case because the pot smokers are
taking up all of the space. Besides, I could teach a child to please
a man….

As she approached the entrance where my car was parked I
caught up to her and said “Don’t you think you should pay for

She stopped dead in her tracks. Other people were passing back
and forth but I’d said it quietly and no one paid any attention to
us. Her mouth opened and closed and color came to her face.
“Come with me young lady” I said as I walked out of the mall and
into the parking lot. She followed me to my car, she started to
say that she was sorry and she’d put it back but I said “We’ll talk
at my office” I asked her what her name was and how old she

She said her name was Kimmy Dunskirk and she just turned 12
last week. I asked her if her mother knew what she was doing at
the mall. Her answer was a sullen “No.” We got to my car, I
unlocked the passenger door and held it open for her. As she
was getting in, I asked her if her mother would be home right

She said that yes, her mother would be home but please don’t
call her, She’d just kill her if she found out. I told her that she
should have thought about the consequences before she started
shoplifting at one of my stores. I also told Kimmy that when we
got to the corporate office we would be calling her mother and
telling her all about what her daughter was doing at the mall.

I got in the car, started it up and backed out of the stall. I then put
it in drive and headed for the exit. As I was getting on the freeway
the first pangs of alarm hit her “where are we going? I live just
two blocks that way, on Emerald street” she said. “we handle
shoplifters at the corporate office on the east side. Don’t you
worry, if your mother can’t drive over there to pick you up then the
police will give you a ride home” That seemed to satisfy her and
she sat back and started to cry.

We rode in silence for some time, then I needed to distract her
and prepare her for what was to come later.

I glanced at her and said “You know, we’ve been watching you
girls for some time now. Where are the others tonight?”

She looked up at me with confusion “what others?”

“Don’t you play dumb with me! We have you all on camera. You
come in usually 2-3 at a time and make off with whatever you can
carry out the door!”

“Not me! This is only my first time doing anything like this! I , I .. I
don’t know what you are talking about.” she said with more than a
hint of confusion in her voice.

“We also want to know where you are storing the stuff. 2 or 3
thousand dollars worth of cosmetics is just a little too much 3 or 4
preteen girls to use for themselves.”

She really started crying in earnest now, She said that I must
have gotten the wrong girl because she was alone and didn’t
usually go to the mall but her mother thinks that she is at her
friends house and she only stole stuff a few times and just an eye
shadow or lipstick to play grownup with.

“What’s your friends name?” I asked her.
“Carol” she said.

“So. You lied to your mother and told her that you were going to
NEVER STOLE ANYTHING BEFORE!” I shouted at the terrified

During this time I had taken an exit and drove to the area where I
had my sales meeting earlier that day. It was an industrial area
and I just looked for a building that didn’t have any cars parked
around it. I found one that didn’t have any cars for about a block
on each side and drove around to the back. Once there I grabbed
Kimmy by the wrist and hauled her out of the car on the drivers
side. Then I twisted her arm behind her back and marched her to
the back of the car. She started to inhale as if to scream and I put
more presser on her arm and that stopped that. I doubted that
anyone would hear her but there would be time and a place for
screaming later.

I opened the trunk and reached in with one hand and opened the
toolbox I had in there. Lifting out the top tray I grabbed a handful
of nylon ties that I use for my work. I wrapped one around the
wrist I had hold of and wrapped another around her other wrist
and looped it through the first one I tightened them both so that it
would hold without cutting off the circulation to her hands.

“What are you doing?” she gasped.

“I am tired of you kids just waltzing off with whatever you please
and then lying your way out of it. I replied. “The ride might not be
too comfortable but I’m sorry, I don’t have a blanket for you to lay

With that, I pushed her into the trunk, Grabbed an ankle, trapped
the other ankle under it and put the nylon ties around her ankles
and then attached them to her wrists.
I put the toolbox together and pushed it out of the way while I slid
her legs sideways so that I could close the trunk. During this time
she was screaming her little head off. The closed trunk lid muffled
most of it but I searched around in the trash bins until I found a
short rope and a dirty cloth.

I opened the trunk and leaned in while I fashioned a gag for this
child. Once attached, I looked at this 12 year old scared and
defenseless girl and grew hard – I couldn’t wait!

I whispered into her ear: “While we’re going to a more private
place I want you to think about the names and addresses of your
partners, and about were you and Carol have hidden the stuff you
stole from me.” With that I closed the trunk and started off.

I had been hoping for an opportunity like this for months. When I
bought the house I explained to the contractor that I am a
musician. I got his help in soundproofing the basement and
adding additional electrical outlets for the amplifiers. I also had
him add a restroom with shower and auxiliary exhaust fan so that
I could convert part of my basement into a weight room and not
have the whole house stink of sweat. He wanted to put the
exhaust in the upper wall and just connect it with the outside air
but I told him it would help the resale value if it went all the way to
the roof. I also reminded him that I am a musician and did not
want the neighbors calling the police every time I had to practice.
I had enough of hearing sensitive neighbors delaying my work..
No more.

I drove into the garage and waited until the automatic door closed
behind us. I then went back and opened the trunk.

The first thing I noticed was the wetness of her jeans and the faint
odor of urine. I reached into the toolbox and got some wire
cutters and freed her legs.

It was a few minutes before she could stand on them and then I
escorted this scared little girl into the house. “Are you hungry?” I
asked. Getting no response I led her into the basement and
closed both the heavy door I replaced the regular one with and
the heavy door I added to keep it soundproofed while I went in
and out.

After closing and locking the doors I guided Kimmy into the
center of the room. I took a moment to look her up and down.
She was about 5’3″ Blonde hair that curved gracefully to her
shoulder blades. In addition to her now wet faded blue jeans she
was wearing a yellow pullover shirt and a brown belt. Her face
was well defined and her torso gently tapered to her waist. her 12
year old breasts were heaving softly with her breathing, each one
of her breasts seemed to be the size of an egg. I couldn’t wait to
see, feel and taste them for myself. Her hips seemed about the
same width as her chest and I thought that she looked very sexy.

She was rather unsteady as she stood there watching me. She
still had her gag in but I saw that it was coming loose so I
removed it. She started to inhale, preparing to scream but I
raised a hand and told her to stop it. She did.

I cut her wrists free and told her to sit on a folding chair I brought
out for her. Then I took a seat facing her.

“Now,” I said.

“Let’s talk about were you girls hid all the stuff that you stole”

She inhaled and waving her hands said “I think you must have
the wrong girl because, yes, I took the lipstick OK, but I am not
involved with anyone else and the only things I have is at my
house and it’s just lipstick and some rouge and nail polish and I’ll
gladly pay for all the things I took `cause I have an allowance
I said: “We have you on camera, I’ve been watching you for
weeks! Don’t you play innocent with me! First you said this was
your first time, then you said you had stolen a lipstick and eye
shadow! Now you’ve just said that you have nail polish and rouge
at your house! You are the right girl all right and I am going to get
your friends too.”

She started to cry and get hysterical at this point saying over and
over that she didn’t know what I was talking about. And please let
her go and that she would pay for the things that she took. I just
sat there and looked at her during this time, Finally, I walked up
to her, took her face in one hand and slapped her with the other

“SHUT UP!” I shouted

she started to moan and rock back and forth.

I said “Where is the lipstick that you stole tonight? Are you trying
to hide it from me?

She stopped moaning and looked down at the front of her jeans.
There was the bulge that she had stuffed down her pants earlier
that evening.

“Give it here” I demanded.

She looked uncomfortable and her face started turning a deep
shade of red

“NOW!” I screamed at her

She reach into her pants and after a little groping got hold of the
lipstick and pulled it out. I took it from her and looked at it, then I
gave it a sniff. “Did you piss your pants young lady?” I asked in a
gentle tone
“Y,Y,Yes sir in the car it was a long ride and I …” She stopped
talking when she looked at me .

“Well we’re just going to have to clean you up a bit” I said. “Take
off your clothes and get in the shower over there.

She just looked at me. “Let me help you” I said gently.

I walked over to her and took her by the arm. She started to
struggle shouting “NO!”

I twisted her arm behind her back and walked her over to a work
table that was strewn with electronic parts and tools. I picked up
the stun gun I had laying there and, pressing the button, arced
the 120,000 volt device in front of her face. She stopped
struggling and I told her that if she didn’t do what I say it would be
bad for her.

I released the arm behind her back and took her upper arm in
one hand and the stun gun in the other and told her to pick up the
rope and the handcuffs. On the way to the shower I had her bring
the chair also.

Once inside the 5 ft by 6 ft shower area I told her not to move
while I stood on the chair and ran the rope through one of the eye
bolts attached to the ceiling for just this purpose. I then told her to
put the handcuffs on, threatening her with the stun gun while she
complied with my orders. I tied the rope to the chain in the
handcuffs and pulled her arms over her head.

Once Kimmy was secured I set the stun gun down, walked up to
her and placed my hands on her waist. Man! She felt good! I
could feel the firm muscles in her abdomen move while she
shifted her weight from one foot to the other. I looked into
Kimmy’s face while I gently ran my hands up and down her sides.
she looked scared and her legs started trembling.
“We need to clean you up a bit.” I said as I slipped my hands
under Kimmys shirt and felt her bare flesh. It was beautiful! I
didn’t touch her breasts directly but the edge of my hands rubbed
against the sides of Kimmy’s breasts as I continued to gently rub
and caress Kimmy’s lovely skin from her waist to her armpits on
both sides.

Kimmy was not having a good day. Tears were streaming down
her pretty little face and her legs continued to tremble.

After a while I lifted Kimmy’s shirt over her head and up her arms
to where the handcuffs were. “Hold this” I said as I put the shirt
into Kimmy’s bound hands. I held her at arms length while I
admired Kimmy’s beautiful body. Summer had just started so
there were no tan lines. Just a soft white expanse of flesh from
her graceful neck to her firm belly

“Give me your foot.” I ordered.

She hesitated a bit but lifted her foot and allowed me to take hold
of it. I pulled off her shoe and sock and then asked for her other
foot. I carefully removed her shoe and sock. I held her foot for
some time admiring the softness and warmth of it. As I held her
foot in my hand, I gently ran a fingernail across the soft
underside. She jerked and gasped as she tried to pull away.
Good, She was ticklish too. I released her foot and took hold of
her jeans and started to undo them.

“What are you doing?” Kimmy asked fearfully.

“I have to clean you up, don’t I?”

I undid her pants and grabbing both sides at the hips, slowly
uncovered her pubic region. What a sight! Smooth, warm flesh
blended together and formed her pussy lips. She was just starting
to get a few wisps of hair down there.
I wanted to stick my face in there and run my tongue up and
down it’s length- but there was plenty of time for that later, For
now I had a job to do. I pulled her jeans down to her ankles and
had her step out of them. I then removed the chair and clothing
from the shower stall.

I went upstairs and brought down my camcorder and a tripod. It
took just a moment to set it up. I plugged the camcorder into the
wall outlet so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the batteries. I
aimed it into the shower stall. I thought about wearing a mask so I
would not be recognized if the tape fell into the wrong (right)
hands, but I decided that I wanted the full experience with young

I hooked a hose up to the spigot that was mounted on the wall
near the regular shower faucet controls and placed an adjustable
garden sprayer on the end of it. Turning on the water I adjusted
the stream to a heavy spay and made sure the water temperature
was warm.

I Turned to face Kimmy’s frightened form in the shower. “No…
Don’t hurt me ! Please..” She wailed as I picked up the stun gun
and approached her trebling body.

“Now, listen up.” I said. “You could have been in here taking a
nice warm shower alone. But no, you had to be disobedient and
talk back to me. When I want you to say something I will tell you.
Until then, shut up! Or you will get some of this!” With that I
touched the stun gun to her belly and pressed the button. “Yiieee”
Kimmy screamed as her body jerked in a sudden spasm. Kimmy
screamed again as I touched her chest with the probe. I gave
attention to her left nipple, her buttocks and under her arms deep
within her armpits. She hung there catching her breath. Her legs
had given out and she was being supported by her handcuff
bound wrists.

“Don’t you make a sound unless I ask you too. Do you
understand you lying bitch?”

“Yees, Yes, OK, just don’t hurt me any more.” she pleaded.

“Did you just talk more that you should? Let me show you again
what happens when you disobey me or talk back.”

With that I started spraying the water on her legs. Slowly going
higher to her crotch and up to her chest and finally I was spraying
her whole body with the warm water. She had regained her feet
by now and looked at me with both fear and relief because I was
not hurting her as she expected. That was to be short lived
however as I set the hose down and shut off the water. I asked
for her foot and she lifted her right leg.

I grasped the underside of her ankle and said “This is what
happens to bitches that speak out of turn or who lie to me and
don’t do what I ask of them.” as I placed the stun gun onto the
sole of her foot. She started to scream even before I pressed the
button. Kimmy’s foot was wet and as you know, electricity works
a lot better when the skin is wet. I pushed the button for a quick
1/4 second burst and as her body jerked her left foot lost its grip
on the tile floor and she came down with her weight on her wrists
again. I was a little concerned that she might break an arm or
something but she only weighed about 90 pounds so I guess
There was no danger.

I had Kimmy firmly by one ankle and her body swayed from the
eyebolt in the ceiling. I pressed the stungun into her foot again
for a 1 second bust and then another. Kimmy was screaming and
jerking and it was all I could do to hang onto her twitching leg as I
zapped her a good long one for about 10 seconds. I paused and
let her catch her breath as she tried to get her left leg under her
so she could take the weight off of her wrists.

“So, The lesson here is DON’T SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TOO.”
As I pressed the button for a 30 second burst. “AND DON’T
EVER LIE TO ME.” as I pressed the button for a full minute.
During this minute Kimmy tried to kick me with her free leg and
her screams were not as loud as I expected because She
couldn’t catch her breath enough put any force behind it. Her
struggles seemed to fade as I continued to press the electrodes
into her soft sole.

Finally, I put the stungun away and just watched as Kimmy
recovered from this assault. It was hard to tell but I think she
pissed herself during her punishment. I sprayed her down again
but this time with cold water. When I finished hosing her down,
Kimmy was hanging by her wrists with her legs still trying to move
enough to get under her and take the pressure off of her arms.

I checked the rope to be sure that It would not come free and
then went out. After locking up the house and making sure no
one was lurking around I went to the local late-night Walmart
store to get some things for the numerous torture sessions
Kimmy and I were to enjoy over the next several weeks.

She was standing When I came back. She looked tired and was
probably hungry too. I released her from the hand cuffs and
walked her back to the chair she was sitting in earlier. I saw that
her wrists were red and she was rubbing them like they were
sore. I went to the little refrigerator and got her some ice in a
plastic baggie. She was quite a sight: a naked 12 year old holding
an ice pack between her wrists while shivering with the cold!

Do you need to use the bathroom? I asked. “Yes, please” she

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“I’m starved!” she said gratefully.
“Go ahead and use the bathroom, it’s right next to the shower.” I
told her pointing.

She went to the bathroom while I pulled a McDonalds bag from
the sack I brought home. I also readjusted the camcorder to point
at the chair Kimmy would be sitting in shortly. Of course what I
needed was an assistant who could run the camera while I
tortured my victims.- Well, we can’t have everything. When
Kimmy was done in the bathroom she came back and sat down
looking at the McDonald’s bag.

“So,” I asked, “Where did you girls hide all that stuff?”

“Nowhere, I don’t have what you are looking for” She said.

“Come over here” I Said, leading her to a sawhorse one side of
the room. On the way I stopped to redirect the camera to the next
area of entertainment.

I pulled it out a little way so that there would be enough light and
had little Kimmy stand facing it with her legs spread.

I used some rope and tied each of her young shapely legs to two
of the sawhorses legs. I then bent Kimmy over the sawhorse and
tied her wrists to the other legs.

I was starting to get aroused again. Kimmy’s young shapely ass
was sticking up in the air, the backs of her lovely legs stretched
taunt and her back curving forward exposing her backbone. I took
a minute and touched each of her vertebrae from her tailbone to
her neck.

You see, one of the tortures I had planed for Kimmy was to drill
into her spinal column and inject some drain cleaner (Sulfuric
acid) to irritate the nerves in there. I didn’t want to do that this
I didn’t want to do anything that would permanently disfigure or
injure her lovely body…. In addition to torturing young Kimmy, I
wanted to make love to her willing body, therefore, all of her parts
needed to be in working order.

I spread her ass cheeks and admired her pussy lips and asshole
up close. Kimmy was breathing slowly and just waiting, knowing
that she couldn’t change what was to happen. I pulled a flat piece
of wood from the bag I got that night and Said “one more time
Kimmy, Where did you hide the stuff?” Of course I knew that she
had no idea of what I was talking about, part of Kimmys’ torture
was that she had no way to stop the pain and abuse that was to

“where’s the stuff you stole Kimmy!” I stopped to check the
camera… Good, It was framed right on Kimmy’s sweet young and
tender ass and her lovely face was visible as her head hung
down. Her face would not be in view while she moved her head
around but I figured that it would be in this position enough of the

I walked up to her with the paddle in hand.

She started crying and saying that she didn’t know what I was
talking about. I went over to my workbench and used the drill to
make holes in the business end of my paddle. I then returned and
said “Well, if this is the way you want it my dear…”

I swung it with good solid swing coming from up high and slicing
down to her buttocks. I knew she could see it coming from her
position draped over the sawhorse like she was. I saw her butt
muscles tense just before impact.

“Yeeiiiaa!” She screamed. Then she screamed again even tho I
only hit her once. Her head bounced up and her hands and feet
clenched and unclenched a few times.
“Where is it bitch!?” I asked, then immediately swung and
connected with her other ass cheek. “Ahhhii” she screamed again
and again as I paddled her butt good. I spaced the strokes out so
that she would not pass out or anything like that. After about 5
minutes, every stroke seemed to get a little less of a response
from her.

I was tempted to hit her harder but I did not want to split the skin
or leave any deep bruising. I spanked her for about 15 minutes
and quit because my arm was getting tired. Kimmy was slumped
over the sawhorse still twitching and screaming in pain for several
minutes. Her Buttocks were bright red from the paddling and
saliva and snot where dripping from her nose and mouth, getting
into her hair that was touching the cold concrete floor. Her
breaths came shallow and raggedly like she was having trouble
finding the strength. Maybe it had something to do with the fact
that she was laying with all of her weight supported on her
diaphram on top on the sawhorse.

It was about 11:30 PM and I had to go to work in the morning. To
finish out Kimmy’s first night of torture I grabbed a jar of Vaseline
and a canister of pepper spray sold for self defense. I
approached Kimmy and rubbed her ass cheeks gently. She was
moaning softly in pain.

I told her : “This is what happens when you don’t do what I ask.” I
then held my breath as I sprayed Kimmy’s ass cheeks, asshole
and pussy lips with a good coating from the pepper spray
canister. I then stepped over and activated the exhaust fan to
clear the fumes. Kimmy started to moan louder and stir a bit as I
put on a pair of rubber gloves and scooped a handful of Vaseline
out of the jar. I spread the Vaseline over all the areas where I had
sprayed her. The Vaseline was to help Kimmy’s already abused
skin absorb the pepper and to keep Kimmys’ body from flushing
the irritant out as the poor girl sweated.

Within moments the pepper was having the intended effect.
Kimmy’s Ass was wiggling and the muscles in her young tender
legs were pumping and her abdomen was heaving and of course,
Kimmy’s tired lungs were once again getting their exercise as she
started screaming again, saying that it hurt and she didn’t know
where the stuff was hidden.

I prepared to go upstairs and found the McDonalds bag where I
had left it. Too stale by now for me so I unwrapped the food and
placed it where Kimmy could see it during the long night. I left the
lights on and went upstairs for something to eat and to go to bed.

As I lay in bed my thoughts kept going back to the sweet innocent
child locked up in my basement and the pain she was
experiencing and the pain and sex to come. I wondered if I should
go down and check on my little girl When I realized that the tape
had been set to 2 hour recording and the tape should be just
about finished. I took a blank tape and went downstairs to my
prize. the first thing I checked was the camcorder. It was still
running so I waited.

Kimmy was still awake but did not seem to notice me. she was
moaning in a high pitched squeal kind of moan. her ass and
pussy lips were a deep red color and she was sweating. I thought
about giving her some water but decided that a little dehydration
never hurt anyone. Her ass muscles would clench once in a while
and her moaning would increase or decrease.

Finally the tape stopped and I went about the task of inserting the
new tape. I kept it set to 2 hour mode so that I would get the best
picture possible.

When I closed it up, Kimmy must have heard the tape
compartment shut because she noticed me and said “Please…
PLEASE stop doing this to me! I’ll do anything you want it hurts..
It HURTS A LOT! Please… Please stop it…”
I didn’t say anything, With a last glance to be sure the camera
was rolling I picked up the paddle and approached my helpless
little prisoner. Kimmy started screaming and getting hysterical,
Straining against her bonds she cried out ” NO!.. NOOO! please,

I lined it up and gave her a good smack across her left buttock.
Kimmy let out her loudest yell yet. Man that must have hurt! I
lined up on her other check and the board whistled through the air
and landed with a resounding SMACK! Kimmy stiffened and then
collapsed. I thought I killed her but with relief I saw that she was
still breathing.

I took the stun gun and zapped her face a few times to wake her
up. She came around slowly and just lay there at first. then she
blinked a couple of times and her face screwed up in pain again. I
left for the night and had restless sleep until my alarm clock went
off. I had set it for 1 hour early and I was tired but, it was time to
get up. I thought about calling in sick but I had plans for Kimmy
and was afraid that I might kill her too soon if I gave her too much

I didn’t bother to put any clothes on before going downstairs to
see Kimmy. When I reached her, I noticed the smell. not only had
Kimmy shit, but she also vomited too. Kimmy was asleep. Her
ass was still red. Her legs were still stretched taunt with a little
pile of shit on the floor between them. Her upside-down face was
covered with vomit.

I went into the shower area, turned on the exhaust fan and
returned with a damp cloth. I gently wiped her face with it
returning a couple of times to rinse the cloth out. I then wiped her
ass to get the remaining shit off of her. She woke up during this
procedure but I ignored her and just continued with wiping her
face and ass up. I then cleaned up the shit, piss and vomit from
the floor.
I came back to Kimmy and said “It’s over now honey, Hold on
while I get you cleaned up.” I don’t know what she thought about
seeing me naked with a stiff cock but she didn’t make it an issue
and neither did I.

I Pulled a folding table into the shower area. I then went to Kimmy
and untied her arms. I told her to just relax and let me do the
work. She did not have the strength anyway and so she just lay
there slumped over the sawhorse. I then went to her feet and
gently ticked one of them.

She let out a gasp and her toes clenched in an effort to get away.
“Just relax, I was just checking your reflexes. You are going to be
just fine dear.” with that she started to sob. I untied her legs and
checked for damage. Aside for a little rope burn and some mild
bruising little Kimmy looked none the worst for wear.

Now for the pepper spray.

I reached a hand between Kimmy’s legs and another hand on her
chest and lifted her gently off of the sawhorse. “Just relax I
cooed” while I carried her limp form to the table in the shower
area and laid her down on her stomach. Kimmy looked at me with
apprehension as I put a rope around her wrist and secured them
to each other under the table. I did not tie her legs this time.

“We have to get that stuff off of you, honey. You’ve been
punished enough for one day.” I explained as I turned on the
hose with the sprayer. after making sure the water was cool I let it
run onto Kimmy’s asschecks and cunt lips.

She was obviously still in pain because she flinched as the water
touched her ass and her legs moved and stretched as she
regained their use. I used dishwashing soap on her ass and
rubbed it in while getting no small thrill from caressing this young
girl’s ass and legs.
I rinsed her often and reapplied soap in an attempt to neutralize
the pain giving irritant I so carefully contaminated her body with. I
could see that the pepper spay had a slight brownish color and I
kept at it until I got it all off of her ass and legs. During this time
Kimmy was struggling against her bonds. with her arms bound
under the table, she mostly just kicked her feet and moaned in
pain as I scrubbed and caressed her firm young body.

After about 15 minutes of cleaning her beautiful young and
shapely ass, I stopped and told her it was time to clean her pussy
now. Kimmy looked like she wanted to protest until I asked her if
she would rather I leave the stuff on her? Her body relaxed and I
untied her hands. “turn over dear and let’s get started” I said
gently. She hesitated but rolled over for me. “OK, now I need your
help.” I said to the still frightened child.

I lifted her right leg, bent it at the knee and pushed it back so that
her knee was above her chest. “Hold that right there” I said
placing her right hand on her lower thigh just behind her knee. I
did the same with the left leg and there she was, Lying on her
back, holding her own legs open so I could work on her.

I took a soapy wash cloth and gently placed it over her slightly
parted 12 yr. old pussy lips. Gently I rubbed and caressed as I
washed the young girl from the top of her young pubic mound to
her anus. She stiffened a few times during this but she was
basically being very brave and she never let go of her legs.

After cleaning her up to where I thought I’d gotten most of the
irritant off of Kimmy’s skin, I set the wash cloth down and leaning
forward I carefully touched my tongue to Kimmy’s still sore cunt.

She gasped, released her legs and brought them down
preventing me from continuing the experiment. I straightened up
and just glared at her with a spiteful look. She looked back,
I just kept staring at her and Kimmy slowly raised her sweet
young legs and exposed her young virgin (and red) pussy for my
attentions. Again I gently leaned forward and, being careful not to
hurt her, I licked her sweet cunt from just forward of her tight
puckered anus to the top of her clit.

Then I did it again. After a few times I told Kimmy to pull back
farther on her legs. She complied willingly and I was able to give
her asshole the attention it deserved. She stiffened as my tongue
touched her anus and I swirled in all around the area coming
back to lap across her asshole a few times before returning to her

I straightened up and patted Kimmys inner thigh as I said “Thank
you Kimmy. that felt great. Have you let anyone do that with you
before?” “N, No.” she stammered as I released her leg and
asked her how she felt. Kimmy did not answer so I said “I bet you
are hungry, tired and sore from head to toe aren’t you” I said
smiling and trying to make a joke of it.

“Yes.” She said and attempted a weak smile of her own. “Well,
we got you cleaned up, the pain should go away shortly. Do you
like eggs?” I asked

“yes” She said

“how do you like them cooked” I asked


“me too” I said.

“Stay right there” I said to Kimmy as I went out of the shower
area. I soon spotted what I was looking for and wheeled the
rollaway bed to the center of the room and unfolded it.

It was already made up so I just pulled the covers down and
returned to Kimmy. Taking a towel I started to dry this young child
off. Then I stopped, gave the towel to Kimmy and said “Here
honey, finish drying yourself while I start breakfast” With that I left
the room locking the doors behind me.

I fried up 5 eggs, made some toast and orange juice from
concentrate and returned to the basement with a plate of food
and a glass of orange juice. As I opened the second door I saw
that my little princes did not remain on the table as I had hoped.
she was standing next to the table with the towel in her hand. I
did not look at her, but instead kept my gaze on the bed I had
made up for her.

I went to the bed and set the plate on it and the glass on the floor.
Only then did I look at Kimmy. she had slowly turned and climbed
onto the table. obviously not wanting to displease me. I
approached her and laying a hand on her bare ass and asked her
if she thought she could walk over to the bed Or if she wanted me
to carry her.

Before she could answer, I gently kissed her on the forehead. I
then stepped back and waited for my answer. “I think I can walk.”
she said and slowly climbed off of the table again. I led her to the
bed and told her to sit and eat while I tried to find something for
her to wear. I went back upstairs grabbed an old tee shirt and my
breakfast plate and went downstairs to join her.

When I got back downstairs, Kimmy was just sitting on the bed
with an empty plate and an empty glass. “You must be hungry.” I
said “Here, you can have some of mine.”

I sat down next to her naked body, my hip touching hers and a
hard on that would not quit. I sat my plate on her lap, placed a
hand on her shoulder and using my free hand speared some
eggs and held it in front of Kimmy’s face.
She reached up like she was going to take the fork but I said that
I was going to feed her and that she should just relax and enjoy it.
As I fed Kimmy one bite at a time, I caressed her shoulders, neck
and back. I also slid my hand down to her trim little hip and
caressed the outer side of her thigh and ass cheek.

Of course, she did not want me to touch her at all but after seeing
what I could do to her helpless little body, I’m sure that she did
not want to anger me. My hand traveled up her young hip all the
way to her armpit. Then I slid my hand forward to her chest and
down to her tit. I kept my hand there gently massaging her tit and

Oh! It felt so soft and warm! As I moved my hand down her chest
to her bare stomach It seemed like she breathed a sigh of relief.
She was just letting me touch her naked body because she knew
that she was powerless to stop me from doing anything I wanted
to do. Well, a few more torture sessions and she would welcome
a gentle touch.

After she finished the second plate of eggs I set the plates aside
and held up the tee shirt I had found. It had the name of one of
the products I sell and was extra large. “Stand over here and let’s
see how this will fit.” I said.

I helped Kimmy pull the shirt on and, placing my hands on her
now covered hips, I admired her slender body. the shirt was the
perfect length. It came down to just below her ass cheeks.

“I’m going back to the mall to look for your friends.” I said. “Don’t
you be trying to leave. You stole thousands of dollars worth of
stuff and I will get it back or you will pay me back every cent of it.”

“But..” She started to say.
“No! Don’t say another word about why you’re here and don’t
EVER ask me when you can go home. Home for you is right here
until I recover what you have stolen from me or until you have
repaid what you owe me.

It’s going to be hard to find a job for a girl your age that doesn’t
have any skills, but I’ll try to think of something you can do.. In
the meantime, I will continue to look for your friends and the
place you have hidden my property.”

With that, I went to the bag I had gotten the night before and
pulled out a 20 foot length of medium chain. I bolted one end to
the wall near the bathroom and then pushed Kimmy’s bed closer
to the chain.

I then had young Kimmy come over and I looped one end of the
handcuffs into the last link of the chain and snapped the other
end around kimmy’s right ankle.

I then went to the camcorder and inserted a new tape and started
recording in 6 hour mode.

“Here. You may use this glass if you get thirsty and you know
where the bathroom is. ” I told her as I patted her on the ass and
went to work.

During my workday I drove to a neighboring city. I stopped at an
auto parts store and purchased a new car battery.

It was a 75 month and the clerk said that it had enough cranking
power to jump start a ship. I also picked up several radiator hose
clamps in different sizes.

I also used my camera and a telephoto lens to take pictures of
two cute 14-15 year old girls coming home from school.

I picked an area that was kind of remote and just waited for
someone to walk by.

I followed the girls at a discreet distance until I found out where
they lived. I also looked around the neighborhood. There were for
sale signs on 2 houses within a three block area.

The houses both looked abandoned with dried out grass and
such. There were several children playing but only one adult and
he was just washing his car.

This was perfect. Now, if I could get Kimmy to help me ….

I had the film developed at the local discount store while I
browsed the hardware department.

I then stopped at a lumber store before returning the 30 mile
home. I got 4 six foot lengths of 2x6es, several 4×4 posts and
several hinges and hasps.

They had the kind that locked for just $2.00 more so I bought five
of them.

I came home to find Kimmy sleeping. She still had the chain
attached to her ankle.

today I was in the mood for a really intense torture session with
this 12 year old beauty. But first, a little foreplay. I shook Kimmy
awake and asked her how her day went. She didn’t answer. I
pulled the sheet away and asked her how her pussy and ass
were feeling.

She still didn’t answer so I said “That’s all right, you’re still a little
scared right now.” I removed the handcuff from her ankle, fed her
some takeout food I brought with me, and told her to use the
bathroom and take a long shower. No rush, I told her.

She immediately headed off, I guess she remembered what
happened last time she disobeyed me.

I went to my workbench and prepared the nights entertainment. It
would star Kimmy of course. There was a lot of wiring to test and
I booted up the 286 AT computer and made sure that it was
working properly.

When Kimmy came out of the shower. I gave her a large brown
pill and told her to swallow it. She asked what it was and I just
stared at her. She immediately popped it into her mouth and
made swallowing motions. I gave her some water and had her lay
down on the bed on her stomach.

I inspected her ass. It was still a little red and there was a couple
of marks from the paddling but otherwise she looked in good
shape. I got out some skin lotion and applied it to her ass, back,
shoulders and then of course her lovely legs. I rubbed her cute
little body from the tips of her toes to her neck and ears. She did
not resist but she didn’t seem to be stimulated by this either.
I had her turn over and, after inspecting her pussy lips They were
also a little red and then I asked her again how her snatch felt.
She said that it didn’t hurt any more. That of course would
change but that was for another day…

I rubbed lotion on the front of her body and paid particular
attention to her tits and pussy.

I never thought that a 12 year olds’ body could feel so good.

I led Kimmy to the chair and said “Do you think you can tell me
today who your thieving friends are?”

Dispair seemed to wash over her as she realized that she was in
for another long night.

I showed Kimmy the photographs of the two girls I took earlier
that day. “I know these are your partners! Tell me their names
and addresses!”

Kimmy licked her lips and said that she didn’t know them, they
weren’t her friends and that if she knew something she would tell

“I don’t believe you honey, I’ve been watching all of you for
weeks. Now tell me who your friends are so I can talk to them
about my stuff.” I said reasonably

She was crying again and kept telling me that I was wrong and
that she didn’t even know the girls in the pictures.

“Well, if that’s the way you want to play it little girl, then that’s how
it will be!” I intoned as I walked out of the room.

I pulled my special project table from the workshop area.

I was still working on this one as I said, and had not been able to
test it on a live victim. Of course, now I had a test subject. I just
hoped that It did not damage or kill young Kimmy.

I motioned for Kimmy to come over and when she hesitated, I
asked her if I needed to get the shocker. That was all it took.
Kimmy came right over and stood looking with dread at the table.

The table was 3 feet wide and 7 ft long. it was made from a door
mounted on 4X4′s. It had straps at several locations and an
electrical control box at the head. On a shelf below the table, a
computer controlled the whole thing with a monitor mounted on a
movable arm for easy viewing.

I had to help the young girl onto the table as the muscle relaxer
was starting to kick in now. I cinched down the center strap that
went around her abdomen. she looked up with confusion and
asked why she was having trouble moving.

I explained that what I was about to do was to hook her 12 year
old body to the machine I build and that it would send from 20 to
500 volts of electricity into her body in different places, at different
amperages and could do A/C or D/C.

I also told her that electricity would not only hurt like hell but that
at full power, would make her muscles contract as hard as they
could and that I did not want her muscles to pull too hard
because It would break her bones, so, I gave her that pill to keep
her safe.

Her eyes widened with that announcement and she started
struggling. She was trying to push herself off of the table not even
realizing that she was already strapped down and too weak
anyway. I took each hand and strapped them down on each side
of her head. Her arm muscles were straining as much as they
could and I just loved the way they rippled under her soft skin.
I continued to tell Kimmy about the machine. I told her that I
would use alligator clips to attach the wires all over her body
except her legs. I told her I wanted her legs free during this

Next, I strapped her head into place.

I got out the sets of color coded wires and making sure I left
enough slack I attached One electrode to each of her tender
earlobes and plugged them into the panel where it was marked

She was trying to shake her head and cried out “that HURTS!
please don’t do this to me.” I ignored her pleas as I continued
working. I attached wires to her armpits, and nipples. With each
set of wires her cries got louder and more insistent.

Her blue eyes were filling with tears because her head was
strapped into place. Her arms where still pulling against her
bounds and her legs kicked out as I continued to attach wires to
Kimmys helpless and quite erotically exposed body.

I attached more wires to her torso but used the type the
paramedics use to tape the electrodes in place for heart
monitors. (I bought them from a medical supply store if it matters)
I put wires on her sensitive sides, waist, hips, buttocks and
placed three under her waist strap, one at her lovely belly button
and two others a few inches on either side.

I realized that I wanted to play with her tits, so I removed the
single clip at each nipple and replaced them with pairs of taped
electrodes, one on each side of her breasts. With each
connection I plugged them into the appropriate places on the
console. I placed a hand over her pussy while I worked and felt
the slick dampness as she struggled.

Finally, I looked at the console to see if I missed anything. Of
course there was nothing plugged into the sections marked
“Thigh, Outside Left”, “Thigh Inside top. foot , top & bottom, Toes
etc. And I didn’t want to use the vaginal cavity probe.

The vaginal cavity probe was something I made out of a dildo. I
took a heavy duty variable speed dildo and added sensors along
the length of it’s shaft. I also added a few electrodes while I was
at it.

What it does is measure the pressure changes along it’s length
so that the computer could tell when a girl was having an orgasm.
It would also be able to tell the wetness level by measuring
moisture at several points and averaging them.

Hopefully, I would be able to program the computer to use
pleasure and pain to bring a girl right to the edge of orgasm
without letting her cum. But that was for another day. Today was
Kimmys day for pain and pain was what she would get.

Looking back at the console, I noticed that I had forgotten the
Vibration sensor. This was in the sensor section and what it did
was to monitor the jerking of the victim. There was also the most
important parts for my machine the breathing, heart rate & blood
pressure monitors.

For these I wrapped a BP cuff around Kimmys upper arm and
plugged the sensor and power leads into my machine. Then, I
wrapped a flexible sensor cord around her trim little waist.

These, and the motion sensor would enable the machine to
torture the victim to any level I chose without risking the danger
of killing them.

Or so I planed, remember I had never been able to test this
device until now…
I stripped out of my clothes and stood there rubbing my swollen
cock while I watched Kimmys reaction.

She was all hooked up. Wires running from her smooth naked
skin and going into a rather evil looking machine. She looked
scared as she lay there.

I slipped a hand between her legs and fondled her pussy some
more as I watched her. “are you ready to talk you disobedient
child?” I asked sweetly.

“Yes! what ever you want! please! I’ll do anything. please stop
hurting me!” she responded.

“Oh, are the little clips hurting you my dear? The REAL pain isn’t
going to start for a few minutes more.”

She was begging now, tears flowing down the sides of her
secured head as she pleaded with me to spare her, she would do
anything, ANYTHING! Just don’t hurt her.

Now it was time to run the setup routine. I entered the sex , age,
and weight into the computer. It sent an impulse to all of the wires
to determine which ones were hooked up. It then displayed a
diagram showing the locations where the connections should
have been made.

I compared the computer diagram with what I saw and realized
that Kimmys armpit probes where too low on her body. I
repositioned them.

The computer correctly noticed that I used the pairs of breast
probes but not the nipple clamps. This was important because
the computer could use more power going from one side of a
breast to the other than it could going from nipple to nipple.
(because the heart would not be in a direct path.)
We had to wait several minutes while the machine calibrated
itself to Kimmy. After her vital signs were measured and recorded
the computer beeped twice to let me know that it was ready.

I showed the photographs to Kimmy again. “what are their
names?” I asked. “I don’t know, I don’t know!” Kimmy sobbed.

“Well, lets see if this helps you to remember. ” With that I
selected “Time” and entered in 1:40. Since I had a 2 hour tape in
the camcorder and had used 10 minutes so far hooking her up.
that left 10 minutes for after torture footage and for unhooking
Kimmy from the machine. I entered the starting torture level at 10
% and the max at 100%.

Finally I set the computer to “Interrogation Automatic” rather than
“Interrogation Manual”, “Sexual”, or “Sleep deprivation” and hit
the “start” button.

“Aiii! Oh! It hurts! stop it stop it,,,Oh!” Kimmy cried as the current
started pulsing into her helpless body. I checked the monitor and
saw that it was just pulsing power into her right tit for now. If I had
the lower leads attached, it would have concentrated on her
young snatch instead.

I watched as her 12 year old nipple started to harden as her
lovely legs started to kick. Her tit was being zapped twice per
second with 1/10 of a second pulses at 25% power. There was a
short beep from the computer and the little relays on the control
board started clicking faster. As I watched, the shock rate went
up to 3, then 4 times per second and suddenly her left breast
clicked on.

“Aiiih” Kimmy cried out as the pain hit her. I watched the monitor
as it measured an increase in pulse rate, blood pressure and
breathing. The computer calculated the total air volume by
figuring the breath rate and the breath depth.
This way it could prevent her from passing out from lack of
oxygen and also, keep her from hyperventilating. It used this
information along with the blood pressure and pulse rate to
calculate the victims total stress level.

I placed my hand an Kimmys belly. Boy, she felt good. I could
feel her young muscles contract as she tried to kick her legs.
However the pill I had given her was doing it’s job and Kimmys
legs seemed to move in slow motion. I rubbed all around her
waist being careful not to disturb the shock probes. I placed a
hand on her breast and felt the soft firmness of her tender flesh. I
tweaked her nipple but she didn’t seemed to notice. Looking at
the monitor, I saw that Kimmy was still getting 25% into both of
her tender breasts at various pulse rates.

My hands moved down to Kimmys firm, yet supple legs. I ran a
hand gently up the inside of her thigh to her pussy lips and back
down her thigh to her knee.

I repeated this several times as I watched young Kimmy being
tortured. Her breath was coming in short gasps as her hands
clenched and unclenched and her young muscles strained
against her bonds. I started squeezing her thigh at the knee and
slowly worked my way up as Kimmys legs tried to kick my hands

A short beep from the machine signaled that it was about to
increase the torture. As I watched, Kimmys young body almost
jumped straight up as her abdomen probes clicked on. I held her
right leg down as her left leg managed to raise up and kick
straight out towards the foot of the table.

Then it raised up again but it didn’t have the strength to kick out,
it just slid back down onto the table. She was screaming louder

The monitor showed that Kimmy was getting 50% into her
abdomen with 1-3 seconds per pulse and that the pulses were
zapping her writhing body between her abdomen and her hips,
between her waist and her breasts (less power here) and
between her hips and her sides and armpits. You see, Because
the machine is computer controlled it can put any voltage
between any of the probes for any length of time.

The computer continued to increase the torture as Kimmy
increased her screaming. The machine had now matched itself to
Kimmys breathing/screaming patterns and was zapping her for
long continuos shocks in her breasts, arms, stomach, buttocks
and ears.

The computer would set the power to zero, then it would activate
most of the probes at once, connecting the right buttock probe
with the right waist probe for instance. Then it would turn on the
power and increase it over a 20 second period. Poor Kimmy
would jerk as her body was caught with 25% power and would
scream a long painful scream as the power increased to

She would run out of breath at about 10 seconds and would lay
there with her mouth open, her body twitching in agony for about
5 seconds when the computer would activate her abdomen
probes to force more air out through her tortured young lungs.

Then the computer would shut off the power, reset the buttock
probes to connect to each other and the side probe to connect to
one of the abdomen probes.

It would then wait a minute or two for young, sweet, somewhat
innocent Kimmy to catch her breath and It would activate again,
timing the pain to start at the end of a large inhale.
“Yeiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaa!” Kimmys tortured body would scream again and
again as the computer adjusted the voltage to bring maximum
pain while keeping her conscious.

I looked at the clock and saw that 1/2 hour had passed. The
machine was working splendidly, but, poor Kimmy had another
hour and 10 minutes of pain to endure.

Meanwhile I was having the time of my life. I had never had the
opportunity to torture a young woman before and the feeling of
power and control was quite intoxicating. I lifted and spread her
long trim legs while I slid onto the table below her waist. I
watched her as the next wave of pain hit her.

“Yeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiaaaaah, , ,ahhh, ah,,,,,ah!” she screamed as her
breath was forced from her lungs. her legs weakly kicked and her
belly cramped and spasmed, her arms just shook and twitched .
her body was covered in sweat and I looked over and saw that
the computer had compensated by reducing the amount of power
coursing trough her body.

Her face was a mask of agony as she thought desperately of a
way to get out of this torture. our eyes meet and they pleaded
with me to stop. Her small voice croaked
“Please, I don’t know anything, PLEASE!”

“Give me the names and addresses of your friends!” I demanded.

“OK, OK, Anything! just stop this…. Yieeeee! she screamed as
another 20 second burst took her into hell again. “I’ll tell you
anything you want to know! she cried when she was able to catch
her breath again.

“So tell me.” I sneered at her.

“The first ones name is Jodi” She said. “The second is Tammy”.
“Where do they live” I asked.

“They live on Emerald street just down from me” she said.

What is the address there” I demanded.

“It’s, um, YEeeiiiiahhh, EEiiiiiiahhh” She screamed as the pain
wracked her young body again. She finally gave me an address.

Of course it was bogus. Kimmy didn’t know the girls in the
pictures. I took them that day 70 miles from her home. I also had
several more pictures of children from various cities in the state.

“Those girls don’t live on your street” I told her. Despair and
helplessness seemed to take hold of her body. “Let me know
when you are ready to tell the truth!” I said as I lowered my face
into her crotch.

She tasted of sweat and a little piss. then I noticed the small
puddle under her butt. I went and got a cloth to clean her up with
and then continued to lick her pussy. I also pushed her trembling
legs back and licked her asshole for a while. It was softer than
the last time I licked it.

I wondered if She had lost control of her anus muscle. If so, then
it was a good thing I had her go shit before we started or we
would be in a fine mess now.

I made a note to get some kind of butt-plug before we tried this
again – assuming that 12 year old Kimmy survived this time.

Kimmy was in a lot of pain. her skin seemed to ripple as the
shocks hit her. I had slipped off the table and was standing
beside her licking and sucking her breasts while fingering her slit.
there was a little moistness coming from her young pussy.

I couldn’t help wondering what would have happened If I had
used the entire set of leads and connected her snatch, clit, legs
and feet to this device. Oh well, next time I guess.

Kimmys breathing was becoming more ragged as time went on.
the monitor showed that the computer was now sending waves of
pain by starting at her ears and arms and working it’s way down
to her waist and then pausing before starting back the other way.

Again, I thought that had I used all of the wires I would be
watching Kimmys body jerk all the way to her tender young feet.

Suddenly, the computer beeped 3 times and all clicking stopped
at the relay board. I looked at it with concern until I realized that
the computer had stopped the torture because Kimmys young
heart was beating at over 200 Beats per minute and her breaths
were recorded at 143 per minute and her breath volume had
reached a critical low point.

I watched to see how my programming would handle this
situation, I programmed the system to recognize problems and
correct them on its own. For example: If Kimmy had been
hyperventilating, It would have sent shocks into her abdomen just
when she was starting to inhale. This way, you don’t need a
paper bag to reduce the oxygen level. you just prevent her from
breathing for awhile.

Kimmy was breathing rapidly but shallowly and her face was
starting to turn a slight shade of blue. What was taking this
machine so long? I programmed it to encourage slow, deep
breathing after an emergency shutdown. her pulse rate had risen
to 220 beats per minute.

Kimmys eyes were rolling around unfocused and her entire 12
year old body shook with convolutions.

I leaned over Kimmy and started mouth to mouth resuscitation.
just after I blew the second breath into her, the relays started
clicking and Kimmy exhaled violently.

Fresh air had just reentered her tortured lungs when her whole
chest again was constricted as every probe and clip activated
with 50% power, forcing the breath from her. again she inhaled
and again the computer forced a long exhale causing her to
breath (scream) deeply and more slowly. after a minute the
computer stopped “assisting” Kimmy with her breathing and her
pulse rate came down to 170 BPM and continued to drop.

I looked at the clock. only 15 minutes of torture left for Kimmy. I
sat on the edge of the table and played with Kimmy’s tits and
pussy while waiting to see how long it would take before the
computer resumed Kimmys punishment.

Her whole body was shaking and covered in sweat as I pushed
her legs apart and slid my finger up and down her snatch while I
pinched her nipples with my fingers.

3 minutes later, Kimmy’s back arched as the pain came at her. I
held my hand over her pussy mound as wave after wave of pain
shook Kimmys young body.

I then got back on the table between her legs and licked and
sucked her tight looking virgin pussy for all it was worth.

Finally, The computer beeped a long and a short beep and I knew
that the grand finale was about to take place.

The system was programmed to cause as much pain as the
victim could handle during the last 2 minutes of the torture. I
stuck my tongue into her slit as her whole body seemed to

I could feel her tummy as it bucked and strained and I listened to
her screams as her sides and ears were hit with almost full power
and her buttocks, abdomen, and breasts cycled through a pattern
of electric shock that would pull muscle against muscle while
increasing the voltage.

Her screams were no longer coherent as she bucked and
shuddered and bucked again as the relentless torture continued. I
happily licked her pussy until the timer expired and the computer
completed it’s routine. I continued to lick Kimmys pussy as she
lay there shuddering from every muscle. I’m sure she expected it
to start up again, but it was finished. After 5 minutes, I removed
the clips and electrical pads from her still twitching body.

I then unstraped her arms and torso from the table. She just lay
there, unable to move, unable or unwilling to speak. I dragged the
other table into the shower area again and carried Kimmys
exhausted body and placed her face down on the table. I then
turned the cold water on and sprayed the sweat from her.

I then carried young Kimmy to the bed and gently placed her
under the covers. Finally, I got in bed with her and cradled her in
my arms until she fell asleep.

During the night she would go into fits of convulsions in her sleep
and once or twice, woke up screaming like she was being killed (I
wonder why?) I just held her and spoke soothingly into her ear
until morning.

I had the next day off, So I got up and cooked breakfast for
Kimmy and myself. I had to help Kimmy eat because for some
reason she couldn’t hold a fork steady enough to find her mouth.
I also helped Kimmy take a shower. I did this by putting her in
leather bondage cuffs and suspending her 12 year old body from
the eyebolt in the shower. her feet were about 3 inches from the
floor as I sprayed warm water on her and gently soaped her up.
I then took my time rubbing the soap all over and spraying her off
using cold water. (I told her that this would help her to recover.
sounded good to me- she screamed about it.)

I let her drip-dry while I checked out my machine. It only took me
twenty minutes to correct the problem. After checking the log file I
saw that the computer had been waiting for a deep inhale the
night before, so it would know when to deliver the massive
shocks needed to keep the victim breathing.

It seems that young Kimmy was breathing rapidly but always at
the same depth so the computer didn’t know when to time it. I
added a routine to pick it’s own time after 1 minute of inadequate

Boy, that was a load off my mind, Now, back to Kimmy.

I used a towel to dry Kimmys body and I took my time about it
too. I took each of her slender little feet in turn and patted it dry,
working my way slowly to her pussy.

Once there, I just spread her legs and took a little snack break. I
placed her legs over my shoulders and, placing my hands on her
slim little buttocks, I pressed her young body into my face.

After a while I could taste some of Kimmys virgin pussy juices
starting to flow. I picked up the pace, pressing harder, pointing
my tongue as far into her snatch as I could. “you like that,
Honey?” I asked.

“Yes, but my arms hurt a lot.” I was surprised to hear her say.

“Well let’s make you a little more comfortable, Shall we?” I said
as I stepped back and lowered Kimmys body to the ground.
She couldn’t stand on her own so I carried her upstairs to my
bedroom and placed her gently on the bed.
I lay beside her and tenderly pressed my lips to her lips. I started
slowly, tenderly, increasing gradually as Kimmy responded. I held
her ass with one hand and rubbed her lovely back with the other
as I pressed my tongue into her mouth, searching out her tongue.

She started breathing deeper and pressing her tongue to mine.
Wow! what an experience! my cock instantly swelled up and I
rolled onto her, placing a hand under buttocks and another on her
chest, I kissed her young , sensuous lips with a passion.

Kimmy’s nipples were getting hard and poking straight up as I
toyed with the nipples on her young firm mounds of joy. Sliding
my hands down, I moved my lips to her tities and caressed her
waist and pussy as I suckled her tits.

Kimmys snatch was getting wet already as I rubbed up and down
her slit with my eager hand. “Have you ever done this before?” I

“No.” she said.

“Do you like it?”

“Kinda” she replied.

“Beats the hell out of being beat to hell right?” Her whole body
froze at that. “relax, time for fun honey. don’t complain” I said with
a little menace as I resumed my attentions to her somewhat
willing body.

I spread her long legs and positioned myself so I could lick her
pussy. After a few minutes I stopped and moved back up to
where I could kiss her lips again. “You like this, don’t you honey?”
I said as I licked her ear.

“Yes” she whispered.
“What do you think of this.” I asked as I placed her hand onto my
swollen member.

“I don’t know.” was Kimmys answer.

“Well, check it out, and let me know” I replied as I lay back
keeping her hand at my crotch. She didn’t move at once so I
rubbed her hand up and down on my cock to give her a idea of
what was expected of her.

I leaned up and kissed her a couple of times and said: “doesn’t
that feel good? don’t you want to taste it? I tasted yours honey.” I
pulled her onto me as I continued kissing her. I relaxed my grip
as Kimmy continued to kiss me and feel my shaft.

I pushed her head down to my chest and Kimmy started licking
and kissing my chest and nipples. she moved down to my waist
and I giggled because it was ticklish down there.

She got to my cock and was about to kiss it when I told her to
look at it first, smell it, squeeze it. She stopped and turned my
cock over in her hands. She touched my balls and gave them a
little sniff. She must have liked what she smelled because she
then started licking my cock.

“Oh baby, that feels good, don’t stop.” I whispered as I lay back
and enjoyed this 12 year old virgin kissing and licking and finally
sucking my penis.

I reached over and gently moved her ass so that she had one leg
on either side of my face and her virgin pussy was just inches
above my eager lips.

I reached up and pulled Kimmy down and buried my tongue into
her dripping (yes, it was dripping!) cunt.

I sucked and she sucked and we developed a rhythm between us
and her juices were really flowing and my cock was really
straining and my hips were thrusting into her face and suddenly, I
said “I’m cuming!” and pressed my face deeper into her crack.

I had both hands on her tender ass and I squeezed as hard as I
could while pressing my tongue into Kimmys cunt as far as I

Kimmy didn’t know what “cuming” meant so she just continued
sucking my cock until it exploded into her mouth. She stopped.
“It’s OK ” I assured her. “It’s not piss or anything like that. Some
girls like to taste it. try it.” I commanded. Kimmy gingerly pressed
her tongue to my penis and made a face. “that’s not enough to
tell! lick it ALL up!” I said as Kimmy obediently set to lapping.

“Well, what do you think of it? It’s called ‘Cum’ or ‘sperm’ really”.

“I don’t know” Kimmy said. “It’s slimy and sticky.”

“Well it’s just what us guys leak out when we get exited. see, you
leaked this out yourself.” I told her as I wiped her snatch with my
hand and presented it to her. “Lick it!” I demanded as Kimmy
licked my hand. “See, it’s OK” I licked it myself several times then
reached out and took hold of my new sex toy and caressed her
young body as my lips found hers again.

A half hour later I was ready to cum again and I thought that she
was ready too. I lay on my back and positioned Kimmy on top of
me and told her that when she was ready for the best feeling in
the world, to slide her ass down onto my throbbing dick.

She was kissing me and inching her way down, I guided my cock
to the entrance to her young, virgin love canal. She jumped a bit
at first but settled down as the pressure increased and I slowly
pressed into her snatch.
I stopped at her hymen and whispered: “Are you ready?”

“Yeeee… oh” she said as I gave a mighty thrust and punched her
ticket. I held her ass as I pumped in and out of her tight little hole.
I felt her backing off as I thrust into her. I rolled over, and
pressing her body against the bed I gave her I deep thrust and
held it in her and asked how it felt.

“Too, Too, big. too much…” Kimmy gasped out. “It’s going too far
up inside me. I can’t take…..ooohhhhh! It’s way up inside me!”

I told her how good it felt and that she would feel good to if she
would relax and enjoy it. I increased the pumping and shifted a
hand and started playing with her asshole.

She gasped, then chuckled and then she spread her legs more
giving me unrestricted access to her young anus. Faster and
faster. Then slower but with deeper strokes.

Kimmy was beside herself with pleasure now and I felt her young
vagina muscles clench my cock like it had never been clenched

She gave a little cry and shuddered as wave after wave of
pleasure poured over her willing body. She came for about 5
minutes as I kept pumping and poking my finger into her ass.

Finally, I started to come for my second time that morning and
plowed into her pussy as hard as I could. My sperm gushed up
inside her, filling her so full it started to squish out of her around
my pumping cock.

Finished. we both collapsed in exhaustion. We fucked several
more times that morning. Kimmy took so much of my sperm
inside her that it ran out in a steady stream down both of her legs.

When she got up to walk to the bathroom, she left a trail of globs
of sperm on the floor with every step she took.

We then broke for lunch and I fucked some more cum into her,
as well as making her drink another load of my sperm..

That night, as we were both getting into bed in the basement, I
told her how much I liked fucking her and making her feel good.

I told her that I didn’t want to hurt her anymore, but that until I got
either her or her two friends to confess and tell me where the stuff
was, I would have to continue to hurt her as much as I disliked it.

She began to cry and ask me not to hurt her any more. she would
do anything to help but she just didn’t know anything. She
promised to take my cock inside her all I wanted and to take my
sperm into her pussy and drink it until her belly was full, if only I
wouldn’t hurt her.

“You know the worst thing Kimmy? The worst thing is that your
two friends are out there laughing because they know that they’ve
gotten away with it.”

Kimmy just continued to cry as I rocked her to sleep.


The next morning I woke Kimmy up early, I had to go to the
hardware store to prepare for that week. I had been laying next to
Kimmys young and sexy 12 year old body. She was asleep,
snuggled into me and I just rolled her over, and started pushing
my cock into her tight little pussy.

She was a bit startled and it took a little while for her juices to
start flowing enough to make my forced? entrance possible. We
fucked for over an hour and Kimmy came a least 3 times. Finally,
I rolled off of her and told her that today I wanted answers.

Kimmy started crying and saying that she really don’t know what
happened to my stuff. I just took her by the arm and walked her
to the computerized torture table. The one she had experienced

She tried to pull away and she was screaming now as I twisted
her arm behind her and pushed her onto the table. I wrapped the
wide waist strap around her, then I turned her over so that she
was on her back.

I then tightened the strap and just watched her for a moment. “I
want to know where my stuff is. Those bitches and you know
where it is. NOW TELL ME!” I shouted.

“I, I Don’t knowwww, No! No!” Kimmy cried as I grabbed her left
arm and proceeded to strap it down.

“Where did you and your friends hide my stuff? “I asked as I
strapped her other arm down.

“I don’t kn.. They aren’t my friends. I don’t know them.”

“Wrong answer” I said as I produced the vaginal cavity probe.

“Oh no! NO!” she screamed as I tied her legs to eyebolts in the
ceiling. “No! no! don’t put that thing in me!.. PLEASE!” Kimmy
cried as I put KY jelly along it’s length.

12 year old Kimmy had her trim upper body strapped to the table
while her slender legs were lifted up, exposing her cunt to what
ever I wanted it for.

I enjoyed her panic attack immensely but then I told her: “Now,
you just calm down. It’s not that bad, in fact, I think a slut like you
might enjoy this just a little bit. Shall we see?”

With that I touched the tip of the probe to her vagina and gently
pressed the probe 1/4 way into her sweet womanhood. I pulled it
back, then pressed it forward as I invaded her pussy again and
again. I kept this up until I saw that her pussy juices were starting
to flow.

“How does it feel?” I asked as I continued to rape this child with
the probe.

“O, OK.” She gasped as her hips moved slightly with the rhythm.
I moved a hand to her breast and took hold of her nipple. I started
firmly squeezing her nipple as I slid the probe in and out.

“How does this feel honey?” I asked as I increased pressure on
her tender young breast.

“It HURTS!” she gasped as I continued to invade her body.

“Just think about your pussy and how good it feels down there.
Let go of your tit. Let me have the rest of your body while you
concentrate on the good feelings down in your snatch. OK?” I
said as I squeezed harder on her tity.
“Oh, it hurts. the pain, It hurts” She said as I reached over to the
computer and turned the vibrator in the probe on. “OHHHH!” she
gasped as the vibrations stimulated her pussy. “Ohhh!” She
breathed as I pinched her nipple as hard as I could. She was
moaning with pleasure now as I pumped the probe into her willing

I reached over and took a few alligator clips and began attaching
them to both of her nipples. She would stiffen as they clamped
down, but I would turn up the vibrator and thrust it farther into her
snatch. Pretty soon I slowed down on the pumping and watched
her face as she dealt with both pleasure and pain at the same

I turned the probe down to it’s lowest setting, I then released her
legs from the ceiling and placed a wooden block into the slot in
the table. I then pressed the dildo up against this to keep in her
snatch while I strapped her lovely legs into place. Kimmy lay
there, breathing deeply, feeling the pain from her nipples and the
pleasure from the probe.

Her hips started grinding against the probe as I unclipped the
alligator clamps from her breasts. I licked her nipples and ran my
hands all around them as she adjusted to this new situation.

“Now, keep concentrating on the good feelings and this won’t be
so bad, OK?” I told my soon to be S&M kitten.

I pulled up a chair and sat down as I watched Kimmys reaction to
the probe. I turned it up a bit and started placing larger clips to
her hard nipples.

“OH!, OH! that HURTS. it hurts! stop!” She cried.

“Just think about your pussy honey.” I told her as I placed another
clamp slowly onto her left nipple.
“OH! ohhh!, oohhhh!” she said as I turned up the vibrator and
attached a third clamp to the same nipple. I adjusted the vibrator
as she pressed herself into it. All the while I’m placing more
clamps to her tender young breasts.

After I had five on each breast, I stopped placing clamps and
rubbed her stomach as I monitored her reaction. Her tender
young face was awash in pain and pleasure as she concentrated
on her snatch and the good feelings down there. Higher and
lower I turned the power to the vibrator as Kimmy started
approaching an orgasm.

She was panting and a sheen of sweat broke out on her whole
body as the abuse started having it’s intended affect. Kimmys leg
muscles were flexing as she tried to stimulate her pussy more
than the dildo was doing for her.

I slowly turned the power to the vibrator down as I slowly attached
another clamp right on top of the first clamp on her nipple.

“OH!” she gasped. “Urg! OOOhh!” she groaned again as I slowly
increased her pain and turned the vibrator off. “OH! OHH!
AEEIIIIiiiii!” young Kimmy screamed as I squeezed the double
clamp together with my fingers. “Ah! AaaHhhh!” she continued to
groan as I slowly increased her pain by twisting the clamp.

Harder and harder I squeezed and twisted while closer and closer
Kimmy came to orgasm. until finally, she bucked and stretched
and screamed and stretched again as the most powerful feeling
her young body had ever felt took hold of her and shook her to
her very soul.

Her whole body twitched and shuddered as I released the clamp
and turned the vibrator on to full power. I quickly removed all of
the clamps while she was still in the throes of ecstasy.

Young Kimmys body jerked and thrashed about for about two
minutes as every ounce of her strength was converted into
pleasure and drained from her body. I removed the probe from
her sopping wet vagina and just sat there with a smile on my face
as Kimmy caught her breath. I let her rest for about 1/2 hour as I
watched her come to terms with this new feeling she had
discovered that day.

“Did you like that?” I asked. After I had changed video tapes. “I,
uh” She started before I interrupted “Of course you did dear,
nothing to feel ashamed of. Sometimes pain feels good.
Sometimes it feels good to give it, and sometimes it feels good to
receive it. Don’t you agree?” I asked as I strapped her legs back
into place at the foot of the table. “But, Now that you’ve
experienced pain that YOU enjoy, it’s time for some more pain
that I like to give. unless you have decided to talk little girl….

“Please, you have the wrong girl! I don’t know anything! I can’t
take any more!” she sobbed as I started attaching the wires.

“Oh, Who should I have here then huh? who should I ask about
my stuff? you are lying to me.” I told her while I finished the
hookup and started the calibration routine.

“I would tell you if I knew! I would help you any way I could! But I
don’t know anything.” Kimmy cried.

“Well, we’ll see if this helps your memory dear. I thought that a
little pleasure would get you to cooperate with me, but, I see that I
was wrong.” as I set the machine to 25 % and pushed the start

“AAiiieeeee!” Kimmy screamed and the first voltages entered her
young and tender body. “EEEiiiiiiiAAAaaaa!” she cried again.
“Maybe I should ask your friends where my stuff is huh?” I
“Ah, Ah Yes. ask them! I don’t know, I don’t KnoAAEEIIIII!”

“Well, you are here Kimmy, your friends aren’t so I guess that you
need to talk.” I told her. I turned the power up to 50% and
watched for about 15 minutes as Kimmy thrashed about and
gave my machine a workout.

She kept saying that She didn’t know and to ask the other girls.

“Maybe you don’t know.” I said. “I don’t I REALLY DON’T Kimmy
gasped as her body continued to take abuse. “How would I get
them here to talk to them?” I asked Kimmy as I turned and left
the basement.

I had to get the stuff from the hardware store. The machine would
keep young Kimmy entertained until I got back. I had it set for 1
hour and 50 minutes. It would stop in about an hour and a half,
when it was done.

I would watch it later from the video tape. I bought some lumber
and a box of long wood screws. and some other things including
a box of 12 blank video tapes.

When I came back, the machine had stopped. Kimmy was laying
on the table exhausted from her ordeal. “How am I going to get
my stuff back?” I asked Kimmy.

“I’ll help you” she replied weakly.

“Good answer, we can put you to work and help pay off what you
owe me.” I said as I unhooked her from the machine, bathed her
and took her back to bed.

Later that night, after Kimmy recovered sufficiently from her
ordeal, We started planning how we were going to grab those two
rotten bitches that would let Kimmy suffer for something they did.
Over the next week, Kimmy and I talked about the things we
would do to those bitches even if they came right out and told us
what we wanted to know. After all, They should pay for how they
treated Kimmy. Letting her scream in agony for a week while they
had fun and stole more stuff. We just HAD to put a stop to what
they were doing.

Kimmy and I built a rack, it was 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. At the
foot, there was a 4×4 mounted. Through the 4×4, a rope ran from
a leather ankle cuff through the 4×4, along the width of the foot
piece and back through a hole to another ankle cuff. At the head
there was a similar rope attached to leather wrist cuffs. the center
of this rope was attached to two turnbuckles and an inline 1 ton
scale. This led to a hand ratcheting winch.

We also built 3 sets of stocks. These were made from 2×6′s. The
bottom piece had two cutouts for the victims ankles. Then the
second piece would swing shut on it’s hinge and latch with a
locking hasp. These where attached to 5 ft 2 X 4′s that ran from
the feet to just behind the victims ass.

There were also 2×4′s connecting the long 5 ft pieces
underneath. This would hold the victim if I were to suspend the
whole thing from the ceiling but would allow access to the backs
of the legs and ass areas. The neck/ wrist assembly fit onto these
5 ft. 2×4′s. This part could be adjusted to fit the victim. The Victim
would sit on the floor and place their feet in the stocks. the
wrist/neck piece could be attached first if needed and then pulled
and stretched towards the feet and secured.

There was also a board the fit above the knees to keep the legs
straight. This design left the victims back exposed. I made all the
cutouts except the neck in the shape of V’s, this way I could
adjust for smaller victims by placing a spacer block under the

“Time to test it!” I announced as I lifted Kimmys Tee-shirt over
her head. She knew better that to resist as I sat her down and
placed her tender feet into the stocks. I then held up the next
section and had Kimmy place her neck and both wrists into their
slots. I swung it shut, latched it and pulling just a little forward,
secured it to the two 2×4′s at just below Kimmys knees. “How
does it feel Kimmy? A little cramped is it? good.”

“I noticed that you are ticklish.” I said as lay down near her feet.
Kimmys toes curled and uncurled as I softly stroked her tender
soles. She struggled even though she knew it would do no good.
She was jerking with her head and wrists, trying to stop the tickle
torture I was inflicting on her feet. I then reached under her
armpits and really got her going.

After about an hour of this I asked Kimmy if she would rather be
tickled for another hour or have clamps put on her tities while she
was having her feet burned. She chose the clamps and burning. I
told her that we would save the rough stuff for the other girls and I
that I appreciated her help. It was 20 minutes before Kimmy
recovered enough to continue working.

We also cleaned out one of my rooms in the basement to use as
a dungeon. In here, we mounted chains to the walls and ceiling.
While Kimmy mostly worked on the dungeon, I had some
electrical work to do. I pulled out my old exercise equiptment. I
had a treadmill, An all in one Soloflex type bench press and, An
exercise bike. I attached a heavy rope to the ceiling also.
It wasn’t really high because even though my basement had 8
&1/2 foot ceilings and I had to use a chair to attach things, It was
only 8 & 1/2 feet. But it would do for my purposes. I built a signal
processing device and attached it to the computerized torture
table. I then attached sensors to the exercise equipment and put
a small push-button on the ceiling 2 feet from the rope.
The top of rope button was designed to prove that a child had
climbed the rope. the treadmill and bike sensors sent a signal
when 10 miles per hour was maintained. The Bench press,
because it was an all-in-one unit, had a magnet/reed switch
sensor that would signal a full stroke

Then, we were ready.

We drove the 30 miles in silence. Kimmy and I had already
cruised the neighborhood so we knew what to do. After dirtying
up the car and obscuring the license plates, I drove up to one of
the abandoned houses and pulled into the driveway. I then
walked to the door and opened it. I had already made sure that
the door would open. I went to the garage and pushed the button
for the automatic door opener and pulled the car inside. Once
inside, I unloaded the card table and other stuff. We put the ice
cream in the freezer and set the paper plates out on the folding
card table.

Then Kimmy and I got back in the car and left. We went to the
area where I had taken the pictures a week before. As we
watched, the kids came by on their way home from school. We
pulled up next to them, rolled down the window and told them that
we had just moved into the house at the end of the street and
would they like to stop by for some ice cream? They would?

We were just going to the store to get bedsheets and stuff but
that could wait until we had met our new neighbors…
I parked the car and closed the garage door. we went inside and
waited. They didn’t all come at the same time. first there was 2
boys seven & nine years old.

No one else was coming so I took them to wash up. I led them
into the back bedroom and used the stungun to take the fight out
of them.
I used prepared nylon ties and gags to tie their hands and feet
and to keep them quiet while I waited for the others. As I was
leaving the back bedroom, the next victim arrived, she was about
10 years old and had her little sister with her. “Hi, my name is
Jack, how old are you? .. Six huh. well come on back and I’ll
show you were to wash up before we start eating the ice cream.”

Two more down. But the two we were looking for weren’t here yet,
oh! here they come now. I was dishing up ice cream as the two
girls came in with three boys from the neighborhood.
introductions went around as we ate. 3 minutes later a seven year
old girl arrived with her 5 year old sister. I handed bowls of ice
cream to them as we continued to talk about us just moving in
from Portland. the 14 year old “Cristy” was kind of hopping from
foot to foot so I showed her where the bathroom was, The 15
year old came also.

As I opened the door to the back bedroom I went in and stepped
aside while pointing to the back where the bathroom was. the first
girl saw the bond forms laying on the floor and stopped just when
I hit her in the gut.

As she dropped to her knees I hit the other one and closed the
door. I had gags on them before they could catch their breath. I
then tied their wrists and ankles.

This was getting out of hand, I had too many kids! “Hey! where
are the others?” I asked as I walked back to the kitchen area.
“You three boys, go invite some more kids. we have plenty of ice
cream. Take yours with you.”

They went leaving the 5 & 7 year old girls. I went to the back
room and got 4 sets of my prepared bondage equiptment. I
returned to the living room and looked out the window and saw
that no one was coming yet. I quickly zapped and bound the two
girls with Kimmy’s help and took them out to the car.
I placed them on the floor in the back seat because of their size. I
then returned to the house and started carrying the other
children. I got the 15 & 16 year olds first and laid them down in
the trunk. I went back in the house as a 17 year old beauty
arrived looking for the 5 year old whom she was babysitting. ”
she’s in the bathroom washing up I told her as I looked out the

Slam! Right in the stomach and she was mine too. In the trunk
she went as I hurried to get the rest of them. After stuffing the last
one into the trunk I took Kimmy by the hand and led her to the
car. I left the garage door open as I left the house. I saw 4
children coming up to the house, so I stopped and told them that

I had to run to the store for some cookies and to go ahead and
dig in and help themselves until we came back. As they headed
into the house, I headed out of the neighborhood and back
toward home.

Man! Nine children! 2 boys 7 & 9 years old. Three YOUNG girls
5, 6 &7 years old. A ten year old, the 14 & 15 year olds and of
course the 17 year old babysitter.

I wasn’t quite prepared to explain what I was doing with 9 trussed
up bodies in my car so after a quiet stop at a self serve car wash,
I drove the 30 miles carefully until I reached the house. Once
there I put Kimmy to work in the dungeon.

As I brought each one down to her, her job was to cut the nylon
ties loose, take each one to the bathroom using the stungun if
necessary, then she was to use handcuffs to secure each one to
a chain in the dungeon. Luck was with me as I counted the sets
of handcuffs – I had enough. Kimmy was told not to talk to them
and as I lifted each one from the trunk, I told them that they were
being held until I found the one who took my stuff and that if they
spoke out of turn they would be punished.
It took an hour to get them all down there and secured. But finally
it was done. The 17 year old was last and I handled her myself. I
stood with Kimmy and inspected our group. They all looked
scared and several of them were crying. I told them to shut up
and when they didn’t I told Kimmy to make them be quiet.

She didn’t know what to do so I suggested that she put a gag on
the noisy ones and then use the stungun to punish them until
they were quiet.

Kimmy was nervous at first but as she was working on her
second child I came up behind her and rubbed her shoulders and
patted her butt. This seem to put her at ease and she renewed
her efforts with gusto.

“When the master says SHUT UP. he means SHUT UP!” Kimmy
would say to them as she pressed the stungun into their faces or
their crotches. Finally there was just some general whimpering
and I made my speech

“You are all here because some of you have been stealing from
the store I own and you will all be here until I get my stuff back!
Do you understand?” “You will not speak unless spoken to, or
you will be punished.” I went to each one and asked if they
understood. They all seemed to.

“Now get some sleep. We’ll have a long day ahead of us
tomorrow.” I said as I started to leave.

“But it’s cold! and I’m hungry!” cried the 6 year old.

“What’s your name little one? Mary? And what’s your name?” I
asked the 5 year old sitting next to her.

“Julie? Well, Mary, why don’t you behave yourself like Julie and
just go to sleep”
“Because I’m cold and hungry and this floor is hard and dirty.”

I left the room and returned with some rope. I ran two lines
through a couple of eyebolts three feet apart in the ceiling and let
them hang about 2 feet from the floor. The other ends I tied to a
hand ratcheting winch and hooked it to an eyebolt in the wall. I
then produced the radiator hose clamps.

“Mary, It’s time for your punishment now.” I told the frightened
child as I unlocked her from the chain.

“No! I’m sorry! I’ll be good!” Mary pleaded as I started
unbuttoning her shirt.

“Too late for that my dear” I explained as I wrestled her out of her

She was a cutie all right. she had brown hair framing her angelic
face, and smooth tan skin broken only by her two cute little bud
like nipples sticking out of her otherwise smooth chest.

I held her in my arms as I maneuvered her arm behind her back.
She felt wonderful as she struggled.

However, her screaming was starting to get to me. “Kimmy! put a
gag on this bitch will you please” I directed as I looped two hose
clamps together and slid one of the loops over Marys right thumb.

As Kimmy awkwardly placed a ball gag on this 6 year old child, I
used a screwdriver to tighten the hose clamp around Marys
thumb just behind the knuckle. I tightened it enough so that it
wouldn’t slip off but not tight enough to cause severe pain. that
would come later for this noisy child.

I had Kimmy hold her other arm while I attached a hose clamp
pair around Marys left thumb. I then inspected my work.
Young Mary, stripped to the waist, shivering slightly with the cold
looking at the rings around her thumbs. She was probably
wondering what they were for….

I reached up and took one of the ropes and tied it though the
hose clamp that was attached to Marys thumb. I did the same
with the other one. Then I went to the wall and took up the slack
in the ropes. Marys eyes went wide as she realized what I was
going to do. Mary was now standing with her cute little arms in
the air, almost as high as she could reach.

“Now, Mary, Time to get undressed.” I said

I removed her shoes and socks first. Mary had to balance on one
foot while I worked.

“I wonder if you are ticklish?” I asked as I gently stroked the
bottom of her tender young foot. Yes, Mary was ticklish I realized
as Mary kicked and strained and caused herself pain by pulling
down with her arms.

I stopped ticking her foot and watched her form for awhile. Then I
unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid them down her supple legs
to the floor.

I had her step out of them and immediately went for her panties. I
cupped her round buttocks in my hands and caressed them for a
minute before hooking my thumbs into her waist band and slid
this last bit of protection from Marys helpless young body.

Mary looked beautiful! her smooth skin glowing in weak lighting
cast from a single bare overhead bulb. Her pouting pussy lips
were larger than I expected for a child this age and I ran my hand
up her leg to her snatch. She tried to back away but had nowhere
to go. I caressed her snatch for awhile.

Mary stood there sobbing through her gag. I stood up and
removed the gag because ticking someone is no fun if you can’t
hear them trying to scream. Placing my hands on each side of
her chest, I pressed my thumbs into her tender young armpits
and just held them while Marys own struggling got her started.

“He, he, oh! stop it! oh! ah. No! don’t hurt me! ah aaahh, ohh”
Mary laughed while I started digging my thumbs into her flesh.
She was bucking and pulling her arms down and screaming in
pain when she had the breath.

I worked on her armpits and sides and the backs of her legs while
she struggled. After about 5 minutes, Mary wasn’t reacting as
much to the ticking so I stopped and let her rest a bit. After 5
minutes I went to the strap and clicked it tighter until she had to
stand on her tip toes to relieve the pain racing down her arms
from her thumbs.

“Would you rather sleep on the dirty cold floor? Or would you
rather sleep standing up?” I asked Mary as I watched the tendons
in her naked legs flex with her attempts to stay on her tip toes.
The strain was showing in her young face as she screwed up her
features with the effort.

I needed a picture of this so I got the still camera and snapped a
few. I had forgotten the video camera but suddenly, I had an idea.
“Kimmy go get the camera will you honey?” I played with Mary
while Kimmy scooted out on her errand.

When Kimmy returned, I showed her how to operate the camera
and told her to film everything that happened to Mary. Meanwhile
Mary was not having fun. Her panting cries for mercy had turned
into screams of pain as her legs weakened and could no longer
keep the pressure off of her thumbs. Spittle was running down
her slim body as she screamed in pain.

Kimmy was obediently filming and the other children were staring
in shocked concern as I went to the ratchet and slowly tightened
the rope so that Marys little body was lifted off of the floor. One
good thing about torturing children I realized, is that their
lightweight little bodies can take abuse that would tear the limbs
off of an adult. Poor Mary was now kicking her legs and
screaming to be let down But that was not to come yet.

A thin trail of blood was flowing from her right thumb, down her
arm and was just reaching her elbow. I watched Marys body react
to this torture the way a mother might watch her child run a race. I
wanted to share every moment, every emotion and every pain as
her body trembled and her legs kicked uselessly.

I reached out and squeezed Marys buttocks with both hands. Her
reaction took me by surprise. She wrapped both of her legs
around my chest and held me tightly.

I let her use me for support as I licked my finger and sent it to
explore young Marys asshole. It was a fine asshole as assholes
go. There wasn’t much resistance as I slid my finger in and out.

While I was doing this I kissed Mary on the lips. It wasn’t easy
because she was still screaming, but I continued to kiss her and
my tongue searched out her tongue between screams. The
distraction seemed to help Mary because she wasn’t screaming
as much now. I turned my hand and started exploring Marys
young pussy with my thumb while my finger continued to play
with her anus. It felt slick as I slid it along the inner sides of her
young folds.

I turned my hand to get better leverage and started pinching into
both her Pussy and anus with my thumb and forefinger. I was
trying to stick my thumb into her vagina but I couldn’t find the

I needed more leverage I realized as I slid my middle finger into
her ass as well and groped and pinched the way you would pick
up a 6 pack of beer. Mary was not liking this but who asked her

Finally, I got a good grip and I felt my thumb enter her love canal.
I pinched and groped until my fingers got tired and then stopped.
I let Mary hang again as I went to the bathroom to wash my
hands. Even over the water I could hear Marys renewed cries of
pain. I gathered up an electric cord and returned to the dungeon.

The dungeon was designed as a sleeping area for victims waiting
to be tortured but, an example needed to be made, and Mary was
it tonight. When I entered the room, there was a hush from the
kids as they saw the electric cord in my hand. They probably
thought that I was going to plug it in and electrocute young Mary
as she hung, suspended from the ceiling by her thumbs. No way!
I have more class that that.

I doubled the cord over twice and held one end as I approached
my victim. Poor Mary was hanging still, trying to scream but only
getting out a wavering whine.

The blood from her thumb was starting to dry but had now flowed
onto her chest. There was a little blood on her legs as well from
another source. I had slowly gotten aroused by what I was doing
to Mary. My penis was rock hard as I pulled back the electric cord
and swung it with all my strength at Marys waist.

“EEEaaaaiiiii” she wailed as I pulled back for another swing.
Eiiiaaaahhhh” she screamed again and again as I whipped her
back, tummy, ass, and legs.

The legs were the best, a good swing would cause the cord to
completely encircle her thigh.

The pain would cause her whole body to jerk and of course, she
was now finding the strength to give a decent scream. I whipped
her as hard as I could. I wanted her to pass out from the pain.

Harder and harder I whipped her defenseless body as it hung
from the ceiling. Louder and louder she screamed as her 6 year
old body absorbed the pain. Finally, My arm got tired so I
stopped. Mary hung there screaming her little head off as blood
flowed from both thumbs and dripped onto the floor.

Kimmy was still filming like a good little girl. I let Mary hang for a
few minutes while I ran another rope through the eyebolt in the
shower. When I came back, Mary was just hanging still,
whimpering. I loosened the ratchet and lowered her abused body
to the floor. I then cut the ropes attached to her thumbs and
carried her into the shower.

Mary started screaming again with fear as I threaded the new
rope into both thumb clamps and tightened the rope so that she
was again standing but with her arms just a little bit over her
head. I turned on the cold water and sprayed this child off. She
could barley stand and to keep her balance, she had to pull on
the rope attached to her thumbs. At least I left some slack so that
she was able to grab the rope itself.

I toweled Mary off and carried her to a table where I removed the
clamps from her thumbs. They weren’t hurt to bad, just the skin
had broken where the metal band met the bony part of the joints.
I wrapped her injures with gauze and tape then looked at the rest
of her body. She looked like a red zebra from the shoulders down
with all the crisscrossing stripes and all, but the skin wasn’t

I placed a hand between her legs and felt her young snatch as I
inspected her body.

Kimmy had followed me during this. Still filming because I hadn’t
told her to stop. “Kimmy, do you think we should put her back in
the room on the floor? or should we put her in the stocks for
tonight or is there somewhere else she can sleep?”

“Well, I ,..I think….” Kimmy stammered

“It’s OK, go ahead and tell me” I prompted with a gentle voice.

“I think you should put the little bitch in the stocks and burn her
feet while clamping her titties.” Kimmy said boldly. I think Kimmy
was a bit jealous because I was playing with this child’s sexual

“OK. Put the Mary in the stocks while I get the tools. But you will
need to help me.” I said as Kimmy pulled 6 year old Mary towards
the stocks.

I estimated the sizes of Marys wrists and ankles and placed
spacer blocks on the stocks to press her limbs firmly into the
holes. I returned to my workarea and took 3 Visegrip pliers and
adjusted them so that there was only about a millimeter of space
left when they closed.

I then took a 4″ wide pair of visegrips that was made for holding
sheetmetal together and made the space about 1/8 inch.

I then grabbed an old low wattage soldering iron and went to
where Kimmy was struggling with Mary. I set the tools down and
grabbed Mary and held her while Kimmy secured her feet.

I placed the block above her knees to keep them straight. We
then both held her while I forced her head and wrists into the
upper part of the stocks and secured it as close to her feet as we
could stretch this child.

Young Mary was sitting with the backs of her thighs resting on a
crosspiece with her supple young body bent over with her head
between her knees and ankles. Marys lower jaw was being
pulled forward because her head was in the cutout while her body
was stretched by her position. It was just as well, I was going
deaf from all the screaming going on around there.

I took a minute to place a fresh tape into the camcorder and
started the recording.

“How are you doing? are you ready for more punishment?” I
asked this whimpering child as I caressed her exposed back.
“Hand me one of those pliers honey.” I directed Kimmy as Young
Mary started screaming. Of course all that came out was a kind
of muffled whine from this six year old zebra child.

I carefully gathered up the skin around Mary’s right nipple as I
slowly closed the visegrips around her whole areola. The
muscles on Marys back were straining with her efforts to escape.
As the jaws got a good grip on Mary’s tit I paused and explained
to Kimmy that because we left some space in the tool we could
torture this girl for a long time without completely crushing the

Crushing the skin would cause bleeding and would destroy the
nerve endings and we didn’t want that because it wouldn’t hurt
her anymore. I began to slowly close the visegrips as I watched
Mary’s reaction.

Mary started out by straining against her bonds. Her red striped
back twisted and pulled as her shoulders tried to raise her head
and arms up from their cramped position. She was screaming in
pain but in a bubbling sort of whine that sounded like a trapped
animal. As the pain increased, Marys whole body shivered and
sweat broke out on her back. I continued to squeeze the pliers
slowly closed, pausing now and then to let Mary absorb the pain.
“You see, Kimmy. We are milking the pain from her body. see
how much pain she had stored in her breast? imagine what the
rest of her body holds.” I lectured Kimmy as I closed the visegrips
the last little bit.

I let the pliers hang free as I put my arms around Kimmy and we
both watched Mary deal with her torment. “Do you want to do the
next tit?” I asked Kimmy as I plugged the soldering iron into the

“Sure.” Kimmy said. I told her to watch Mary react while slowly
increasing the pressure. That way she would know how much to

Sweat was dripping off of Marys nose as Kimmy started clamping
her other breast. Poor Mary just sat there and squealed in
absolute agony as her body was assaulted from this new area.

I was starting to get hot and slipped a hand between Kimmys legs
as I watched her torture her victim.

After about five minutes, Kimmy had placed the second set of
pliers on this child and was now slowly twisting it. I looked into
Marys face but could not even imagine how much pain she was
experiencing, she seemed to exist only as pain and nothing else.

We watched Mary for a few minutes and then I started in on her
sides with the wide visegrips while Kimmy used the soldering iron
on her tender young feet.

We tortured Mary for an hour before I asked Kimmy if she would
like to stop. Kimmy said no.

I told Kimmy that it was close to midnight and that I was tired
and was going to bed but that she could stay up if she wanted to
continue playing with Mary.
“Just don’t kill her I said. ” I don’t care what she looks like, or how
she smells or even if she has a nose to smell with. Just keep her
alive! If you kill her I will do the same thing to you. OK Honey?”

I told Kimmy that she could use a winch and rise Mary into the air
if she wanted.

That done, I entered the dungeon, unlocked the 17 year old and
told her that she was going to have sex with me that night and
asked her if she had a problem with that. No. OK. strip. She
slowly removed her clothing as I and the rest of the kids watched.
She was pretty. Long blonde hair and a full figure.

After having Kimmy as a sex partner so often, I was ready for a
change. I took her hand and led her naked body past Kimmy who
had stopped working on Mary and watched us go into the shower

I stripped out of my clothes and asked her what her name was.
Her name was Becky. I soaped her up and had her do the same
for me and we went up stairs to bed.

I asked her if she was a virgin and she hesitated before revealing
that she was sexually experienced. I told her that it would be to
her advantage to use all of her talents to please me because I
could make her life pleasurable or painful. her choice.

The following morning Becky and I came back downstairs. I knew
something was wrong because Kimmy was looking at me with
frightened eyes. I went over to Mary as Kimmy said “I didn’t mean
to do it master. I tried not to kill her.”

“How long did you torture her until she died.” I demanded.

” Until 4:35, but I didn’t mean to!” Kimmy sobbed

I was surprised and looked around until I spotted the clock on the
wall. I had forgotten that it was there. All this time, I would look at
my watch to check the time. Oh well!

I looked at Mary. She was dead alright. Her body was still in the
stocks. but Kimmy had attached a rope to the foot piece and
raised Mary until her ass was off the ground. Her young face was
locked in a mask of torment. Her eyebrows were knitted together
and I rubbed her forehead and felt the muscles causing the
wrinkles but it stayed like that.

The poor girl must have been in incredible pain for her facial
muscle to be locked like that. There were horrible burns all over
her body, especially her crotch. Her pussy looked like a hot
soldering iron had been slowly shoved up her cunt.

It looked like her pussy lips were burned completely off. There
were welts all over her thighs from the vise grips. All of her
fingers and toes were crushed beyond recognition except the
thumb and half of the forefinger of her left hand.

“4:35? You tortured this girl for 4 & 1/2 hours? I asked

“Yes,” Kimmy answered looking down.

“You were crushing her fingers when she died?”

“Yes, she just stopped. no crying, no moving, no anything. She
just stopped.” She said.

I turned and handed Becky a key. “Go get the two older girls, will
you please?”

She hurried off on her errand while I lowered Young Mary’s body
to the floor. I was interrupted by the sounds of struggling and
screaming. I turned to see what the problem was.
Becky and the 15 year old were trying to calm the 14 year old
who did not want to have anything to do with entering the same
room I was in.

“NNnnoooooo!” she cried out as she tried to bolt back into the
dungeon. The other girls held her and looked nervously at me as
I approached.

“Hold her up here. Put her arms back and show me her face.” I
ordered the two girls as I drew back my hand and slapped the girl
across the face.

“Are you done with your screaming?” I asked “Good! Now listen
up. Kimmy here has disobeyed orders and killed Mary. We need
to punish her for that. But she is also my assistant so we can’t
hurt her too badly, understand?”

They nodded their heads. “Smack!” was the sound as I struck the
14 year old again.

“And when I send for your ass, your ass had better come, and
come quickly!” I shouted at her terrified face.
“You will all remove your clothing for me now.” I demanded as
they looked at each other and started to undress

“You two, run some rope through those eyebolts there and there.
use the chair.” I directed as the 14 & 15 year old went to do my
bidding. I pulled up another chair and ran rope through 2 other
eyebolts in case they were needed. When all the ropes were
ready, I attached leather wrist cuffs to all of them and connected
them to ratchets on the wall.

I had them put Kimmy into one pair as I went to get my caning
pipe. It was 5 feet long and 1/4 inch round.

I paused to ratchet Kimmy to where her arms where stretched
over her head but most of her weight was still on her feet.

“Now, We are going to ‘cane’ Kimmy. That means that we will
beat her body from her thighs to her upper arms. no hitting the
face. OK? ”

“What’s your name? Cristy? and yours? Pam? OK Cristy and
Pam, You two and Becky will take turns and punish Kimmy for
what she did to your friend over there.” I said pointing to Mary’s
lifeless body still sitting in the stocks. “Go ahead Becky, start on
her back, right above the hips.” I said to the 17 year old as I stood
back to watch.

Kimmy looked at Becky with just a slight apprehension. After all,
how badly can this possibly hurt her after what she had already

Becky looked nervous as she glanced at me and then swung the
pipe, striking Kimmy on her back.
“Afffssstttt” Kimmy gasped as she absorbed the full impact of
the….. Wait a minute! what was that supposed be?

“Uh, Becky? Becky darling, please hit Kimmy as hard as you can.
really swing it OK?” I couched as Becky lined up for another

“Uh! Ohhh.” Kimmy gasped again as the pipe whistled….
Whistled? I didn’t even hear it hit..

“Beckyyyyy. Pretend that you are at a baseball game and try to
knock Kimmy out of the park. Do you think you can handle that?”
I scolded as Becky planted her feet and prepared to swing.

“Ah!” Kimmy responded as the deadly, wicked looking torture
tool arced in a graceful swing, connecting with it’s target with a
resounding… resounding… Ah fuck it!

“Stop! stop. stop. let me show you how it is done. I said as I
approached Becky. Becky stepped aside and handed me the
pipe. I passed it to Pam and said “Cristy! help me with Becky will
you please?”

I took Becky by the arm and directed her towards the second set
of cuffs. Becky suddenly pulled free and ran to the door leading

The door was locked of course and Becky could only look at me
and wait while I walked up to her and took her arm again. “Don’t
do that again or you will be sorry I told her as I took her to the
cuffs. I had Cristy tighten one while I did the other.

Becky looked at me with genuine fear. Tears were streaming
down her face as she prepared for her punishment. I glanced at
Kimmy, She had an amused look. I guess girls wear out after
awhile and the terror leaves them.
No matter. I can think of new ways to terrorize these children. I
took the pipe and prepared to swing. “Now when you cane
someone, you need to be careful that the pipe doesn’t hit any
bones unless you want to break them.

With that I swung the pipe as hard as I could. “whoosh! it went as
the deadly, wicked looking torture tool arced in a graceful swing,
connecting with it’s target with a resounding SMACK!

There was no sound from Becky as she stood there. Then, the
pain seemed to catch up to her and her back arched and she let
out a long painfilled scream that seemed to echo in the
basement. At the end of her scream, her body collapsed as it
shook with pain. She was no longer screaming but her mouth
was open and her face was turning red and her lovely blue eyes -
Blue eyes? does she have blue eyes?

I couldn’t tell at this point because while her eyes were open, they
had rolled back into her head as the eye lids fluttered.

She was trying to scream but could not control her body enough
to take a breath. She hung like that for what seemed like minutes
but was probably about 30 seconds.

Her legs were kicking and flexing and her arms pulled and
released and I could see her stomach ripple as the muscles
spasmed and knotted. Piss was spraying all around her as she
lost control of her bladder.

“Huh! Huh! Huh. Huh, auuhhhh!” she managed after a minute as
she hung there consumed in pain.

“Aiiiiiiiieeeeeee!” she finally screamed as she took a breath.
“Auuuuuhhhhh!” she screamed one more time as her feet slipped
an slid in their efforts to stand.

“That’s how we cane someone around here. You girls must be
reading too many messages in Alt.torture. That must be why you
are having trouble learning the ropes.”

I glanced at Kimmy. She no longer looked so self confident as
she stood there awaiting her turn.

Becky was still shaking and shuddering as her legs continued to
try to support her weight.

I went over and tightened the ratchet enough so that Becky’s feet
were off the floor. I then prepared for my next strike.

“Oh no! NOOOO!” Becky breathed as I prepared to hit her again.
“Noooooo! NooooSMACK!” as the second stroke landed in the
same spot as the first.

“AAAAAIIIIIIIHhhhhhhhhhh…………..” Becky wailed as her body
gave out on her and she just hung there unconsience. I used the
stun gun to wake her up. I really need to get some smelling salts
or something. “Wakey Wakey my dear.. You have 8 more before
you can sleep.” I told her as she hung there consumed in agony.

Becky needed to rest, so I turned to Cristy and Pam. “Now, you
two do Kimmy if you think you can handle it.” I said as I handed
them a broom handle, after all, I didn’t want Kimmy dead…. yet..

Pam took the stick and with a quick glance at Mary’s dead form
she summoned her strength and swung at Kimmy’s lower back.
“Ahhh!” Kimmy cried as her legs raised a bit off the floor.

“Well, keep at it girls. punish her for what she did.” I said as I
settled back on a chair and watched. Pam started slowly. She
was unsure of herself but I encouraged her and soon she was
beating young Kimmy with a stroke every 5 seconds.

Some of them where hard ones too judging by the way Kimmy
was screaming. after 5 minutes Pam handed the pipe to Cristy
and told her to “Beat the bitch to death”.

Cristy jumped right in and started wailing on poor Kimmy’s chest
and abdomen. While they were working I went to Becky and
checked on her condition. Becky was able to stand now but her
legs trembled and she appeared to be very weak. There was a
large angry looking welt right in the middle of the small of her
back. I it was tender to the touch and caused Becky pain when it
was pressed. It was also starting the swell. I went to the dungeon
and brought the 7 year old boy out. “What is your name?” I asked
as if I really wanted another name to remember. “Tommy” He
said as he shrank away from me.

“well Tommy, Becky is hurt and needs your help.” I told him as I
lead him to the shower area.

“take off your clothes because we need to clean you up some.

He looked down in shame as he stripped for me. I removed my
clothes as well. I took Tommy into the shower area and turned
on the hose. I sat down against the tile wall and pulled Tommy
into my lap. We just sat still listening to Kimmy’s now pitiful
sounding screams as the water warmed up. I then began
spraying Tommy’s body and rubbing it with soap. I grew hard
while I played with Tommy, Even though I’m not a homosexual,
there is something about an innocent child’s body that turns me

All done, I toweled Tommy off and led him back to the main
room. Kimmy was hanging limp. Pam was striking her legs with
the stick. Kimmy was covered from her shoulders to her knees
with large bruises She was having trouble breathing and I
suspected that some ribs were broken.

“OK girls. Kimmy’s had enough. Lets take her down and put her
in the dungeon. Kimmy had pissed herself during her beating and
I was slightly concerned when I saw the pinkish color of it. I had
Pam and Cristy drag Kimmy’s still limp body in to the room and I
attached a handcuff around her ankle and secured her to the wall.
The 5, 7 & 10 Year old girls looked at us but did not dare speak. I
noticed that the 7 year old was crossing her legs so I gave Pam a
key and told her to make sure everyone had a shower and used
the restroom.

I took Tommy to Becky and introduced him to Becky’s body. I
pointed out the snatch, the ass and the breasts. I told Tommy to
put a nipple into his mouth and suck on it. “Most girls like to have
their nipples licked and sucked.” I told Tommy. “If you do a good
job, Becky will let you suck her breasts and touch her pussy.
What do you think about that?” “I dunno…” Was his reply. “Well,
do a good job and check out her body” I ordered. I then explained
What I wanted him to do. I gave him an ice pack and told Tommy
to stand in front of Becky and put his arms around her so he
could hold the ice pack against her sore back. “While you are at it
you can lift your head a bit and kiss her nipple. She’ll like that.

I checked on the rest of them. Pam had released them all and
was talking to them about the shower routine as I approached.

“Aren’t you girls even started yet?” I asked as I walked up to

“NOW!” Yelled Pam as she turned and launched herself at me.

Cristy also came at me as my first prison revolt began.

I knew that dominance and fear was what controlled in most
relationships. therefore, I knew that if I could establish that I was
dominate, the prisoners would meekly follow me.— That was the
theory anyway…
I stepped to the side as Pam tried to tackle me. She got hold of
my arm with one hand and we spun around as she screamed to
the younger children to help. “Jump on him! Hurry! He’ll kill us
all!” she called out. Cristy had picked up the pipe and was
preparing to swing it at me . The younger children were just
milling about in fear because they didn’t know what to do. Pam
wrapped herself around me as she started to sink her teeth into
the flesh of my arm.

“AHH!!! I screamed as the pain raced up my arm. I was also
being pulled off balance as I watched for the pipe wielding one.
Pam Continued to bite down with all her strength and I was
starting to feel weak. I then saw Cristy start to swing the pipe at

She wasn’t aiming for my head so I couldn’t duck it. So, I gritted
my teeth and stomped down on Pam’s foot as pivoted around so
that Pam was in the line of fire.

Whack! went the pipe as it connected to Pam’s side. As Pam
gasped in pain her teeth lost their grip on my arm, I slapped her
aside and went after Cristy. Taking the pipe was easy. I then
pressed it against her throat until she passed out. Then I grabbed
Pam and knee’d her in the stomach and put her in a set of
stocks. Cristy went into a set next to her.

Then I told the oldest boy Jimmy to take care of the little ones
and to lock them back up when they had gone to the bathroom
and taken a shower.

I went upstairs to tend to my wounds and to make a sample tape.

I went through the tapes I had taken and put the best five minutes
of each onto another tape. I made sure that my face wasn’t
visible in any of them.

When I came to the one where Kimmy was torturing Mary, I
couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I watched the tape and saw
that Kimmy had taken the visegrips and slowly clamped down on
Marys pussy lips. She then slowly twisted them and pulled the
skin away. She would then grab another piece and do it again.
putting the tape on fast forward I saw that it took about 12 snips
before Kimmy went to the soldering iron.

I had thought that Kimmy had burned the pussy lips off of Mary.
This is one sick bitch. Just my luck, I grab a psychotic girl where
there were all those normal ones to choose from….. Oh, well,
what can you do?

I went down and made sure everyone was locked up. I then had
the two boys help me pry Mary’s now stiffening body from the
stocks. We stuffed it with much difficulty in to an old trunk, I then
went to work.

While at work I passed the tape to one of my co-workers who is
into child-porn (I know cause I bought some videos from him) I
told him that the tape was given to my by a friend I know and
would anyone he knew be interested in buying this type of video?

He said that he had to stop by his house around noon and would
give it a quick look. He said if it didn’t catch his interest on fast
forward then he couldn’t help “My friend”.

After work I returned home to my children. As I cautiously opened
the basement door (never can be too careful with all these riots
going on.) I noticed that Becky had been released from her bonds
and was lying on Kimmy’s bed. Tommy jumped up as I opened
the door and looked frightened.

“Why did you let her down?” I asked Tommy. “I don’t know” was
Tommy’s hesitant reply. “WHY DID YOU TAKE HER DOWN!” I
screamed at the frightened boy.
“I…I….uh, I” was all he could manage.

“Did I TELL you to take her down?” I asked. “N.N.no” was his
reply. “You know that I have to punish you now don’t you?” I
asked as I chose a 2 X 12 plank 5 feet long. and placed it across
two saw hoses.

“I’m SORRY! I WON’T DO IT AGAIN!” he pleaded as I reached
for him and then had to chase him as he ran around the
basement trying to get away. It took 20 minutes before I had a
hold of him. After stripping him I dragged his naked 7 year old
body over to my work area.

I strapped his body face up on the plank. with his butt at one end.
His arms and legs were free but the tightening buckle was on the
underside out of reach so all he could do was to just lay there and
wonder what his punishment would be while I checked on the rest
of the kids, fed them and let them use the restroom. I did not feed
Pam and Cristy I just left them in the stocks. I would deal with
them later.

Mealtime was finally over. I took the 5 year old (Julie) and tied her
to a chair so she could watch Tommy’s punishment. Tommy did
not have dinner because I knew that his young body would be too
busy to digest food.

I went over to Julie and asked her if she was ready to watch
Tommy get his punishment for disobeying me. She said that no,
she did not want me to hurt Tommy. She wanted me to let them
all go. I explained that I liked to hurt little kids and that she should
watch so she would know what to expect when it was her turn to
be punished.

Julie started screaming and pulling on her bounds as I turned and
went over to Tommy. I removed my clothing and went to my work
area for a drill and jig saw.
As I approached Tommy, He started screaming and begging for
his life. I ignored his pleas and went to work.

First I drilled holes into the plank at about mid thigh a few inches
from the edge on either side of his young freighted body. I then
used the jig saw to cut slits 1/4 inch wide. Next, I used these slits
to secure his wrists to the plank. I stood back and admired his
body for a moment.

His 7 year old body was smooth as silk. I had to look closely but
he was covered with fine hairs. Kind of like peach-fuzz but a lot
more spread out. His arms and legs were nicely shaped. Not a lot
of muscles, but enough to fill him out and make him look healthy.
His penis was small of course and his scrotum was also smaller
than an adults but just about right for a boy his age.

I stood and looked at Tommy’s genitals while I tried to think of
the most painful things I could do to this child.

He crossed and uncrossed his legs a few times as if he were
embarrassed and didn’t know how to shield himself. Finally, he
bent his knees and brought his legs up shielding his crotch.

I placed a hand on his inner thigh and stroked it while I thought
about what to do. I reached farther down and felt his scrotum.
His cock started to harden as I played with him. He seemed to be
very embarrassed and frightened. I placed one of his small balls
between my thumb and forefinger and while squeezing, asked
Tommy how he thought it would feel if I used pliers to crush his
nuts to a bloody pulp.

I didn’t pay any attention to his terrified answer, instead, . I got a
strap with ratchet and hooked it up to his knees so that they were
both pulled down to either side of his chest. I placed a small
block under each knee and forced his legs down so that his
knees pressed into the blocks.
He was not in a lot of pain yet, because his knees were bent
which reduced the strain at the backs of his legs. We would have
to change that. I took another strap and attached it to his ankles
and started pulling his young, tender feet towards his head. I
stopped when he gasped in pain.

The tendons were sticking out from the backs of his legs behind
his knees. I gently massaged his legs while I asked him about the
most painful thing he had ever felt. After some coaxing , he
mention burning his finger on the stove and such things but
basically, this boy had never felt real pain before.

I watched his body react as I slowly tightened the ankle strap. As
his leg muscles stretched to their limits, Tommy began screaming
for mercy even though there was still 12 inches more I could go.
“How does that feel Tommy?” I asked as I watched the sweat
break out on his face.

“Ohhh, It hurts. It Hurts! It HURTS!!!” He cried out.

I placed my hand on his penis and as I began to stroke him,
asked him if it made pain better or worst.

“Oh! it just hurts!” He cried.

“Maybe this will help.” I said as I leaned over and took his penis
and scrotum into my mouth and began to suck. “does that make
your legs hurt a little less?” I asked.

“Maybe a little.” was his reply. He was just trying to tell me what I
wanted to hear. I had no illusions that my stimulating his cock
was going to take the pain from him.

What I was doing was planting a suggestion into his mind so that
his subconscious would take over and turn the pain to pleasure
the way Kimmy’s mind did while I was pinching her nipples.
I alternated every few minutes between stimulating 7 year old
Tommy’s genitals and just watching his body react to the abuse it
was taking. After 1/2 hour of this Tommy’s penis would get hard
when I touched it , then go down when it was just the pain in his

He was ready.

I got a standard sized dildo and lubed it up. I then placed the tip
at the entrance to his anus. I prodded and swirled it around until
he became hard again and then started ratcheting his feet closer
to his head.

Man! He was already about at his limit. I had only moved his feet
1 inch closer to the plank he was on when he started screaming
at the top of his lungs.

As Tommy screamed, I started to slowly pump the dildo up his
ass. He seemed to scream louder as the object evaded his
rectum but it was hard to tell. After 15 minutes, I had moved his
feet 3 inches closer to his head and had gotten the dildo all the
way up his ass and was stroking it in and out as fast as I could.
Tommy’s breathing pattern changed slightly as his body began to
react on it’s own to this sexual assault.

I pulled the Dildo from his ass and replaced it with my cock. Even
though I had stretched his ass with the dildo, It was still a tight fit
as I pumped into his screaming body. I kept tightening the strap
as I butt fucked this 7 year old child. As I was approaching an
orgasm. I noticed that Tommy seemed to be having one himself.

I felt his ass clench tighter and his breathing slowed and deepen
for about 15 seconds. His young penis seemed to move a bit but,
nothing came out. I was getting closer to orgasm myself and I
kept pumping and tightening the strap. His legs had only 3 inches
to go now.
Tommy was feeling the pain more, now that his orgasm was over.
I stopped pumping and just tightened the strap. I watched the
agony in his face as I forced his legs all the way back. I still had
not cum yet so I pulled out of him and got my power screw driver
and a handful of wood screws. I rammed my cock back into
Tommy’s butt and started powering the screws into the backs of
his legs right at the knees. After the 6th screw, I finally came.

Pulling out, I looked at how Tommy was fairing. He was in
incredible pain as he lay there folded in half. He was still
screaming but he was running out of steam. I looked over at 5
year old Julie who was still struggling in the chair, a look of
absolute horror on her young face.

I went over to Julie and ran my fingers through her fine blonde
hair and told her to think about how much pain Tommy was in
and to think about herself in that much pain because it would be
her turn very soon. Julie panicked and started jerking on her
bounds. I just smiled and slipped a hand between her legs and
fingered her snatch while she struggled..

I went back to Tommy. The poor kid was still in a lot of pain with
his legs being stretched and 6 screws in the back of his left knee.
He seem to be alert so I climbed up on the plank in a 69 position
and made him suck the shit off my cock while I sucked on his
penis for awhile.

Then the door bell rang upstairs. Who could that be? As I
scrambled off the table and went upstair. As I closed the first door
behind me, I could hear the children starting to scream for help.
Good thing the basement was soundproofed enough. I grabbed a
robe from my bedroom before cautiously opening the front door.

It was my co-woorker. the one I gave the tape to. There was a
small delivery van from a local meat packing plant in the
Once he saw that I recognized him he waved to the van and 3
guys stepped out and started picking up boxes and stuff from
inside the van.

My coworker pushed his way in and told me to relax, that he just
had a delivery for me. The men started entering now and just
walked past me and set their loads down it the living room. There
where boxes and several large cases and a bunch of gray
umbrellas. I had no Idea of what was going on.

“What’s going on?” I asked, more than a little frightened. “I liked
your movies” He said.

“Oh! those! that was given to me by a guy a friend of mine
knows in Tallahassee…” I started to explain when he interrupted
and told me that he recognized my basement in the videos.

Panic started to set it as I thought about what these guys were
going to do to me…. I could only imagine but I have a good

“We brought you some decent video equipment.” he said as he
nodded to the men and they left the house. He picked up one of
the umbrellas. “Set these up in ALL FOUR corners of the room.
They are lights with diffusers. They keep the shadows from
ruining your shots” he explained.

He then opened a case and pulled out a video camera that was
as big as a sewing machine Sewing machine??.. Hummm. I
could modify a sewing machine to slowly stitch into a victims

“It takes 30 minute tapes but the quality is the best there is.
These are just on loan because we want you to make movies for

Oh! and there’s a mask around here somewhere…. Here it is.
Wear this all the time so we can get some REALLY good action
shots. There is also a sound processor here somewhere. we want
good quality sound OK?”

I was a little flabbergasted. What the hell was going on here!

“Look, I know you’re worried. But don’t be.” He said as he
reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope. “this is five
thousand dollars. It is an advance on your first movie for us.” He
told me as I automatically reached out and took the money.

“What? Why?” was all I could say as I stood there staring at him.
“Look, We have people selling our videos all over the US and in
some other countries. Yes. It is illegal but we pay pretty good so
we have no problem getting teen agers to make the exchanges.
If they get caught they say they found the videos at a bus stop
and stop selling for a year.

That tape you made was one of the BEST I’ve EVER fucking
seen!” I talked it over with the boss and he said to help you get
started good. We have a production facility downtown but you
can work from home if you like. We can also help you in other
ways but, I know. Your a little nervous about this whole thing so.
just do this. Do what you normally would do. just use this better

You don’t even have to edit it. Just keep the lights bright and
even- the camera can take care of the rest itself.. Now, Is there
anything you need? do you have a subject for the new video? Do
you need any equiptment? do you need any bodies disposed of?
AH!” he said as he noticed the frightened look in my eyes.
“Where is it? How many? …. ANSWER ME! HOW MANY!

He stood there patently and waited while I summoned the
courage to tell him: “one, maybe two any time now.”
He went to the door and leaning out, he raised two fingers
towards the van and 2 guys jumped out and came inside.

“We have a disposal downstairs.” He announced as he led the
way to my basement.

I had forgotten. Last year I invited him over when I was setting up
my weight room. It was more convenient for him to go to the gym
near the office so he stopped coming over.

I pushed my way past him on the stairs and stopped at the door.
We could hear faint cries for help coming from inside. “Now, I
don’t know about this….” I blurted out.

“Look, ” my coworker said, “You HAVE to get rid of the body.
What are you planning to do with it?” he asked.


“I thought so. We are here to help. Now open the door and lets
get it over with.” he said as I opened the door and let them into
the basement.

They went in and looked around once and went right to the trunk
just glancing casually at Pam and Cristy as they sat in the stocks.
My co-woorker went over to where Tommy was still screaming in
pain. Julie looked up with hope.

Then he said “when you know you are going to have a body call
this number say that you want the weekly special delivered. And
use your real name and address, don’t try to be cute..” as he
handed me a business card from the meat packing plant. Julies
look of hope faded away as he continued. We’ll send a
refrigerated van over. the sooner the better understand?” I

“Do you understand that if the meat gets old, we can not use it?”
He asked again. Use it? USE IT??? What the fuck kind of people
were these guys!

“Don’t worry, My friend said., “we mix it with horse meat and
make dog food down at the plant. We use most of it ourselves.”
“Yourselves!! What do you mean!!??” I had to ask.

We feed it to our victims, cuts down on the food bill. One thing we
have to ask you to do though. Before the van gets here, cut the
veins in the neck, wrists and ankles, then wash all of their blood
down the drain. OK?

The two men picked up the trunk and carried it upstairs and out to
the van. I followed as far as the door where my coworker told me
to relax and have fun. “Oh! You might need this” he said as he
showed me a small kit that was delivered. “You might need this
on that boy down there.” He said as he opened a drug kit. Use
the yellow stuff. It is a stimulant. It will keep him alive longer if he
starts to weaken before you are done with him.”

He was shaking my hand and noticed that I flinched. “What’s
wrong?” He asked as he pulled the robe off my arm and tore the
bandage off. He leaned out again and motioned for one man to
come this time. He immediately sent him back to the van for the
first aid kit. Did she bite you? he asked.

The other one…” I answered as he cut me off. “If you EVER get
bitten. Call that same number we gave you and say that you want
a special cut of something.”

The first aid kit came and he seemed to enjoy scrubbing my
wound REALLY good with a betodine pack. The blood was
flowing again as he bandaged it up and handed me a bottle of
pills. “Antibiotics, 1 pill 3 time a day for 2 weeks got it? Good”
Then they were all gone. and I was alone with all this stuff.
What was I going to do now?

I should pack a few things and run. That’s it. Just drive to a small
town somewhere and start my life over with a different name.

Yes, That’s it.!!! No, just wait a minute. Maybe they’re serious.
Maybe they need a torturer. Maybe they can’t find anyone sick
enough to do the job? The money seems good. I’ll have to think
about this….

I went back downstairs to Tommy. He has still moaning as he lay
there folded in half with his genitals exposed. I started to get hard
and went back upstairs for the equipment. I set up the lights .

Then I put the camera on a tripod and picked a good angle of
Tommy showing young Julie in the background. I pulled on the
mask and got started. I put more screws half-way into the back
of Tommy’s other knee. I then took a hand screwdriver and slowly
tightened them all the way.

Tommy was screaming continuously the whole time. Next, I filled
a garment steamer with water and plugged it in, telling Tommy
what I was going to do with it. While I waited for the steamer to
get hot, I grabbed some more screws and went work on Tommy’s
feet. I got the screws started with the power driver then hand
tightened them until they were flush with the soles of his feet.

“Run away from ME will you…” I said as I started screwing the
3rd one in. Tommy’s screams were turning into gurgling sounds
as he forgot to swallow his own spit once in a while. His young
body was racked with coughing spasms a few times as he
inhaled saliva.

Tommy’s seven year old body was at his level of endurance and I
still had the steamer to use. I went back upstairs and retrieved
the drug kit.
I clumsily injected the yellow stuff into 7 year old Tommy’s
exposed buttock.

Less than a minute later, Tommy was doing much better. He was
breathing deeper and seamed a lot more alert and best of all, his
screams were loader and more powerful. This was all good
because the steamer was ready.

“Remember what I told you I would do with this?” I asked as I
fondled his penis. Tommy started screaming louder as I prepared
to steam clean his genitals. Tommy’s’ dick was so small that I
thought I needed something to grab onto.

I took a needle and thread and listened with great delight to
Tommy as I pierced the head of his penis and ran the thread
through it. One knot later I had a handle. I pulled on the handle to
stretch his penis out as I held the steamer against Tommy’s’ dick.

“YYIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ” Tommy cried out as the new level
of pain hit him. “AAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!” he screamed
again as I ran the steamer along the length of his stretched out
shaft. I did both sides real good.

Then I grabbed his shaft, and with a firm squeezing motion
stripped the top layers of skin from Tommy’s penis. Tommy was
now howling in pain as I gave him a quick spray from the MACE

I watched Tommy shake in agony for a while, then I released his
legs from the straps. His legs were stiff of course with all the
screws in the knee joints preventing them from moving.

I went to the work area and returned with several hose clamps. I
took a hold of Tommy’s index finger and bent it all the way closed
and slipped a hose clamp around it. I then tightened it up.

Tommy was already in a lot of pain and this did not help matters.
as I continued to tighten the clamp, Tommy ‘s legs and feet
began to twitch.

I kept turning the screw as Tommy writhed in agony. 15 minutes
later I heard Tommy’s finger bone snap. Then I went to the next

Two hours and 5 tapes later, Tommy was near death. his right leg
was bleeding at the knee because he was able to bend it despite
the screws holding it still but this caused the screws to tear the
skin and break pieces of bone off.

I took his other leg and forcefully bent it as I neared the last 10
minutes of the 6th tape.

There was a snap, crackle and pop as Tommy’s knee snapped
and blood started flowing. Tommy was still alive so I used a
single edged razor blade to slice his face, chest and stomach
until he let out a long exhale and expired. 1 minute later the video
camera beeped to let me know it was out of tape.

I rested for a bit, Then I called the meat plant and used the code
word. While waiting for the pickup, I did as I was told and drained
the blood from the body.

When the truck arrived, The men started load the body when one
of them noticed the screws in the legs. “Hey buddy! If you leave
foreign objects in the body, you need to tell us so we don’t bust
our equipment on something like this. No problem… Just let us
know when we get here OK?

I gave them the tapes too and they were gone.

I went over and stroked Julies hair as she screamed and

I continued to stroke Julie’s hair for a while. Then I put my hand
between her young sensitive legs and fingered her some more
while I described what I wanted to do to her helpless body. I told
her about how I wanted to stick needles into her eyeballs while
my penis ripped into her 5-year-old snatch.

Julie closed her legs together, which just made it more fun for
me. She was getting exhausted. She had been tied to this chair,
struggling to get free for a few hours now. Her wrists were being
rubbed raw from her futile attempts to pull free. I took her face in
both hands and began to kiss her. I started on her cheek, then
moved over to her mouth. She did not respond of course, she
just sat there and tried to pull away. At least she didn’t try to bite

I slipped my tongue into Julie’s small little mouth and swirled it
around. She tried to scream but there was a tongue in her way
making things difficult for her. She continued to struggle and so I
grabbed a handful of her hair in each fist and slowly started to
twist it around.

Julie’s face started turning red as the pain came at her from both
sides of her head. I asked her if she would rather be kissed and
played with, or would she like to feel some pain? I put more
pressure on her hair as she tried to say something but couldn’t.

“Do you want to feel pleasure? Or pain?” I repeated the question
while continuing to pull young Julie’s hair. Her face was still red
and her eyes darted around as she tried desperately to
communicate with me. I just held her in this position until she
was able to take a breath.

“NOOO!!” She screamed out.

“No what? Do you want pleasure or pain? ANSWER ME!” I said
as I held Julie’s hair in my hands.

“Pleasure! Don’t hurt me anymore!’ She pleaded.

“Do you want to sleep with me and have me lick your pussy and
stick things up your butt and kiss you?” I asked.

“Yes!” Julie gasped.

“Yes what? Tell me what you want dear.” I instructed her.

“I want you to put things up my butt and kiss me.” She said as I
released her head.

“Good girl.” I said as her body collapsed in the chair.

It was time to check on the other kids. I released the 14 & 15
year olds one at a time and used the stungun to prod them to the
bathroom. It was difficult for them because their legs were
cramped from sitting in the stocks all day.

I told them that we would give them some exercise tomorrow. I
went ahead and fed them too, No sense in letting their strength
run down, It was not fun to torture someone who didn’t have the
energy to react.

Kimmy was still covered in bruises and could not move without
pain. I prodded her to the bathroom too and told her that the next
day she had some exercise to do also.

I checked on Becky. To my surprise, she was recovering.
I thought that I had broken her back with the pipe but it just
looked like muscle damage, bruising, and stuff like that. I helped
her take a shower and that was fun. Then I put her into Kimmy’s
Bed and checked on the rest of them.
The 7 & 10 year old girls were just sitting in the dungeon quietly.
The 9-Year- old boy was sitting quietly too. He had a frightened
look on his face and he avoided eye contact that made him a
good target.

I released the 7 & 10 year olds for bathroom and shower trips.
Then I went over to the 9-year-old boy and asked him what his
name was. He told me that his name was Jimmy. I asked jimmy
if he was ready to talk to me about where my stuff was.

He started to whine and said that he didn’t know anything about
it. I told him that I thought that he knew all about it and that he
better talk or I would make him talk. He continued to profess his
innocence as I went out, dragged the naked 5-year-old Julie into
the dungeon, and secured her to the wall.

I went to the shower area and told the girls to hurry up. They
were done 20 seconds later. They would have been done sooner
but they had turned off the water as soon as I asked, and I had to
tell them to rise the soap off or they would itch.

I then strung a rope in the shower stall and took the girls back to
the dungeon. I stopped the 10-year-old on the way and, while the
7-year-old looked on, I kissed her on the mouth. She was
startled, but when I kissed her the second time, she seemed a bit
more receptive.

I whispered in her ear, “We are going to have fun tomorrow,
Think about what you would like to do with me.”
I placed her young hand on my cock and asked her if she would
like to play with it. Her response was one of frightened
uncertainty, but I thought that she might just enjoy it.

After securing the girls, I unlocked Jimmy. Jimmy kicked and
screamed as I dragged him by his hair out into the main torture
stripped his clothes off while slapping him around. Then as I told
him to get in the shower. Once there, I put handcuffs on this
frightened child and pulled his arms over his head.

I used cold water to bathe Jimmy while I told him of some of the
things I was going to do to him while 5 year old Julie watched. I
told him in detail, how he would scream at the top of his lungs
while I peeled his skin off of his young body.

I further explained how much it hurt to have a baseball bat
rammed up one’s ass. I caressed his buttocks and penis while I
talked to him. The physical contact was arousing him. I got
down on my knees and sucked his cock for about 5 minutes.
“How does that feel?” I asked Jimmy.

“Oh, um, I, ah. OK, I guess.” Was his timid reply.

I took a moment to explain something to Jimmy. “If you
cooperate, there can be more of that for you. How would you like
to play with one or two of these girls Jimmy? You could do
ANYTHING you wanted to them and NOBODY would care. What
do you think? Think about it, It could be FUN! All you have to do
is tell me who took my stuff so I can find out were they hid it. You
can even help me beat it out of them.

Of course if you don’t talk, It could go very badly for you. Think
about the most painful thing you ever felt. Then Think about it
happening to you twice as bad, all day long.” I didn’t bother to dry
Jimmy off before returning him to the cell and chaining him to the
wall in a standing position. I gave his cock a friendly squeeze as
I left him.

It was time for bed so decided to take the 10-year-old upstairs.
Her name was Sally, and like her younger sister (The late Mary),
she had a slim body and dark hair. She was not a virgin I
noticed. “You’ve had sex before! I accused.
“No! I haven’t. Sally declared.

“Yes you have. Don’t you dare lie to ME! Tell me all about it.” I

Sally continued to insist that she had never had sex before. I
knew better. I didn’t want to take her all the way back downstairs
to punish her, So I helped her mouth find my penis while I licked
her pussy and anus.

She was getting wet! I rolled her over and had one of the best
fucks of my life. She was great! Her tight little pussy gripped my
cock firmly as I plunged it into her. She also seemed to be
enjoying herself.

The proof came when she let out a squeal and clamped on to me
with all of her strength as she came. I couldn’t believe it! It’s
always the quiet ones. We snuggled up to each other and she
finally admitted that she had been molested by her school
teacher and her father & mother since she was 6.

It started when her Father noticed that her socks were not put on
the same way when she got home from school as they were
when she left the house. He found out that it was the Teacher.

She would take his daughter home with her every afternoon.
School got out 2 hours earlier than he realized. When he
confronted her, she told her father that no one would believe him.

After all, the government placed HER in charge of his daughter.
Moreover, if he caused trouble, She would report HIM, as a
pedophile and they WOULD believe her because she was trained
to notice child abuse.

Therefore, since he couldn’t beat her, he joined her.

Together, he, his wife and the schoolteacher taught Sally and
Mary things that they don’t teach in the government-run public
school system. “Mary too?” I asked.

“Yes, Mary gave a GOOD blow job. You might have found that
out if you hadn’t been is such a hurry to kill us all” She replied

For the first time, I truly felt sorry for the things I had done to
these innocent children. But, no matter. “Do you think you could
teach other girls to have sex?” I asked Sally.

“Sure, if I wanted to.” Was Sally’s reply.

“Well, tell you what, You are going to help me torture Julie
tomorrow and then you can decide if you want to be tortured next,
or if you want to help me teach the others how to have a good
time. Fair enough?

At work the next day, I met my co-worker for lunch. He said that
they LOVED the snuffing of Tommy but that I should have
opened his nut sack and tortured them before I killed him and
that I should think about having an assistant to handle the

I told him that I already have an assistant and that she just needs
to be trained with the new equipment.

He asked if I needed anything. I told him that some good whips
would be nice.

Not the kind that S&Mers from Alt.Torture user on each other, but
REAL whips that could get a cows attention. He told me that I
should take a tour of the meat plant sometime.
When I got home, I went right to work. I set up the camera to
point to the electronic torture table. Kimmy needed her exercise
and I didn’t need her to film Julie anyway.

I had Sally unlock 5 year old Julie and we took the panic-stricken
girl over to the table. Sally and I actually had to wrestle with her a
bit before I was able to get the strap around her waist. Julie
screamed the whole time while we secured her to the table and
connected the leads.

I didn’t use them all, I used the self-adhesive pads and placed
one above each nipple, onto her armpits, her hips and feet. I
wanted to play with her so I did not place any directly on her
pussy or nipples, I put one on each of her inside upper thighs
near her sweet young pussy.

I then went and unlocked all of the kids and explained the game
plan. I told them that Julie was on the table and that they had to
keep at least 3 of the pieces of exercise equipment in use or
young Julie’s body would be racked in pain. And that the pain
would get worse each time they failed to keep 3 machines
running. I explained that if they climbed the rope and pushed the
button, If would count for 5 minutes for one machine.

All ready? Let’s get started.

They were smart. I’ll give them that, three of them started
exercising while the others rested. Once the three got up to
speed, I switched the table on.

I was using it in “interrogation, manual” mode. In this mode, the
questioner asks the questions and if they don’t like the answers,
they push a button. The table gives the victim pain until their
body shows stress to a certain level. The next time, the stress
has to be greater before the machine stops the pain.

Since I had wired the exercise equipment up to the table, If they
slacked off, Julie would get it. I took a few minutes to admire
Julie’s lovely young body. I knew it would take an hour or so to
tire the kids out enough for the pain to really start. Julie was
crying because she was scared. She was not in pain yet
because I taped the leads instead of clamping them. However, I
told Sally to comfort her and make her feel better.

Cristy was starting to wear down and when she stopped to let
Jimmy take her place, the first surge of power hit 5 year old Julie.
Her young body jerked suddenly as her snatch and tits were hit
with the pulsating waves of electricity. She screamed several
times as the computer punished her for the slacker doing the

Cristy then rested as Jimmy powered the bike. After a while Pan
told Cristy that she was getting tired and to start lifting the weights
so she could stop. Cristy climbed the rope instead and pushed
the button, buying them 5 minutes.

Pam stopped walking on the treadmill and she & Cristy embraced
each other and encouraged Jimmy and the others, to keep
working. They watched the clock, after 4 minutes, Cristy started
walking on the treadmill, and Pam took over for Jimmy. Jimmy
collapsed flat on his back and tried to catch his breath.

It wasn’t long before the kids failed to keep the speed up. Julie’s
screams were echoing off the walls as the computer marched
pain up and down her legs as punishment. Julie was straining at
her bounds as the power kept coming into her body. Sally had
mounted her face and was pressing her pussy into Julie’s mouth
as she screamed. Jimmy was on the treadmill now as the kids
tried to keep Julie from harm. Again and again, they failed to
keep up the pace, and again and again, Julie’s body was
consumed in pain.

Julie’s face was turning red again as she screamed and tried to
get free. Her young muscles were rippling under the skin as
current triggered them in groups.

I placed a hand on Julie’s warm belly as the pain shot through her
young, defenseless body. She bucked, strained, and screamed
and shivered – All at the same time as she was hit with more and
more power. I had Sally touch and hold Julie as she was being
tortured so that she could get a better feel for what it is like.

Then the kids would get it together, the pain would stop, and Julie
would lie there sucking in air and resting her sore muscles while
waiting for the pain to continue. During these pauses, I had Sally
rub her little body and lick her virgin pussy. She kept begging me
to stop hurting her and I pointed out that I wasn’t hurting her. It
was the other kids stopping their exercising who was causing her

The kids wanted to stop, but the screams coming from Julie
would get them going again. Becky was in no condition to do
much with her back still healing but she was able to maintain
speed on the treadmill for about 10 minutes before she collapsed
in exhaustion. Kimmy was also giving it her all. That was
important because I wanted Kimmy back in action as soon as

Sally was playing with Julie’s snatch as her body was seized in
pain again. She screamed and screamed as the computer
squeezed the pain from her body. It also squeezed something
else. While Julie was being tortured, I was almost hit by shit
flying out of her young butt. I told 10-year-old Sally clean it up

Sally did not like her job of reaching between Julie’s kicking legs
and wiping the shit from her writhing body. It looked like she was
going to vomit. Then I switched off the power, unstrapped Julie’s
legs and told Sally to clean the rest of it up.
I left Sally with a panting Julie as I went to the other children and
told them they could stop. They all collapsed in heaps as they
gulped air in to their tired lungs. I told Kimmy to lock them all
back up and went back to Sally and Julie. Julie was lying there
twitching as her young body recovered from the abuse it had just

Sally was looking at the shit still on the backs of Julie’s legs and

I grabbed Sally and tied her to a chair. Then I told her that I
would have to teach her not to disobey me. I took a paper towel,
wiped some of the shit from Julie’s body, and stuffed it into Sally’s
mouth. I then watched as she chewed it up and swallowed it.
Then I wiped some more.

When I had it all off I released Sally and made her lick Julie’s
body clean. I told Sally that if she EVER disobeyed me again, I
would collect a bucket of shit and make her eat the whole thing.

I turned the corner lights on the main torture room and had Sally
carry Julie’s still quivering body in and lay it on a table face up
while I moved the camera.

After securing her little hands to the table at her sides, I got my
tools out.

Julie was exhausted from her ordeal and could not put up much
of a fight as I caressed her body while showing her the
instruments we would use on her. I told her that she was going to
be in more pain than Tommy had been in.

I started by telling Sally to take hose clamps and attach them to
all of the fingers of Julie’s right hand. I bent each finger while
Sally slipped the band around it.

Sally then tightened them to where they hurt just a little bit. After
we got them all on, I watched Julie’s legs kick and listened to her
pitiful screams as Sally tighten each clamp just a little bit before
moving on to the next.

Then she went back to the first. On the third pass, Julie was
shaking her head from side to side as she screamed and kicked
her legs. I told Sally to stop tightening the clamps and just watch
as Julie dealt with her torment.

I pointed out that one of the first signs of stress was that the
victim would start sweating. 5 year old Julie was covered in
perspiration already.

I asked Sally how it felt to be in control of another person. I told
Sally to hold Julie’s feet and feel the pain with Julie.

After a few minutes of that, I told Sally to start having sex with
Julie. I held Julie’s legs apart as Sally climbed up on the table in
a 69 position and started licking Julie’s virgin little pussy.

What a sight! This was more pain than Julie’s 5 year old body
had ever felt before. It was exciting to be there for a girl’s newest
experience. I caressed her legs while Sally licked her pussy as
she got used to this level of pain. Then I had Sally stop licking,
and had her continue tightening up the clamps again.

This brought a new generation of shrieks from this innocent child.
Sally was starting to get into it now as She continued to increase
the pressure. This went on for more than an hour until I heard
one of Julie’s fingers snap from the pressure.

We stopped tightening the clamps and looked at Julie’s sweat
soaked young body. It was beautiful! Her legs were perfect and
unblemished. Her waist and chest looked so soft and inviting.

Only her face looked ugly. Tears had long since stopped flowing
and dried on her face along with the pussy juice from Sally’s
dripping snatch. She gritted her teeth and they looked very white
next to her still reddening face.

Her fingers on her left hand were starting to bleed and it took me
a while to realize that she had broken a few nails digging into the
table with her free fingers. I took a moment to clean her up.

I wiped her face and body. Then I leaned over her and started
kissing her. Sally went to her snatch and started poking her
fingers into it without being told to.. After this short break, It was
time to do her other hand. I told Sally to continue while I checked
on the others.

When I came back, I was pleased to see that Sally had given
Julie’s left hand the same attention that her right had gotten. At
the end of the 2nd hour, Julie was nothing more than a pile of
screaming flesh, Nice looking and somewhat sexy flesh, but just

She didn’t seem to know what was going on. I tried to talk to her
but I got no response. I left her like that and took Sally and
Kimmy with me to get something to eat.

When we got back an hour later. Julie was lying on the table with
one leg kicking out again and again while her face was twisted
into a mask of torment.

Her breath was coming in gasping wheezes Basically, the poor
girl was in a stupor. I got a towel, wiped her young body down,
and prepared for the next phase of her punishment. I injected
some of the yellow drug into her thigh and watched Julie wake
up. Then, I asked Kimmy to show Sally how to use the visegrip
pliers, but to leave her sexual parts alone.

Kimmy demonstrated the visegrip technique on Julie’s sensitive
sides. She had them adjusted so that there was just a tiny gap
between the jaws and She proceeded to take little “bites” out of
her flesh. Julie shrieked in pain again and again, as her body
was given the attention that it deserved.

After Kimmy was finished on the one side, She handed the pliers
to Sally and told her to do the other side. I watched Julie’s body
twitch and shiver. My penis was getting very excited watching
this child react to overwhelming pain.

I told the girls to hold Julie’s arms I then released her from the
table and sat down in a chair with Julie on my lap.
I turned her to face me and started pushing my penis into her
vagina. It was a very tight fit. In fact, it took a lot of effort on my
part to ram it inside. Once I had this 5-year-old firmly impaled
upon my cock, I told the girls to continue torturing Julie until I

The feeling was very good as Julie bounced around in her
attempts to get away from the pain. My cock was on the verge of
exploding for 10 minutes as Kimmy and Sally used the pliers on
her young, tender flesh. Julie passed out several times during
this torture but I had Kimmy get the smelling salts (they were in
the delivery that the van brought) and I used some more of the
yellow liquid to keep young Julie awake.

Finally, as Sally was slowly tightening the clamps some more I
came. It was one of the most powerful ejaculations I have ever
had. It seemed to last for minutes as I pumped my wad into
Julie’s tight young pussy.

Afterwards, We removed the clamps and hung Julie from the
ceiling by her wrists. I then took both Kimmy and Sally to bed.
Sally demonstrated some of her incredible sexual techniques on
both Kimmy and me.
Then Kimmy and I took turns trying them out on Sally. We all
had a blast. We also talked about the pleasures of making
people do what you wanted them to. I explained to the girls that
the other kids were just slaves and that I owned them and that we
could make them do anything we wanted.

The next morning, I had Kimmy and Sally take Julie down from
the ceiling and instructed them to nurse her back to health. Then
I asked Sally if she had decided about whether she wanted to
help me or not.

She said that she would help me if I didn’t hurt her. I said that I
thought that was fair enough. However, could I count on her to
hurt other children? Yes? I could? Then that would be fine.

While at work. My boss called me into his office and chewed me
out for neglecting my clients. He said that 3 of them had called
him and complained that I was not returning their calls and that
one of them had cancelled their order and ordered from a
competitor. He told me: “get you head out of your ass, or get
your ass out of this company!”

I told him “Yes, You are absolutely right. I have some personal
problems with a new girlfriend and that I thought I should take
some time off and get my head clear. Like a few months.”

He said that I really SHOULD take some time off. That he
understood. He said to take a couple of years. Learn a new
trade or just retire. I told him that I really liked my job and that
after a few months I should be able to return to it, no problem.

He said there was one problem. He said that I was marginal at
best and that he didn’t WANT my ass back there unless I was
cleaning the floors or something. I don’t know, I guess I take
things personally sometimes, but I felt insulted by his whole
I cleaned out my desk with security watching every move I made,
as if I would steal some paperclips or something. Then I went out
to my car. Free! I was Free!

All I have to do now is make home movies. I had a spring in my
step as I went shopping for some more tools. I also was going to
need more rope. I picked these items up and returned home to
my family.

I took Sally, Kimmy and Jimmy to my room and we showed
Jimmy how to make a girl feel good. Then, the girls and I
practiced making a boy feel good.

Jimmy was enjoying himself. I whispered to the girls that we
needed to make him cum, So while Sally sucked his cock, Kimmy
pushed a vibrating dildo up his ass while I stuffed my cock into
his mouth.

45 minutes later, Jimmy came. Nothing squirted out of his penis
but he came none the less. Jimmy collapsed on my bed and
rested while the two girls sucked me off again. Then I told the
girls that we needed to find out which of the kids had stolen my
stuff. Was it Pam? or was it Jimmy? We all looked at Jimmy as
he started whining and protesting his innocence.

“Well, I guess we will need to beat it out of them tomorrow.” I
said. “It was Pam!” Jimmy informed us. “What do you think
girls, do you believe him? Or is he lying?” I asked.

They said that Jimmy wouldn’t do something like that. It must
have been Pam. I told them that Pam needed to be punished for
attacking me anyway, so we might as well find out where she hid
the stuff while we are at it.

I asked them to start thinking of ways to make Pam talk. We
discussed several options.
I told the kids that since Pam had tried to escape, we didn’t need
to bother keeping her alive. In fact, We really should kill her.
Therefore, what can we do to this thieving bitch that would hurt a
lot and make a good movie.

I then explained to the kids that we are now in the home movie
business. I told them that we could all make a lot of money while
having fun. They didn’t really have anything more important to do
did they?

They could save up their money and return home next year
RICH! Their families would be so proud! I then cautioned them
that they really had no choice.

They could MAKE the movies, or, they could STAR in them. We
all cuddled together and slept.

That evening, We exercised the other kids and put them to bed.

I left Kimmy & Jimmy in the basement to keep an eye on things
While Sally and I went back to bed.

Man! What a fuck she was! We were up `til 3 o’clock.

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